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"But, Who's


Moon Shiner
The bright afternoon sun beamed through the cracks in the expensive shades over the windows of
the darkened plush bedroom.   The sounds of sensual love, unmistakable.  A man and a woman, locked
in the pleasures of the flesh… coos, grunts and sighs in sync with the rustle of silk sheets and
squeaking bed frame.
A shapely raven-black haired woman lay on the bed, her legs clenched around her lover, accepting
the thrusts of his manhood. Grace letting little quick screams of pleasure escape her throat, the gasps
in sync with his thrusts.
Her eyes closed, her mouth open, her firm breasts, rocking with his powerful penetration.  Her erect
pink, blood filled nipples, stiff with passion.
“Oh god!  Don't stop!” she gasps, stretching the two comments into one long moan.
Her arms wrapped around him, her legs tightening around his waist, pulling him deeper into her sex.
His breathing coming in short gasps, “uh, uh, god.”
The sound of sweaty flesh and straining muscles foretold of coming ecstasy.
Grace moaned, that short squeal of climax, that signaled she had fell into another orgasm, her sex
clenching and releasing his invading cock, overwhelming waves of pleasure, rolling through her
supple body.
Her belly tightened, the muscles gripping the cock plunging into her sex, the sudden tightening
sending her lover into climax.
The feeling of hot wet ejaculation inside her, pushing her orgasm into a scream.
Her lover grunted with each spurt of his seamen, ending in a long groan and collapse of his sated
body on top of hers.
Grace's body still in the throes of an unfolding wave of ecstasy, savored the pleasurable feeling for
what seemed like hours. The lips of her vulva tightening around the stiff cock, buried in her sex.
“Oooo, baby that feels soooooo gooood!” she moans, the petals of her flower still tingling with her
Grace’s legs relax to the bed, her arms resting at her side.  Her lover rolls to her side, both still
gasping for air, both sated and exhausted.
“Grace, that was fantastic!” he says, between gasps.
“You bet it was, I'm the best you ever had,” she says, rolling over on him, her breasts pressing into his
chest, her lips kissing his, then blowing a quick breath in his ear.
“Wanna go again?” she whispers, then giggles, rubbing her breasts against his chest, her fingers,
stroking his deflating cock.
“You're insatiable!” he blows out, still recovering.
“Yeah, insatiable, and ready to go again,” she says, her fingers trying to revive his cock.
Grace seeing that her lover is spent, rolls back beside him, her breathing already back to normal.
“I must have had an orgasm four times,” Grace whispers, the satisfied feeling lingering in her sex.
“Five, but who’s counting,” her lover gasps out, still drawing in long breaths.
“Yeah, but three were fakes,” she laughs, taunting him with her comment.
“Right, mine was a fake too!” he shoots back, his breathing finally catching up.
“Yeah, and the bear, goes to the filling station, to take a crap” she laughs, at his weak response.
“There's more where that came from” he says, rolling on top of her again, suckling a still erect nipple
on her breast.
“Oooo, don't get me started again, you might have to stay a while longer” she coos, enjoying his
tongue fondling her nipple.
“Damn, look at that time” he suddenly rises up and stares at the digital clock on her bedside stand.
“Yeah, we've been at it for three hours” she smiles, her mind remembering each orgasm.
“I've got to get out of here!” he says, rolling back to his side and sitting up, frantically searching for
his underwear and pants.
“Don't go, stay a while longer.” she whines, rolling toward him, leaning on her elbow, a sad look and a
pout on her lips.
“Are you crazy, Bill is due in 20 minutes” he says, grabbing his socks and pulling them on his feet.
“Where's my belt?” he mutters, feeling the rumpled covers, and looking on the floor.
“I don't know, the last time I saw it, I was tied with it” she says, in a husky voice, a quick smile, turning
the corners of her lips.
He bends over to look under the bed, “Damn, Grace, help me find it.”
“Lets tell him, lets stop hiding and sneaking around” she says, her soft brown eyes looking at his
back, ignoring his comment. Grace starts her practiced routine of persuasion, fake tears and sniffles a
part of the whole act.
“We can't do that, he would kill us both” he says, slipping his feet into a pair of wing tipped shoes.
“No, he won't, he doesn't even make love to me anymore, I'm just a decoration on his arm” she says, a
little tear dribbling from an eye, a sniffle of sadness in her throat.
He turns to look at her, the expression ripping his heart and manly ego.“We can't, I know his
reputation, I work for him, yes, he would kill us both” he says, reaching for her face, to catch her tear.
