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Seduction of the Mind  by Nighthawk

Sometimes what you know to be true, is not, and what you know to be a lie, is the truth.

He sits his mind jumbled, listening to her drone on, he has killed, he shot a man that was trying to kill
him, and yet he is lost, his hand shakes with the thought of taking another’s life.

He is patrolman Richard Kims, of the NYPD, sitting in Dr. Grace Xavier’s office, she is the leading
Psychiatrist, for the New York police department.

She the great manipulator, smiles her dark brown eyes boring into his soul, leading him like a rat
through a maze.

Her phone rings, and she talks low for a moment, and then hangs up, her brown eyes smile at him,
devastating his heart, he doesn’t  want to leave, she is his savior, as he clings onto the thoughts, that
she has put into his mind.

They both rise, she taking his arm leading him to the closed door.

Her breast rubs against his arm, and with a smile, she softly asks him, we’re set again for Wednesday,
right Richard? He nods his head yes, leaving, but not yet wanting to, looking at her, his mind foggy, he
wants her, she is the only thing that now matters to him, she softly tells him everything is going to be all
right, and squeezes his arm, as she closes the door.

Grace leans her back against it, softly laughing, thinking he‘s perfect.

Evil is not always ugly, evil can have deep brown bedroom eyes, a face of an angel, a body, that men
long to touch, to hold, to make mad passionate love to, evil can whisper softly, as it pulls you to satin

It can wear a title of respect, of authority, evil can be in the form of Grace.

Grace has killed many times, her choice of weapons are words, never having looked into the eyes of
her victims except for one.

Years ago in the heat of the moment, a sorority sister, one she couldn’t control, she still has the thick
steak knife, in the knife drawer of her kitchen, and whenever she watches some one use it, to cut their
meat, she gets excited, when her memories of that day, rush back.

As they do now, sitting behind her desk, the little fool, thought she could get by with disrespecting me,
no one ever disrespects me and lives, she thought, leaning back in her swivel chair.

Grace remembers, smiling as her hand slowly moves downward, alone in her office the sun no longer
shines, rain clouds now form through the window, shadows creep across the once brightly lighted

Her hand bringing her short skirt upward, as it always does when she is alone, and this memory
invades the forefront of her thoughts, starting to rub herself, as the memories flick by.

She came downstairs, in the early morning, as the others slept, smelling the coffee that I had perked,
she and I never got along, Grace remembers, the argument started, and the heated words, led to the
push that started it all, She shoved me in anger, in the kitchen that morning, the steak knife was there
on the counter, angry words were exchanged, she turned laughing at me, I called her a little slut, she
raised her hand to slap, like magic the knife was in my fist.

Grace moans as her fingers play between her legs, her skirt pulled up, hand inserted into her panties,
twisting in her swivel chair, her left hand pinching her right nipple, the memories flash by, the glint of
the blade as it swept through the air, the plunge into her stomach, she screamed but not loud, she
turned stumbling through the kitchen, then out the back door.

Grace out of control, as her body takes over, her head back, closed eyes to the ceiling, the picture of
that morning shown clearly behind the darkness of her eyelids.

She coughed out help me, but again not loud, the picture playing in her mind, showing Grace pouncing
on her, driving her to the ground, bringing the blade up under her left breast, wrapping her arms and
legs around her, holding onto her as she trembled and shook, grace’s fingers fully inserted, she has
lost control, her body and the moving pictures that flash by in her mind, are her whole being now.

She no longer in her office, she’s in the grass just outside the back door of the sorority, holding the
young girl tightly as her body jerks with spasm after spasm. It only was a minute, no more, before she
relaxed and was gone,

But in that minute Grace absorbed her, brought her into her body, taking her power, her soul, the
young girl didn’t die, she lives yet inside of Grace, inside her memory, she’s as much of her now, as
she was that morning laying in the grass, as her life slipped away in the tight embrace of Grace’s arms
and legs.

Grace sucks in her breath as the memories click by, her climax reaching its peak, thunder booms, and
lightening flashes, as the rain pleats the windows. Grace relaxing, now quieting, panting breaths
slowing, her heart rate, slowly coming back to normal, now her mind starting to take control, winning
the battle with her body.

Grace loves these moments, and hates them at the same time, she hates to lose control, it scares her,
if she loses control outside of these moments, it all comes crashing down.


