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This weekend Chris' Corner celebrates the one-year anniversary of opening this website! So
many thanks are due to so many friends, who have made this year one of sexy, deadly fun for all
of us at CCV, and we hope for you as well.

According to our website stats, over 287,000 visitors have come to the site since it opened in
July, 2011.  That is such a tremendous validation of the creativity and community that we have
fostered here, and we are just getting started!

A special thank you to those who make Chris' Corner a thriving place for fantasy death erotica in
so many forms: Chris Brown himself, without whom none of this would be possible; his film
associate Irma, and the actors, actresses, technicians, administrative staff, and support crew of
Chris' Corner Films. Here on the website, thanks to our site coordinator and moderator, and to
our wonderful columnists, Kelli (
Kelli's Killer Korner), Grace (Talk Back to Grace), and Othello
The Artistry of Dark Erotica) and Chris B. himself (On the Corner) -- our storyteller-laureate
Hitomi Satomi (
Erotic Death Tales), film re-editor Horrormovie Man, and all the others who have
brought their talent to enriching our community.

We look forward to the year ahead!
Reported by: Moon Shiner

Nearly two weeks have passed since the discovery of the brutally murdered body of Grace
Xavier.  Her strangled body found floating in her bathtub.


Photo from the murder scene

A follow up interview with the homicide investigator, Inspector Hawk, revealed that very little
progress had been made in solving the murder. Inspector Hawk, sited the mysterious and
confusing details of the case. The security system of the Valley View Condominiums is top of the
line, every entrance covered by color cameras, with sound.  A 24 hour guard, on site, checks
every person entering the building, with log and ID check.  Hallways, doors and outside views
of the complex, are covered by motion sensing cameras, its impossible for anything to move
without being caught by at least two cameras. After reviews of the recorded video, no one out
of place, was seen.  Miss Xavier, is filmed coming into the building at 8:13 PM, signing the book
for the guard, some flirtation by the lovely Miss Xavier, her usual exchange with the security
guards.  WE see her enter the elevator and emerge on the 8th floor.  Walk to her door and dig
into her purse for the electronic key. She is seen stopping and looking over her shoulder, as if
she seen or heard something, then a simple brush of her hand through her hair.  As if knocking
away a fly.  She enters the apartment and that's the last time anyone seen her alive, until she
was found the next morning.

The most unusual thing, was the evidence we did find, the shoe prints in the spilled bath
powder.  Two different shoe prints, different sizes, both expensive  cowboy boots.  One was a
size 11, it had to be a very large man, yet no sign of anything on all the video the security

Inspector Hawk did give us some new information, from the DNA, the test did find evidence of
two perpetrators, but nothing else. No finger prints, no hair, even though Miss Xavier, had
been savagely raped on her bed, no evidence from her attackers was found. They are very neat
killers, normally something is left behind. The FBI is running the DNA through their data base,
for possible matches with criminals. Detective Shine is combing through the local records, for
the case mentioned by coroner Othello's clue of the Dr. Jacob Edwards case, I remember the
case, but I was not the investigator on that one.

I would like to ask the public, if anyone saw anything on the night of June 25th, no matter how
unimportant you may think it is, we would like to hear it. If you noticed any strangers, unusual
cars, two men wearing cowboy boots, one large, please call my office at the police station.
Inspector Hawk did mention one more fact, a particular smell in the bedroom and bathroom, a
distinct odor of sulfur, there were no traces of that in the samples, but the odor was there.
I asked the Inspector, if he could reveal some more details of the circumstances of Miss
Xavier's murder, he shook his head, I'm afraid not, he informed me, we are already getting calls,
from the thrill seekers, confessing, blaming Martians, Jack the ripper and Big Foot.
We still need to keep that detail to yourself.

I had interviewed the employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, she was obviously shaken
by the site of the body, she told me what the thing was that the Inspector wanted to keep
secret, and this reporter will not violate his trust.