She turns away, keeping him from touching her.
“I know how to control him, stay and let’s tell him,” she says again, her mournful eyes turning to look
into his eyes again. “I want out, I want to be in your arms, in your bed” she continues, more tears
welling up in her eyes.
“I know, I want that too” he responds, reaching for her face again, this time wiping a tear from her
“I just don't know, what we can do?” he says, turning his own face from hers.
“We could kill him,” she suggests, putting a thought into his head, thrusting her firm breasts toward
She watches his eyes drop to the well shaped mounds of pleasure, a quick lick of his lips, telling her,
he is listening.
“You told me you carry a pistol, and you're an excellent shot,” she reminds him of a previous
“I do, and I am” he agrees, staring at her.
“Free me from him, make it so we can be together” another sad look, draws his eyes back to hers, the
dark pupils crowding out the brown, making her eyes look black and soulless. “Hide in the garage,
there is a tool cabinet, big enough for you to hide, wait until he pulls in the garage, closes the door
and opens his car door.” she lays out a plan to convince him he can do it.
“Yeah, when the door is open, the bullet proof glass won't help him” he nods, thinking about doing
the deed, her confident voice, urging him to action.
“Yes, then open the tool storage door and shoot him in the head, we'll make it look like a robbery.”
She sits up in the bed,, bending her knees, and resting her hands on them.
She watches his eyes, scan her body, down to her spread sex, his look lingering there, then returning
to her pleading eyes again.
“I think that will work,” he walks over to his shirt, putting his arms through the sleeves, his mind deep
in thought.
She watches from the bed, turning her naked body to face him, rolling her head back on her
shoulders, pushing her breasts toward him.Her body promising more pleasure and excitement.  
“Yes, then all this will be yours, anytime you want, for as long as you want.” she coos, turning her head
to smile at him seductively.
“You know I love you, baby, I'd do anything for you.” he admits his weakness for her, reaching down to
get his coat, reaching into an inside pocket, for the .45 Colt Commander.He looks at her again, then
back at his pistol, a very serious look on his face, considering the risks.
Grace's eyes widen at the site of the pistol, her mind imagining the dangerous barrel a phallic symbol
of sexual pleasure.“Ooo, that's so exciting!” she whispers, her face showing an expression of erotic
interest, her own tongue, licking her lips.
“Come over here.” she demands, her dark eyes focused on the black shiny pistol.
He smiles and starts to put the pistol back in his coat. “No!  Bring the gun with you, rub it along my sex,
belly , between my breasts, to my mouth…” she says, her voice trembling with desire, her body
positioned to give him easy access, to perform her request.
“Now, that's kinky” he grins, moving to her on the bed, holding the .45 in his right hand.
“Jack a shell into the chamber, click off the safety then do what I told you.” Grace whispers, the
fantasy of the danger, stirring her libido into high gear. She leans back on her hands, spreading her
wonderful legs, her head rolled back on her shoulders, the loosely curled raven hair, hanging nearly
to the bed. The cold steel barrel, lightly touches the pink slit of her sex.  Grace yelps and jumps, with a
sudden expression of ecstasy, the moisture of lust, filling her sex again. “Ooo, yessss” she moans,
the pistol in her lover’s hand moving slowly over her labia. Grace shudders again, as he moves it
further up, lingering at the clitoris, then moving to her lower belly. Grace almost in another orgasm,
shakes her head, the sensation of the barrel driving her crazy, she moans and her body quivers, her
tongue licks her lips again.
Her lover laughs, enjoying taunting her with the new found sex toy.
“Higher!” she urges him toward her breasts and neck, her excitement clear in her voice.
He moves the pistol to her breasts, caressing the areola and nipple with the hard stiff, barrel.
“Ohhh, Mmmm” Grace responds to the touch, her body jerking with a sudden streak of ecstasy. He
moves the cocked pistol to her soft neck, her head falls further back, a soft moan telling him she was
nearly there. The barrel slowly brushes her skin beneath her chin, then lingers at her lips.Grace with a
loud gasp, grabs the barrel with her right hand and starts to perform fellatio, her lips and tongue
exploring the cold blue steel like a cock.
“Mmmm” she moans, the thought of the cocked, loaded pistol being sucked by her, completing her
wildest fantasy.
Her lover watched with amazement, her display of such wild kink, relieving any doubt that he would
fulfill her request.
Grace slid the square barrel in and out of her mouth, until she with a sudden squeal of delight, orgasm