He waits hidden, watching for her, never far away from her now, she is his whole life, he longs to hold
her naked body, making passionate love to her, as he does every night in his mind.

He sees Grace now, exiting, pausing for a moment, bringing her umbrella up to cover herself, his
excitement building, watching her running to her car through the rain, her enemy’s are his now,
remembering what she told him in her office.

He wants so to please her, if he doesn’t, he may lose her forever, he can’t, he may as will take his own
life, it would be over anyway, if she were gone, all he has to do is kill her one enemy, lay her dead body
at Grace’s feet, then she will be his.


Sometimes in life, the past is never far behind, and murder is never a closed case, Regna Barnsdall,
sister of the late Betty Kingsford whose body was found stuffed in the trash bin behind the, Alpha Delta
Chi sorority house, one early fall afternoon, thinks she has enough evidence, to get her sisters cold
case file reopened.

She knows who killed her sister, Grace Xavier is the only one that could, she controlled that house, all
the other girls were afraid of her, but her sister always stood her ground.

The authorities, blamed it on a thief, or homeless person, some one that stumbled through the yard that
morning, and saw her alone in the kitchen, making coffee.

But Regna knows different, or at least she thinks she knows, and she’s digging, asking questions,
snooping around, Grace is starting to get nervous, worried, that’s why she’s setting Richard up for the

They never found the knife, Grace had hidden it well, they interviewed all the girls, and found none to
be suspect, they couldn’t see how anyone of them could carry a body the hundred feet, and lift her up
to toss her into the bin.

When Grace remembers being interviewed, she laughs, how easy it was, she was scared when she sat
down in front of the detective, but she started to flirt, pushing her breasts out, touching his arm as she
bent over showing the deep valley between her breasts, the interview lasted fifteen minutes, and he
was smiling every minute of it.


Wednesday has finally arrived, he paces in front of her door, waiting for her to open it, he is early as he
always is, hoping she will see him, and rush into his arms, she leans against the door hearing him pace,
a smile on her face, she turns getting ready, to bring him into her office.

Grace slowly turns the knob, letting him walk through. She looks sad, brushing away a tear as she
weakly tries to smile at him, Grace what’s the matter he demands to know, is it that woman again?

Has she been telling more lies about you, this shit has to stop, and before he knew it she was in his
arms, her head on his shoulder, her body racked with sobs.

Then she backed out of his arms, a sad look still, as she backed up stammering, oh Richard, I’m so
sorry, she went to her desk, sat, saying maybe we should cancel today’s visit, as tears flowed from her
eyes, his heart melting, what can I do he asked.

Nothing she said, I think I am going to have to resign, they are starting to ask me questions about
something I know nothing off, I think Regna has them convinced that I hurt her sister, oh Richard I’m so
scared, and the tears came faster.

He came over to her and pulled her out of her chair, holding her close, she said no Richard we can’t,
your my patient, we can’t be involved, he lifted her chin with his finger kissing her passionately,
holding her close.

She had him hook line and sinker, feeling his hands on her breasts, starting to enjoy the fruits of her
labor, as he picked her up, carrying her to the big leather couch, that sat by the window.

He whispered loving things in her ear as he undressed her, touching her gently, she protesting as she
lifted herself letting him remove her clothing, he was large, as her eyes gazed at his fully stiffened
cock, a hidden smile on her face, thinking maybe she should have gotten to this a little earlier, in the

He was a wonderful lover, as they melted together, his only thought was to please her, and his wish
came true, as she arched, her fingernails digging into his back, trying not to scream and awaken the
whole building, but she wanted to, holding him tightly as he filled her with his cum.

They lay together for just a moment, then each rose to dress, she giggled looking at him, standing
there half naked, he smiled as he watched her dress, then he got a serious look on his face, saying I
love you, I wont let anyone hurt you Grace, and she knew at that moment Regna was going to die.


Regina Barnsdall, blond, beautiful, married to Henery Barnsdall, a wealthy investor, lives off Long
Island in the Hampton’s just off the beach, in a gated millionaires hovel, as she jokingly calls her ten
million dollar mansion.

Henery stays in the city during the week, which she loves, and lately he has been sleeping in a
different bedroom when he’s home which worries her, not that she loves him, but she loves his money.

