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August 11, 2012 Edition                     CC Gazette Directory and Submissions Page
Chris' Corner unveils the first in our line of paperback books!

"Killer Eyes: The Grace X Anthology" debuted this week -- a collection of erotica noir stories from
some of the finest writers in the genre: Othello, Moon Shiner, Nighthawk, egeek, Fleming, Farside,
Eyes, and Grace herself! More paperbacks will be following from Chris' Corner books, with plans
including a memoir from Chris Brown himself, and a collection of tales from Hitomi Satomi. Look for
news in the months to come about Chris' Corner Books! Would you like to see a second collection
of Grace X Stories? Let us know!

The Grace X Anthology is also a benefit book -- all proceeds from its sale will be donated to a
charitable organization that supports women and children who have been victims of abuse. Click
on the cover below if you are interested in acquiring a copy of the book.
The Pantyhose Giver At Large reported by egeek

In the fantasy world no sexy woman is safe from the pantyhose giver! Well unless they already wears
pantyhose. A twist it is. The killer really must have a strong pantyhose fetish the police suspects.  His
newest victims in the fantasy world were a 40 year old single mom and her 20 year old daughter. Their
necro bodies were found on the daughters bed. Left in sexual positions.  Both had their necks
snapped by the killer. Death stares on both. No sign of rape on either of the bodies. He put a pair of
white pantyhose on the daughters legs and put a pair of black colored pantyhose on the mothers legs.
The crotch area ripped on the pantyhose with both the mother and daughter. According to friends and
family. Both the mother and daughter never wore pantyhose. No pantyhose found in their draws
either. The killer picked them for that reason from what the evidence suggests. Broke in threw a
window when they were both asleep. Will he strike again? who knows!
Photo from the crime scene
Mysterious Murder In Library reported by Moon Shiner

Another Mysterious Murder Shocks Chris Corners

The head librarian, Phyllis Blake, was discovered this morning, at the library.  Her body laid out on a
reading table, nude and positioned in some display of demonic meaning.

    Photo taken of the murder scene: the reading table at the Chris Corners Public Library

Mrs. Blake, the recent bride of the mayor, graduated from Stony Brook College, 4 years ago, the
former cheerleader and beauty queen of the 2008 prom, had secured the job at the library, after her
husband's sweep of the 2008 election.

The young woman, had brought many changes to the library, securing grants and equipment from the
state legislate.  It was well known, that she seemed to have a way, with the representatives and
senators of that body. This reporter after some discussion with the Homicide investigator Inspector
Hawk, was informed that the murder had many similarities to the recent Grace Xavier murder. The MO,
no evidence, a security system that was completely avoided, and the now famous identifying satanic
ritual that was so guarded by the police. This murder had all those attributes, Inspector Hawk told me.
The building was locked and secure, alarms set, and lights off.  She was obviously prepared to leave,
her keys were found in the lock, leading to the underground parking.

We reviewed the security tapes, and Mrs. Blake is seen, gathering her coat and brief case, stopping
unexpectedly brushing at her ear, as if a fly were there.  She looked over her shoulder the last time,
as if she felt or heard something. Much like Miss Xavier, in the previous murder, Detective Shiner,

Mrs Blake suffered much the same fate, as Miss Xavier, including the tell tale, ritual that the police
still refuse to reveal. I think we will find, the same DNA, from before, the results of the FBI search,
through their data base, had found matches for the analysis, but discovered the results were
questionable.  The matches that were found, were from two convicted serial murderers, that had
been executed.  They are going over the evidence, and their software, trying to fix the error,
Inspector Hawk revealed.
We are checking our own procedures, of collection and storing evidence, as well, the Inspector
The results, were not possible, some sort of pollution of the samples had to occur, Detective Shiner,
an expert in the DNA analysis, told me.

It has to be the same two criminals, the two murders, are just too much alike, I'm afraid, Chris Corners,
has a pair of serial killers in its population, Inspector Hawk, summarized.