again, the white hot climax, sending her into a withering release.
Her lover steps back, holding the pistol up and watched her, the whimpers and short screams, firing
up his own desire. Grace finally regained control and sat up in the bed, gasping for breath, looking at
the eyes of her lover. “Kill him, and I'll be yours, all his money will be mine, we can go where ever we
want.” she adds more incentive to the deal.
He licks his lips again, staring at her beautiful face and body.
“Hurry!, there's not much time!” she exclaims, pushing him into the deed.
“Right, be ready for round two” he laughs, pistol still in his hand, turning to bounce out the bedroom
door, toward the garage, next to the bedroom.
Grace hears the door open into the garage, then close, followed by quiet. Grace shakes her head,
turning to look in the night stand drawer for a finger nail file.“Men, will do anything with a pair of
nipples looking them in the eye.” She laughs, leaning back on her pillows, starting to file her nails.
“Grace, you're one evil gal!” she giggles, at her own deceit and manipulation.  She touches up the
nails then reaches for the clear overcoat, brushing it over her nails. Calmly blowing the hardener to
dry it. She looks up from the nails, hearing the garage door open, the rumble of Bill's Caddy pulling
into the garage.  She coolly smooths the dry coat with a finishing emory board.  Her legs crossed and
her back leaning against the pillows. She hears the garage door, start to close, the clanging of the
door joints then the bump when the door closes. She looks at the bedroom door, wondering who will
come through it next.
The sound of a pistol shot, followed by shouting and the noise of two men fighting.  A second shot,
quickly followed by a third, the sound of breaking glass, and metal.  Another loud bang against the
wall, the whole time, shouting and cursing, then two quick shots, a loud groan, then silence.
Grace looks up at the door again, still buffing the hardener on her nails.
The door from the garage opens and closes, footsteps on the tile in the boot room.  The sounds of
heavy breathing echo from the small entry from the garage.
Grace never looks up, she is still engaged in her polishing of her long nails.
“Grace!  Where are you?” she hears the gravelly voice of Bill.
“Damn!  I'm in the bedroom” she calls back, shaking her lovely head with disgust.
Bill's huge frame fills the door of the bedroom, his long black coat, covered with a blood stains, his
shirt ripped and his tie askew, his breathing still strained.
“Oh, there you are, my darling” he says, mocking a loving husband’s comment.
“You're a lucky man, Bill, you should have bought a lottery ticket today.” Grace answers his mocking
comment, with a jab of her own.
“Yeah, I guess so, look at this” Bill says, removing the expensive fedora from his head, sticking a
finger through a bullet hole through the crown.
Grace stops polishing her nails long enough to look at his finger wiggling on the outside of the black
hat.“Hmm, well the little SOB did brag he was an excellent shot.” she comments, calmly going back to
buffing the nails.
“Well, he probably was, when it came to shooting a beer can. A man's head is a little different.” Bill
responds, stepping into the room and throwing his hat into a chair, followed by his long coat.
“I'll remember that, with the next one.” she smiles at him, looking up at him again.
“What was that one, three?” he says, removing the tie from around his neck and tossing it on the
“Four, but who’s counting?” she comments, as if they were talking about shoes.
“Aw yes, of course, I forgot about the gardener, I liked that fellow and he was excellent with the
landscaping.” Bill says, starting to unbutton his shirt, looking up at the ceiling, his thoughts of the
excellent landscaper Grace had seduced and convinced to do him in.
“He was a terrible lover, all he wanted to do, was lick my feet.” she comments, stopping her manicure,
for a moment, thinking of number two.
“Don't use the domestic help any more, they are so hard to find.” Bill suggests to her, sitting on the
edge of the bed, removing his shoes.
“I'm sorry about that, he just looked so capable, and he was available.” she sighs, agreeing with Bill's
“Yeah, but the grounds, haven't been the same since.” Bill says, tossing his shoes toward his closet
“Well, what will it be?  Lips or labia?” Grace sighs, with defeat, understanding the consequences of
Bill's surviving once again.
“I was hoping for both.” he smiles sitting on the bed beside her, in socks and boxers.
“Nope, our agreement, is one or the other, if you survive, if you don't I get the money.” she says,
looking at him, like an attorney, stating the rules of a contract.
“Aw, yes, the agreement.” he nods his head, remembering the document.“Sit up and let me rub your