She knows he has a lover that stays with him on Wednesday’s and Friday, or maybe more then one, and
she knows that he’s going to divorce her, at least all the signs are there, and she signed a prenup.

So she has a lot to lose, Richard wears his uniform as he rings for the gate, and is let in, hat pulled
down tightly over his face, his unit ID is removed from his uniform, the cameras pick up only a shadow
for his face, as Richard goes hunting.

The doorbell chimes, Rosa a twenty six year old Spanish beauty, opens the door, and smiles at the
handsome police officer.

Rosa calls out in a Spanish accent, Mrs. Barnsdall there’s a police officer to see you, that’s one of the
last things she ever said, as the silencer spoke, twice.

Rosa grunted softly, turned moaning…..oh….esta me duele tanta (it hurts so much) took a couple of
steps, and crumpled to the floor, she had lived in squalor, in the slums of Mexico City, fighting tooth
and nail for a better life, coming to America, to be free of the terrible hardships that were around her,
just to die on a marble floor in a ten million dollar mansion.

Regina called out who did you say was at the door Rosa? Receiving no answer walked out of her study,
and saw him standing with the gun in his hand, she said….oh, and put her hand up, as if to ward off the
bullet, asking her voice shaky, d…id Grace se…send….you?

The first shot hit her low just under her belly button, she turned not running but walked straight back
through the door of her study, then staggered, catching the edge of her desk, she didn’t plead, but
turned, pain showing on her face,……tell her it……wont….. stop with me.

Regina coughed bloody spittle, and it dotted her white blouse, she turned her back to him trying to
stand straight, but went to her knees, hanging on to the edge of her desk.

Richard was angered with her, she was trying to destroy Grace, squeezing two more rounds into her
back, she fell, still trying to crawl away, then curled to lay panting at the foot of her desk.

Stepping over her, he saw a folder with Grace’s name on it, checking the file cabinet, taking everything
he could find that had anything to do with Grace.

He stopped on his way out, leaning over her body, and felt for a pulse, there was a very faint one still
beating, he stood up, firing once more into her temple, then stepped over her, and went to the foyer
knelt by Rosa, to make sure she was dead, then left the same way he came.


Grace was in meetings all that afternoon, until five, returning to her office turning on her TV set, to
catch the news, and Regina’s face lit up the screen, she sat back a large smile pushing her lips up, her
brown eyes turning dark, absorbing all the details of her death.

Wishing she had been there, leaning back touching herself, as the news rambled on, most of her
troubles were over, she won again, now all she had to do was get rid of Richard.

She sat waiting for his call, and at five thirty her phone rang, he said almost whispering, its over, the
legal tap that she had installed on her phone, telling her boss that she was getting threatening phone
calls, picked up every breath every sigh.

She said who is this?

And what’s over?

He said Grace, you know who this is, its Richard, (got him she thought)

Are you talking about Regina?

Of course, he said puzzled, what’s the matter Grace?

Grace smiling now, asked Richard are you the one that killed her?

Of course, Grace, I did it for you. Grace what’s going on?

I didn’t send you to do anything to her, I never told you to kill her, did I Richard…….did I? what Richard
speak up………, he said, very low, what Richard I can’t hear you, NO DAMN IT GRACE YOU DIDN’T, He
yelled, knowing now it had all been a sham, that she set him up.

Richard stay wherever your at, I have to call the police now, I want you to turn yourself in, Richard did
you hear me…….Richard, are you still there, he said, yes Grace I hear you, I’m still here.

He was standing just outside of her locked door, when he first called, he expected her to come
running, throw open the door, and jump into his arms, now he leaned against the blue green wall, and
slid down to sit his elbows braced on his knees, his hands covering his eyes, thinking it all over, anger
starting to replacing sadness.

Wondering how many others she has played, Grace sat in her high back leather chair, trying to yet get
him to talk……..Hearing her chatter as if it was far away, finally putting the cell back up to his ear, he
talked softly, very calmly, telling her I’ll be right there, closed his cell and as he rose away from the wall
he put it back into his pocket.

Grace thought she had better leave after she called the police, she sobbed out to the officer, that she
talked to, telling him on the phone, that a patient of hers killed Regina Barnsdall. His name is Richard
Kims, please don’t hurt him she whined, but he is armed and dangerous, please be careful, he said he
will kill anyone who gets close to him.