Again, he made an appeal to the public for help, its a small community, two strangers would have to
raise suspicions, one a large man, the other small, both with expensive cowboy boots. With a nod,
from Inspector Hawk, Detective Shiner, added some information about the defining ritual of the
It's somehow related to candles, in a particular arrangement, the manufacturer of the candles, cannot
be identified, it has to be someone that makes them in their home, the detective told me.
The strong smell of sulfur was again present at the murder scene, there is no doubt, its the same
criminals. Inspector Hawk, advised the women folk, of Chris Corners, to be aware of what and who is
around them, travel in groups, stay out of dark places and make sure all windows and doors are

It will be another uneasy night, in our little town, until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Starring: Vivian Jade w/ Johnny Wood & Chris B.(As The Boss)

The Boss man is stressed out because his super sexy girlfriend Gina, is talking to the feds and
selling out his whole operation. He sits in his nice hotel room, sipping red wine and thinking about
what to do next. He has already made plans for Gina and when there is a knock at the door, it is R.J.,
his hit man, and he is dressed to kill, with his bag of tricks. They shake hands and he explains what
needs to happen. Then Gina knocks, and when she comes in she is dressed so sexy in a RED
Cocktail dress, ready to go out and party with her man. When the boss sits her down and introduces
R.J., she changes her tone and is scared to death, but she still denies the whole thing. R.J. takes
over and the boss says goodbye to Gina. R.J. slaps her and grabs her from behind, interrogating
her. Asking her about the feds and when she lies, he slaps her. She has given up information about
his business, but won't talk. After working her over, and threatening her with a knife, he cuts her
dress with the large hunting knife, then he cuffs her from behind. She screams in terror, but will not
talk. He then forces her with his fingers, sticking his fingers in her pussy. She squirms and moans
and denies everything. He goes and gets the empty wine bottle from the table and sticks it up
inside her. R.J. is dirty and he plays rough, so he does her hard, but she won't talk. He knocks her
out, and takes her back to his place. When he wakes her up she is in a panic. He slaps her and says
it is too late, even if she talks she will die, she says, "No please", and he forces her to the bed, then
he forces himself in her mouth! He fucks her mouth hard, repeatedly then takes her from behind,
and then with her legs up in the air, her heels still on. He does her in several positions as she
moans and denies everything. He places her on her back and scoots to her face, forcing himself
again into her mouth, then he blasts a large cumshot on her face, as she winces.

Now it is time to strangle her to death with his garrote. He pulls her upright, then down onto the
bed, she fights, even though she is worn from the 24 hour ordeal. He strangles her hard as she
chokes, drools, and fights for air, tongue out, eyes wide open, she is still in denial and her eyes
show it, though the redness of her face show that she is cut off from the world and will have
nothing to do in a few minutes but lay there with no life and her eyes facing the sky. He pulls her
upright so her feet are off the bed, and she squirms. She fights, little by little she gives up a bit.
Finally, she lets out her final gasp and dies, flopping sideways to the bed. he closes the blinds and
positions her. He then exits to call the boss. We see the lovely dead Boss' Girl Gina in sweeping
pans and body views...what a hot death stare.     
Price: 18.00
Run Time: 36:00 minutes
Click below to preview or purchase this film:
Contact Chris Brown directly for inquiry or purchase:

          Dr. Norm Bates
          Psychologist and Taxidermist

I do my best work while in the shower.

Do you have troubles that you can't manage?  Things that drive you crazy?  A mother that is always
projecting negative thoughts about you?

I have experience in these very things, I know your pain.

Let me help you, just leave me a message here, with the title HMDB, Help Me Dr. Bates, and I will
listen, and give you my most soothing answer, my understanding and you will not hate your mother,
ever again, or her lover.

Ask me!


Mise R able Asks:

Dr. Bates, familiar  name, were you ever in the Motel business?

My problem is a unique one, let me explain.

I'm an orderly in the local hospital, one of the doctors, in the emergency room, took a liking to me.  We
have been coexisting for nearly two years.

She is beautiful, passionate, wealthy, she gives me anything I want.  She is a great cook, immaculate
house keeper, intelligent and seems totally infatuated with me.
She is adventurous in the bedroom, loves to role play, very knowledgeable of men's desires, nothing
makes her happier, than to please me.