shoulders, maybe I can change your mind.” he says, leaning over to kiss her slim neck.
“Oooo, Mmmm, that might work” she coos, bending her head to give him access to her sensitive neck.
Bill straightens up and starts to massage her shoulders, his strong gentle hands, making circular
motions on the lower part of her back.  She leans forward more, to expose the muscles there.  His
hands wander to her buttocks, and to the upper part of her thighs.  His fingers creep around her
waist, easing toward her downy sex.
“Mmmm, that feels so good!” she moans, her eyes closed and her mind relaxing with his gentle touch.
Grace begins another practiced act, controlling the dangerous Bill, with her body and insatiable
prowess for sex.  She knew how to do it and used it often to get her way.
“You like that baby?” he whispers, his lips gently kissing a delicate ear.
“Oh, yesss, you know I do.” she whimpers, the subtle feeling easing her tense muscles.
Bill playfully nips her ear lobe, laughing shyly, “You think, I've earned both, yet?”.
“Nope, the agreement, says...” she is cut off by his own interruption.
“Doesn't the agreement say, you are allowed one try a month?” he says calmly, his hands squeezing
the muscles around her shoulders, rubbing them into quiet relaxation.  
“Mmm, hunn” she coos in a relaxed voice, almost sleepy.
“Yeah, I seem to remember that.” Bill agrees, his hands moving to her waist, still massaging tight
muscles.“Well, look at this!” Bill says, reaching for a thin belt hanging on the back board of the
mahogany bed, dangling it in front of her eyes.
“Oh, yes, that one liked to tie me with it, he was in such a hurry to leave, he lost it.” she whispers, his
warm hands soothing her failure.
“That's pretty kinky!” Bill responds, lying the belt on the bed next to him.
“Yeah, kinky, real kinky.” Grace agrees, her speech slow and measured, her mind remembering the
pistol suck with her lover.
“How about it kid?” he whispers again, hoping for the response he wanted.
“I still see the lines on the agreement.” she responds, a slight smile on her face, her eyes closed
enjoying the tempting of her husband, it was part of the cruel way she controlled him.
“I'm glad you brought that up, “ he says, his hands, moving to her full breasts, the palms massaging
the pert mounds, his fingers squeezing the rock hard nipples between them.
“Mmmm, just a bit more” she whispers, moisture starting to flow in her sex.
“That once a month, clause, violation of that, cancels the contract, including the clause forbidding me
to retaliate.” he whispers, bending down to kiss her shoulder, kissing along its edge, to her soft neck,
then up her neck to her ear again, leaving a burning trail of passion on her cool skin.
“Oooo,” she answers, the feeling of sensual touch, relaxing her completely. Grace caught up in the
excitement of pushing another unprepared lover to their death, the caresses of her husband, had
lulled her into thoughts of unbridled sex, her caution thrown to the wind.
“Right, and you know its 2012,” he asks, one hand dropping to the bed, to grasp the belt.
“Mmm uh,” she agrees, still lost in the sexual seduction.
“You know then, its February, February 29th.” he whispers again, his lips close to her ear, his left
hand drops from her breast, grasping the other end of the narrow belt.
Grace's expression of relaxed confidence, changes to wide eyed surprise, finally realizing the
meaning of his questions, her body shuddering with the sound of the belt buckle's ringing metal tone.
She starts to turn toward him, but is stopped by the quick movement of his hands, wrapping the thin
belt around her neck, his strong hands, pulling it tight, with cat reflexes.
A single “garpt” escapes her throat, her air suddenly cut by the tightening leather belt.
Grace goes into immediate survival mode, kicking, twisting, reaching for the constricting belt around
her neck.  Her soft brown eyes widen with the realization of Bill's subtle questions. “I'm canceling our
contract, my option, with the violation of section 108 B, two attempts in the same month.” he grunts, as
he pulled the belt.
.     Grace did not hear his words, she was concentrating on another important element.
She fought wildly, fighting madly for a breath of life giving air, her lips turning blue and the veins in
her eyes bursting with lack of blood to her brain.
“You thought you knew everything, you could control me with that body and sexual pleasures.” Bill
grunted, his words slow and strained. “You were caught in your own web.” he grimaced, his teeth
gritted and his hands trembling with his effort.
Grace, strong and fit, continued her violent thrashes, her hands, reaching behind her, searching for a
way to escape Bill. He held her just far enough away, to make this strategy fail.
“I'm going to miss that sweet ass of yours, Grace” he groans, but never relaxing the pull on the belt.
