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The Grace X Files

Chris' Corner's resident film critic Grace X also doubles as a deadly diva in
roleplay, stories, and scripts...come into her parlor and be entertained with
murder and sex, with Grace as both perpetrator and victim! She has class,
attitude, and is murderously beautiful...a femme fatale in every sense of the

Tempted to fantasy-murder Grace yourself? She just loves stories and scripts
written about her. Send your Grace X sex and death tale to us using the
submission box below, and it may become one of the "Grace X Files". Click
on any title below to read.


Grace X.

She is the ultimate femme fatale of your dark dreams...

In this collection Grace becomes an international assassin,
a bored and deadly trophy wife, a brutal mob boss, a
criminal psychologist, a bordello madam, a moonshiner, a
hitwoman, a black widow, and more - no man can resist
being seduced by her, but her embrace is fatal.

In these Erotica Noir stories, an assembly of the genre's
finest writers - Othello, Nighthawk, Moon Shiner, egeek,
Fleming, Farside, Eyes, and Grace X herself - unleash Grace
to kill and be killed.

If you survive, you will never forget her.

Price: $15.00
164 pages, perfect-bound paperback
Ships in 3-5 business days
HERE to purchase your copy
All proceeds from sales will be donated to victims of abuse.

You can hang out with Grace at our community superboard, FetNoir.