With Inspector Hawk's permission, I can say it was demonic.

Perhaps another clue to identify the guilty.
"Designing Women" from Chris' Corner - Starring: Andi, Belle, London, and Starli w/ Mr. Wood
Now showing on
Nicheclips, and direct from Chris B.
"Take Your Bottoms Off"  from Taboo Cinema - Introducing: Zamira w/ Johnny Wood
Now showing on
Nicheclips, and direct from Chris B.

by egeek

I've loved the sight of pantyhose on a woman ever
since I was in middle school. I didn't know at the time
that it was a fetish. The elegance of it. Like a rose of
many colors that it can be. Black colored hose, white
colored hose, red colored hose etc. The smoothness
of silk. They look sexy as hell on white women's legs,
asian women's legs and even black women's legs.
It is a non-violent type fetish. Unless of course you
use it as a ligature in a strangle scene. I always have
the fantasy victim or victims in my stories have
pantyhose on. Or if the killer is a female killer. One
time for curiosity reasons I decided to try on a pair
of black colored pantyhose. That were my mom's. A
thrill I will never forget.  Kinky feel that it was. There
are women out there who don't like them and many
that do. Same as men that love the sight of them and
some that don't. What a view it is!
London is a hard working fashion magazine columnist, too busy to redecorate her house so she
decides to hire some model friends that moonlight as interior decorators, to re do her place. The
gals are all dressed up in their tight designer jeans, waiting for London to get home and cut them
checks because they are 99% done with their contract, just waiting on new curtains, and a shipment
of paint to touch up, and cut in edges. When London comes in she has a whiskey in her hand and
doesn't look too happy. She tells the excited gals that they will not be getting any checks till they
are fully done and the list of mess ups needs to be taken care of. Belle is new to this game so she
grabs a brush and paint and starts to try and get done, the other two grab a bag and put it over
London's neck, taking her to the floor. Belle is confused but instantly gets aroused by the action,
and the tight bag over the bitchy London's face. They all touch themselves, and London, as well as
each other, very turned on by the jeans and the bagging. London's eyes bug out and her tongue
tries to pierce the bag to get a sip of air, but nothing, and after a long hard fight she expires. The
bag is taken off and her death stare is worth commenting on by the newbie, and even the vetrans.
Starli goes to London's room and grabs her purple strap on cock and comes back in with it on,
while the other two undress London. She spreads London out, her pussy already wet from being
bagged, and stuffs her good. She screws London hard pounding her legs in the air, while the other
two girls hold on and play with themselves. As she is fucking the dead London, Andi comes around
with the bag and puts it over her partner's head, Starli bucks hard, which makes her screw
London's dead body with more vigor, Starli's body jerks and heaves, making the cock bend all
around inside London's pink snatch, Andi pulls hard and Starli is off the ground and back on the
floor, Belle and Andi finish off the fighting Starli, Belle takes the last leg of the bagging. After Starli
is motionless, Belle removes the bag and Andi stares with a smile, sucking on Starli's breasts,
playing with her pussy through her jeans. Belle has the juice, so she looks at the bag on the sofa,
and looks at Andi who is in dreamland, creeps behind her on the couch and bags her head. Andi
comes up off the ground and fights hard, thrashing her arms and bucking her tight jean covered
hips. Belle has power so she prevails, even getting mangled up in the bodies as she tries to reign
her down. Belle pulls the bag off Andi's dead head, and her tongue is poking out of her mouth,
eyes wide open. Belle is so charged up that she pulls London to the other girls and starts to molest
her dead body. At that time London's fiance comes home and he surprises belle with his necktie
around her throat. He pulls hard and lifts her off the ground off of London and strangles her hard
and long till death. Belle fights very hard, wanting to kill again, but Mr. Wood doesn't ever let up till
she is dead, then he grabs each woman, placing each one neatly into position, then exits to have a
whiskey while he figures things out.
A stripper meets a man in his hotel room to give him a show. She does a dance and gets him all hot
and bothered. he offers lots of money to take off her bottoms, but she won't so he strangles her to
death, then has sex with her body from behind before posing her on the bed. He leaves her on the
bed sprawled. Great struggle and fight from this newbie!!