Grace fell into dry heaves, her mouth open and her tongue searching for air, the wide brown eyes, still
open, her struggles a bit weaker. Grace also knew Bill's reputation, his justification of a violated
contract enough to end their relationship. Bill was all business, it controlled his life, he would not end
a contract, without filling every clause, he expected the same from anyone that dealt with him or his
He had no problem in spending millions to exact his pound of flesh from a entity that had not filled a
contract with him. “That's right, let it go.” Bill advises his wife, pulling the belt ever tighter. His grip is
relentless, her struggles slow to merely jerks and quivers, her hands fall to her side and her legs
spread open, her left falling off the edge of the bed.
The rustling of the bed clothes, finally is overtaken by Bill's strained breathing.
Grace's body gives up the fight, with one last jerk and her leg on the floor, quivers, a final time.
Silence prevails in the room, the streams of sunlight, magnifying the dust particles in the air, each
floating with the violent stirs of the struggle. Bill holds the belt around her neck, until he was sure,
Grace had left the world of the sinful. He let her body slide to the right on its right side, tying a square
knot in the belt, and then slipped from behind her.
He looked at his now deceased wife, her shapely figure, and beauty, tempting him even in death.
“All those not in favor of both, say now!” he laughs, standing at the edge of the bed and stripping off
his boxers. A huge cock, springs up, like a striking cobra, Bill steps from the boxers and moves to the
bed. He rolls Grace on her fine butt, pulling her right leg down with the left, pushing them apart,
opening her sex. “Hearing no objections, let the fun begin.” he says in his best lawyer voice.
He enters Grace's body, pushing and withdrawing from her sex, her limp body rocking with his
penetrations.  Her unconcerned eyes just stared at the ceiling, the limp tongue waving at the corner
of her mouth.
“Oh baby, that's great” he groans, a tingle of excitement heating up his thrusts. “Um, uh, um” he
groans, the wave of climax, building in his quickening strokes and increased gasps.
Bill suddenly stops, his gasps coming quick and deep.
“Not too fast.” he warns himself, moving to the other side of the bed, pulling Grace toward him,
positioning her head at the edge, letting it hang at the right angle. “I promised you both.” He laughs,
pushing his cock into her slack mouth, pumping it with mad abandonment.
Big Bill, as he was known in his family, ejaculated into her throat, the globs spilling from the corner,
dribbling down to the floor. Bill leaned on his hands, letting the intense climax, pass, gasping with
satisfaction, he rested.“I'll bet you weren't counting on that were you?” Bill laughs, cleaning his cock
on her hair, going to his shower and cleaning up.
He returns to the bedroom, in jeans and a casual golfing shirt, dials a number, waiting for an answer.
“Hey Fred, it’s Bill” he says in his friendly voice. “Yeah, I'm ready, I just need to take care of a couple
things” he says, looking at Grace lying on the bed, naked and exposed.
“I need a little help, with disposal.” he clues in his partner. “Yeah, before we hit the greens” he
laughs, at Fred's impatience at the coming game.“It'll take 20 minutes, we have plenty of time, to make
Tee time.” he tries to soothe his golfing partner. “Two this time, her lover and her” he answers,
smiling at Fred's question .“It’s all OK, she broke our contract, it voided it, at my option” he talks
lawyer to Fred. “Be here in 2 minutes.” Bill says, hanging up the phone.
Bill hears his doorbell ring, and answers the door, Fred is standing on his porch, his golfing shoes,
shorts and shirt telling Bill he was ready for golfing.
“Hey, Fred, come on in.” Bill smiles at his long time friend.“This way, Fred, I've already got one in the
trunk.” Bill leads him back to the bedroom. The two men stand in front of the bed, staring at Grace,
draped across the bed.
“Why would you want to get rid of that?” Fred asks, looking at his friend.
“I didn't, she broke the agreement.” he responds, grabbing one of Graces toned legs.
“What's this for you, three?” Fred asks, reaching over to pull Grace's torso to him.
“Nope four.” Bill answers, lifting Grace by her legs and Fred lifting her by her arms.
The two men carry Grace to the garage, and as they start to lift her into the trunk, Fred looks at Bill.
“Four?” he says with a knowing smile on his face.
Bill looks back at Fred, catching his look.
“But, who’s counting?” both men say together, swinging Grace into the trunk on top of her lover,
slamming the trunk lid closed and laughing .
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Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: January 28, 2012