She enjoys everything the same as me.  Golf, fishing, motorcycles, we have many interests in common.

I know it sounds good, but I'm miserable.  Where is the excitement of being nagged because you are not
doing your part?  The arguing and nipping at each others short falls?  Where is that well known 28 day
cycle of mood changes?
The tension, the bickering over nothing, the screaming outbursts of anger?
there's no insults, no childish displays of self centered, why me statements. I feel I'm missing the best
part of a meaningful relationship.  

What should I do, Dr. Bates?

Dear Mise R Able,

Your situation is indeed unique, I do understand, why your mother named you Miserable.
She at least had a sense of humor.  I'm sure she died of embarrassment, after letting you reach

Yes, I'm glad you contacted me, its obvious you need professional help., there is only one solution.  
You must do exactly as I say, I'll make it simple and easy to understand, even for you.

Go to the kitchen, and get the sharpest knife in the cutlery rack.  Take off all your clothes and run a
bath of water, as hot as you can stand.  If you have a bottle of bourbon, I hope its a cheap brand,
drink down as much as you can stand.
Get into the tub,  letting the alcohol work on you for 10 minutes, then slit your wrists.

You will finally be helping out this world and myself.  Your death will raise the average IQ of this
town, by at least 5 points.
Please Mr. Able, do it now, its humanities only path to survive.  My only regret is wasting even
cheap bourbon, that way.

Cheeze! Some people just don't know, do they?

Could you do me one favor, Mr. Able, please give my number to your girlfriend and tell her to call
me. Thanks, now get into the tub.

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: August 13, 2012

Another amazing venture into the shadowy back streets of Chris Corners,
the town voted most likely to have a line at the funeral parlor.

I had hoped to get another piece finished on the But, Who's Counting video,
but did not make the deadline.

Oh well, in the next issue.

I had hoped for a few personals, I'm sure one of those will be in the next

Well done, to the editor.

I enjoyed hearing all the local gossip and the new CB film reviews.

How about some sneak peeks at upcoming erotic noir previews.

Still no questions for Dr. Bates?

Comment from: egeek
Date: August 13, 2012

All I need now is a cup of star bucks coffee and a box of tissues and then I
can enjoy the newest edition.

- August 18, 2012

I have a idea or two for the entertainment section besides seeing clip
screencaps being posted or questions for dr bates but I wondered if I should
have so I didn't. Lack of support from some made me think twice. sorry.

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: August 19, 2012

Egeek, post the pictures and ask your question.

A very nice summary of another tragic murder in the quiet town of Chris
Corners, its very sad, a mother and daughter?  The end of a generation.

The Anthology:

I do hope for another issue,  I'm sure more authors will contribute to the
next one.

I have joined the web site, to order the book, just for my own benefit, to
have a printed copy for my own book shelf.

Its easy to do.

Several new movies out this month as well, I hope to see some reviews from
the Site Reviewer, Grace. If you are accepting suggestions, how about the
But, Who's counting film.  I'm a bit partial to that one, don't know why?

I vote yes, on another Anthology.

Vote yes, and vote often!


Comment from: Eyes
Date: August 23, 2012

Moon Shiner - that was cute. Chris Corners is our Lake Wobegon!  and u
and Nighthawk r its Holmes and Watson.  who's ur Moriarty :)

EG, glad to c u r putting that lifetime supply of pantyhose to good use.


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: August 27, 2012

Thanks Eyes, Watson and Holmes, I like that, the next time Inspector Hawk
appears, I may have him wear an English Hunting Cap and driving an old
woody station wagon.

Do you think smoking a pipe would be a little too much?


Comment from: egeek
Date: August 23, 2012

Creating anything new aside from creating a book is out of the question for
me right now. I rather just maybe write opinion pieces that are just thoughts.
dark or non dark and read the new issues that are created and post

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: September 21, 2012

I understand Egeek,
time does seem to be a scarce commodity these days.

Good luck with your book, please let us know when it is finished.

Have a good one, my friend.