                Dr. Norm Bates
                Psychologist and Taxidermist

I do my best work while in the shower.

Do you have troubles that you can't manage?  Things that drive you crazy?  A mother that is always
projecting negative thoughts about you?

I have experience in these very things, I know your pain.

Let me help you, just leave me a message here, with the title HMDB, Help Me Dr. Bates, and I will
listen, and give you my most soothing answer, understanding and you will not hate your mother,
ever again, or her lover.

Ask me!

Near Lee Caught asks,

Hello Dr. Bates, I have a disposal problem, not the one in my sink, the one in my closet.
How many gallons of acid does it take to dissolve a, uh 110 pound problem?  Can it be done in a
bathtub?  Is there any evidence, I mean left over items, that might convict, uh, stop up my bathtub?
I'm in a bit of a hurry, could you answer quickly?

Hello Mr. Caught, unusual name, Lee, but I like it.

I prefer the trunk method myself, its quick, efficient and with the swamp we have nearby, very

As to volume, of acid, 40 gallons, should be enough.  I would not suggest the bath tub, there is a
danger that the acid, could through a chip in the metal, eat a hole through the tub.  A messy
problem indeed. It takes nearly a week for a 110 pound problem to disappear, and the smell is just
overwhelming. There will be debris left, teeth, gall stones, jewelry and in many cases stomach

If you are set on the acid, I would suggest acquiring a 55 gallon ceramic lined barrel, with a lid that
can be sealed. Place the 110 pound problem in the larger barrel, empty the smaller 40 gallon barrel
into the larger one, then let simmer for 7 days. Open the barrel, moving the acid, back to the
original barrel,  resealing it.  The debris in the bottom, can be picked up with a pair of household
rubber gloves, and then flushed down a toilet. Dispose of the acid, in a green way, or just pour it on
your gravel driveway.

I suggest you consider my preference, the trunk method, its a lot less trouble and much quicker.

Good luck Mr. Caught, and I'm sorry, that is a unisex name, Near Lee, so good luck to you as well,
Ms. Caught.

Good question.

Sorry, out of time, my mother is ill and she is screaming for me. Got to go.

Comment from: Chris B.
Date: July 14, 2012

*Othello For President*

I just have to say that every time i click on my website, I am amazed. I ask
myself the same question, "How does this man do it"? I would love to know,
so I have decided to interview him soon via telephone or Skype so that I can
get some emotional replies. This is a short article...and i have one more
question...Can we have personal ads and cartoons..?? Thanks so much
Othello you are truly amazing! Chris

Comment from: egeek
Date: July 14, 2012

The first edition does look amazing. Interesting and stimulating. I may whip up
some future fake crime scenes for future editions.


Comment from: Grace X
Date: July 14, 2012

I must echo your comment, Chris honey, I really cannot comprehend how
Othello does all this for us. He must be twins or even triplets, lol. But I am so

Oooh, I would love to see cartoons and personals, what great ideas!

EG, I thought your pantyhose piece was fabulous. I rightly have an intense
fetish for nylons, whether they be on my legs or around my neck, lol. "A rose
of many colors"...nicely put!

Chris, I like seeing these previews of your latest movies. I am very attracted to
the scenario and scenes of "Designing Women"...look forward to a review of
that one as soon as I add it to my collection.

And Dr. Norm! He seems like a nice enough fellow, but haven't I seen him

Now, let's get down to cases for a second here...I pick up the newspaper and
the first thing I see is I've been murdered! Not that I object, in fact it sounds
like I went out in a delightfully sexy manner. Moon Shiner hon, you are quite
the demonic fellow yourself, lol, concocting this report of murder and
mayhem with me as the featured corpse! Ah well, I forgive you, as long as you
promise to never stop murdering me.