Grace X,
A fitting death for a Ultra Bad Girl.  That photo says it all.

I might change my mind about that pistol whipping.

I'm very honored to be first in your Grace X Files.

The woman with the dark mysterious Eyes.

Let me hear it, Grrrrrace X.

I'm an adult, let me have it with both barrels.

1 - Screaming Orgasm!
2 - Whimpering Orgasm
3 - Quick Grunt
4 - Yawn
5 - Snore

What's your verdict ?

Comment from: Grace X
Date: January 28, 2012

Ooh, Screaming Orgasm! No doubt about it, Moon Shiner hon. This was one hot
story. It almost feels strange to be sitting here writing about it because I feel SO
perfectly dead lol. This had a hardcore noir feel to it that I just love. You know
some writers just don't have the knack for bad girl sex...but you just ace it,
honey. I mean when it gets down to the dead-sex you want to be FIRED UP by the
image of screwing the daylights out of a perfect body drained of its evil
manipulations by a hot strangle, and boy does your story deliver!!

Thanks for writing in the gun fellatio scene too. You're a gentleman to fulfill a
lady's request that way, and I did ever so want to see how you would write that.

GRRRR says it all! Thanks so much honey and this better not be the last of your
stories that ends up in my files! (I know it won't be just messing with you, love.)

xox Grace

Comment from: Fleming
Date: January 28, 2012

Brilliant, Moon, this is your best yet, the mood, the writing, the character work,
the banter, the erotic descriptions, all just spotless.

The writing is very professional and skilled, the characters rich and delightfully
vile in their own ways and the sex unbelievably hot.

Loved Grace, one of the all time great femme fatales, a manipulative sexy and
cunning bitch that was a delight to read about, as sexy as she was twisted and
greedy. The part with the gun running over her was unbelievably sexy and
special and wonderfully written, at every turn I felt her pleasure and his resolve
failing as he subcame to her lustful seduction, wonderful.

Loved the twists, first that she is just using the poor fool so cruelly and then that
her husband and she have their contract to Bill's brilliant reveal of the date
voiding the contract to the fact Bill had her under his control so to speak the
whole time, just brilliant and so much fun.

Loved the humor of them making it before tee time and Fred's golf attire.
The reveal she was his 4th was inspired, the manipulative black widow turning
out to be the one manipulated, wonderful stuff.

The off-screen struggle in the garage as she casually listened was tense and
wonderfully suspenseful, showed how cold she was.

The strangling itself and aftermath handling was wonderfully perfect, adored
how her leg fell off the bed and her shock as she realized what was about to
happen. Wonderful struggle and flawless writing my friend.

Keep up the good work, this one was sublime in every way and superbly written.

Jóhann :)

Comment from: Grace X
Date: January 28, 2012

I second every one of your comments about this fine story by Moon Shiner,
Fleming. I liked the black humor in it too (one of my favorite attributes to great
writing) and he captured my hard femme fatale persona to perfection. Any way
you cut it (or strangle it lol) this is top-notch writing. Sex/death noir! Be still my

I'm intrigued by you too Fleming thanks for coming by to comment! I am a Bond
lover from way way back, with my heroines being the gloriously bad Fatima
Blush and Xenia Onatopp.

Might I look forward to a story starring yours truly from your pen??

XX Grace

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: January 29, 2012

Grace X, your words are music to my ears.
I'm pleased it turned your crank, as they say where I'm from.

Yes, there is another, currently bubbling in my brain.

Thanks, Fleming, you always seem to have an inside track on my mind.  You hit
every point, I don't know how you do it, you're amazing my friend.

You and Grace X, certainly have Bond in common, you two should get along fine.

Grace X, you certainly seem to have a way with the lads, one of his excellent
stories, is always a pleasure.

Keep after him.

A glowing review, from both of you.


Comment from: Fleming
Date: January 30, 2012

Wow well thanks Grace, am flattered to have intrigued you and thanks for the
avatar, the pic is just perfect.

I am the Bond fan and view Ian Fleming as my idol and mentor when it comes to
writing, have even written several Bond stories on deadskirts, am working on
the 5th these days.

I was never a fan of Fatima or anything else in that film but Xenia I adore and
especially Miranda Frost and Fatima's superior model, Fiona Vulpe.

As for a story starring you well I´m flattered you ask and I'd be honored but right
now I am swamped with the several stories I am working on but I'd be delighted
to do it one day. I'd also be very curious to hear some idea's from you as to what
you'd like to happen in said story, I truly do not get enough of a beautiful woman
discussing and detailing her own erotic demise. LOL. :)

Am glad you appreciated the review, I truly loved the story, agree with Grace,
top-notch writing all the way.


Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: January 30, 2012


What can I say but WOW!!!

You nailed this, one of the best that I have seen written by you, and I have been
privileged to read a lot of your work, for a very long time now.

Grace must have inspired you, you must write more, of Grace, and please don’t
stop there, I think you have found your voice, you have had great success in the
past, and you just get better, and better, with each story.

I had really missed you when you stopped, for weeks with out sending anything
to me to read, but if it helped you bring stories such as this, the rest was well
worth it for you.

I’m your biggest fan, among the growing list of fans, thank you my friend, this is
so far my favorite, of the many favorite’s that I have of yours.


PS Screaming Orgasm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from: Othello
Date: January 31, 2012

Moon Shiner, you know how much I admire your work, and I have to agree with
Fleming and Nighthawk, this is the best you've done. Grace my dear, you clearly
inspired the man!

The dialogue has the crisp black wit of the best that noir has to offer, the story
itself is remarkably tight -- not a penstroke wasted. The erotica is searing hot
(the gun-sex is just amazing), the murder is hard and sexy, and the necro-
sensuality sizzling. If Raymond Chandler did graphic sex (a concept to make the
mouth water), it would be like this.

You and Grace MUST hook up again, my friend! Together you are classic.

Comment from: Grace X
Date: January 31, 2012

Moon Shiner you are getting praise from Olympus here...I read Nighthawk over
on the Stories pages and I went and lurked to read Fleming over on DS, and I
know already what a fine writer Othello get kudos from writing peers like
that is just awesome and so much deserved, honey! I just can't stop reading this
story. It is so amazingly well written, and SO HOT!

Fleming I'm rightly thrilled to get to know a fellow Bond fan, Ian Fleming is my
writing and reading God. I dream about his novels written rated XXX instead of
PG-13, lol...that's heaven to me.

Aw, you didn't like Never Say Never? I agree it was a bastardized flick ripping off
Thunderball and all, but I confess to loving Sean as an older Bond. And Fatima
may have been a bit too loudmouthed but I still loved her killer ways. Still,
though I am a fantasy bad girl too I don't really do the dominatrix thing...just
hardass murder and no holds barred sex lol.

Miranda Frost! Ooh, I just loved that gal! Now there
is a bad Bond girl with wicked class. I just climb right
inside her head (and body) in my daydreams all the
time, and I gotta say that was the most sexy kill of a
Bad Bond Girl I can think of. I wish they had lingered
over it a little more!

And forget messing around with Jinx, James my boy!
Wouldn't you have loved to spend some quality time
with the dead Ms. Frost in that burning plane laying
there with a knife in her pinning The Art of War to
her tits? Be still my heart...

XX Grace

Comment from: Fleming
Date: January 31, 2012

Oh MIranda Frost, to me the sexiest, most perfect Bond girl, movie bad girl and
movie character ever and her thrilling demise is my favorite of all time. 10 years
later it still dazzles me beyond words. :)
Oh I'd have had so much fun with her in that plane, love your thoughts on that. :)

You've got wonderful taste Grace and yes I did not care for Never say never
again, sure things in it work and Connery was fine as an older Bond but its just
such a joke, remote controlled sharks, video games that electrocute you, bad
acting from many of the actors, Fatima was way too over the top even for a Bond
villain, the action was flat, the jokes lame, Connery felt disinterested, Kim
basinger was terrible, the villain was weak, the music resembled porn, not Bond
and i could go on. LOL.