Bravo to everyone on this first edition of the Gazette! What fun! And
congratulations on the one year anniversary of the site! This is my true home
on the web, and I couldn't be happier.

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: July 16, 2012

Congratulations on your one year birthday, may this site, have many more.

Personals and Cartoons, I like that and will certainly keep up with those.

Create some homicides for the Gazette, Egeek, your unique approach, is very

Aw yes, Grace, your death was tragic, obviously committed by two
unremorseful criminals.

I feel we might hear more about this crime spree in the quiet town of Chris

Your erotic description of your demise, from your point of view, seems to
have come true. Be careful what you wish for, sometimes you get what you
ask for.

Yes,  you might have heard of Dr. Bates, If I'm not mistaken, he was featured
in a film, as a small business man, in the motel trade. He  is a nice fellow, very
helpful to strangers. On your next outing, maybe you could stop by and look
at his stuffed birds, he always enjoys conversation with beautiful women.

Nice job to our site manager, many thinks for keeping the place going.

CB, a big smile and pat on the back, for providing a place to enjoy like minded

A great place to visit, Chris' Corner Videos.

Comment from: Eyes
Date: July 17, 2012

Congratulations.  innovators always keep moving forward and doing new
things.  i like this new section.  all the fet sites each have there own little
nuances - sum moar nerve-racking than others but at the end of the day its
all good.

i luv Moon Shiners opening piece and kudos as he is now in the history books
with the first official article (?) what i found interesting with his article was
the photo.  the piece indicates that the deceased is Grace X but i have to tell
u the body, hair style and eyebrows bears a resemblance to Kelli (ok, i got
Kelli on the brain right now - ooh, quick thought 4 a future story, "Eyeing
Kelli's Brain", a class needle to the brain epic to preserve her body 4ever,
christ i am so digressing). anyway luved it Moon Shiner.  

i actually enjoyed the ask Dr. Norm segment and how it played off of Moon
Shiner's report.  (haha, "the 110 pound problem").  i once had a pulp comic
from years ago (wish i did not get rid of it) where the killer did just that - acid
bath disposal, there is sumthin very erotic about that.  

oh did i tell u that Designing Women was superhot, very sweet, luv jeans but
then again jeans r in the pants family (i think we already established that lil
discussion - haha).

kudos to my friend egeek, he takes the nod on the opinion column (although
that pic may have overloaded him out of existence).

great job Chris, great job everyone.

Comments from: egeek
Dates: July 22, 26

Is the gazette going to be a weekly thing or a monthly thing? to give a reply to
what my buddy Eyes said: "although that pic may have overloaded him out of
existence." He knows me too well. a few tissues help take care of that pic
viewing thoughts that's with my opinion piece. I hope dr. norm bates returns.

well I figure since there is a entertainment section on here. why not a very
very brief opinion thought regarding a clip. The one titled Designing Women.
Everyone seems to love it. I have to sadly say that I don't. I'm unable to buy it
but rather not. It has a basic theme. Which is good. It turns into a cat fight
basically when there is some disagreement. There is some erotic elements for
others that like that theme but I don't see the horror. Then the guy comes
into the picture and he finishes up and now its a quiet room with some necro
bodies left in the corner of the couch. A picture perfect moment. Clean kills
like strangulation and bagging. That's a nice thing to have in a erotic horror
clip. You can see so much in a story combined with screen caps.

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: September 15, 2012

The First Issue!

I just hate to see it go into the dusty shelves of past events.

It was a very nice issue, full of information, news, advise and I hope to see
some personals starting to appear.

Even some questions for Dr. Bates.

The Acid bath,
Wasn't that in the Horrors Of The Black Museum?

Great fun here, Thanks to all that read and contributed.