I´m thrilled to meet yet another Bond fan and one who admires and respects Ian
fleming so much, I never had an intrest in reading till I discovered his works, I
had been a devoted fan of the Bond films since infancy but I never got around to
the books till I was 20 and then i discovered how much more there was to my
idol Bond and what magic writing is and I'll always consider Ian my role model
and mentor.

I´m flattered you lurked to take a look at my work, hope you liked it. :)
Hope my Bond stories fulfill my XXX version of the books. :)

You're a fascinating gal and I'd be honored to write you one day, like I said I am a
bit strained trying to work on a few things in the moment but I'd love to discuss
idea's with you and see what comes of it. :)


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: January 31, 2012

my very good friend, your words are appreciated, I thank you very much, I have
to credit you with keeping me going.
You always know when the flame of creation is growing dim.

Othello, your comments filled me with pride, you're the only professional I know,
and such glowing phrases, be still my beating heart.

Both you and NightHawk are correct, The beautiful and deadly GraceX, was an
inspiration, you have to give the devil her due.

Fleming, I hope you find the time to create a story for the delightful Grace, and
one from NightHawk I know will show you what fine writers they both are.

Many thanks to all of you.

Comment from: Othello
Date: January 31, 2012

Moon Shiner, I'm glad you feel pride in your work as a have truly
earned it. As a professional novelist in real life I've been very fortunate; I get to
enjoy the process of my fantasies becoming books that others can in turn share
in, should they choose. That is humbling and fulfilling. But at heart I will always
be the amateur writer that created stories because it felt passionate and
important and fun, even if (at the time) it seemed that very few would ever read

There is a nobility in doing that, and you fulfill the promise of that nobility every
time you take up your pen (or keyboard, in this modern world) to write a story as
marvelous as this one. One of my crusades as a writer has been to see intense,
sexual, darkly humorous, edgy, "genre" fiction accepted with as much
admiration as the so-called "mainstream". Writers like you make that dream
come that much closer to reality.

Comment from: Grace X
Date: January 31, 2012

Well I am really blushing to think of inspiring you guys. Truth to tell I idolize
writers more than just a little. Novelists and screenwriters who can create
characters like the ones that I jump feet first into in my fantasies are giving me
such an immeasurable gift through their talent, and I am just full of admiration
for that special skill. You guys, Moon Shiner, Othello, Astrokill, Nighthawk, truly slay me in the best way possible. Never stop writing!!!

Fleming you have picked such an awesome Bond girl as your favorite I watch
that movie over and over and over and 90% of the time not even to watch
James, but Miranda. I totally respect that you are busy and at the same time
flattered that you might be interested sometime in adding a Grace X tale to your
repetoire. When you have time, feel free anytime to write me at my address to brainstorm. In the meantime I will continue
to ferret out your hot Bond stories and read with wicked pleasure!

And Moon Shiner, my Kentucky killer gentleman, this is for you!

XX Grace

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: February 1, 2012


Absolutely Perfect!
Be careful what you wish for,
You might just get it.

Thanks Grace X
The lady with the mysterious eyes!

I can't believe you did that.

Comment from: Fleming
Date: February 1, 2012

Wow thanks for that Grace, am flattered you think so. :)
Yes it would be an honor to write something for you down the line when i am
less busy, am currently slaving through 2 Bond chapters and another story so its

I'd like to mail you soon though just to see what idea's are sparked and such if
you don't mind and brainstorm a little, I always enjoy that and it might clear my
head of the current writing challenges. :)

I do hope you enjoy the Bond stories I did as well as perhaps one or two non
Bond. :) I´m flattered you think their hot and that they are enjoyable to you.

Oh and as much as I wish I could say I picked Miranda it was very much the other
way around and I was powerless to resist it... not that I
Oddly enough its probably my least favorite of the official Bond films but
Miranda lifts it so much higher than it should reach.


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: May 15, 2012

I just received  note from a very reliable source, that this story, will be
transformed into a movie by Chris B and his talented staff.  There is no greater
compliment for a writer to get a story from print to film.

Thanks Othello, Grace X and Chris B.  I can't wait for the movie.

Damn this is exciting.


Comment from: Grace X
Date: May 16, 2012

I am rightly beside myself with excitement too, dear KGK. Wow!!!!

XX from your admiring GXK!