Grace unlocked her side door, and started to open it, when it was pushed back into her, and Richard
was standing there, he looked so sad, she actually felt sorry for him, stepping back fear prickled the
back of her mind, what are you doing here Richard? she asked, turning to go back to her desk.

All he said was Why?

She couldn’t answer, looking at his face, for once in her life she was lost for words, them she stuttered,
Richard, their looking for you don’t make at any harder then it already is.

How hard is that Grace?

Calling them, telling them that I’m armed and dangerous.

I didn’t………Shhhhhh don’t tell me you didn’t make that call, The walls are thin, you should have been
just a little quieter Grace, you sounded so distraught.

I would have done anything for you…..I did everything for you….I killed for you Grace.

I didn’t tell you to kill for me, she looked up at him, her brown eyes, the eyes that he once lingered in,
lost in the darkness, never wanting to leave their warmth, now looked so cold, at him.

Get out of my office Richard, you a wanted man now, give yourself up. Grace reached for the white
phone that sat on the edge of her desk, he said softly put the phone down, Grace.

She saw the gun in his hand, stuttering, Richard….wh….what are y,,,you doing?

I’m going to make things right, Grace, you can never be permitted to do this to anyone else, no Richard
please I love you, don’t you know that, her eyes tearing up, as she came around her desk, let me prove
it to you, and she started to unbutton her blouse slowly one button at a time.

He saw her eyes soften, no longer cold, now warm, soft bedroom eyes, beckoning, wanting.

Her silky thin blouse whispering to the floor, a smile played on her ruby lips, reaching behind her,
unsnapping her bra, letting it slide down her arms, the same arms that wrapped around him in passion,
just days ago, as they made love.

Her beauty, on display, her breasts inviting, nipples pointing upwards, fully extended, calling to him,
she reached behind her, unbuttoning her skirt, unzipping it to let it fall around her feet.

She stood, with only black bikini panties and a smile reaching out to him, when the pistol fired, not once
but twice.

Oh God the pain, was her first thought, her stomach, exploded with more pain then she has ever felt,
she tried to stand but her legs didn’t coroperate and she sank to her knees.

Then he was beside her, holding her, he sat bringing her to his lap, whispering I couldn’t let you go on
Grace, I love you so much, but we have hurt to many people, and it has to end here.

She looked into his face, help me she pleaded, I don’t want to die, he held her tightly telling her, we will
be together for eternity Grace, you and I.

No, no, I can’t die, please, then she felt something tear inside of her, and arched reaching out as if to
grasp an unseen hand, a spasm ripped through her body, the pain overbearing, blood filled the back of
her throat, and she coughed, tasting the red as it seeped out of her mouth.

Grace struggled to breathe, grabbing on to Richard, begging him now ,don’t leave me, to die alone she
pleaded, he whispered to her, I will always be beside you Grace, she was comforted by him now, not
facing death alone, and in the short moments she had left, she thought that she had found love, he
closed her eyes, after her body relaxed, and kissed her lips.

Sitting, leaning over her still form, with tears from his eyes, dropping on to her cheek, Richard lifted the
revolver for the last time, the shot echoed in the room, as the police stood out side her door, reaching
for the handle.

The end

A story by Nighthawk

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Questions, comments, or feedback:

Comment from: Grace X
Date: April 22, 2012

OMG Vern honey, when we brainstormed this tale of evil psychiatrist Grace, I
was beside myself with excitement to see where you would take it, and I have
to say I have never read a finer story from you.  This one unfolds like Raymond
Chandler or Dashiell Hammett  at their best. Right from that great first line...

Sometimes what you know to be true, is not, and what you know to be a lie, is
the truth. build a web of seduction and manipulation, lust and obsession, sex and
death, that is just wicked perfection.

I've never been prouder to see one of my alter egos in a story, Vern sweetheart.
Dr. Grace Xavier lived and died wrapped in a darkly romantic masterpiece.

XOX Grace

Comment from: Othello
Date: April 22, 2012

Nighthawk, you construct tales with the precision of a watchmaker. The pieces
click together one after the other, twisting the mind inside out, until they
explode like passionate dynamite.  A remarkable story, my friend.

Grace is incomparable as a muse, isn't she? You do our beloved femme fatale
proud with every one of your stories. Don't ever stop!

With admiration,

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: April 23, 2012

This my friend, is the best story I've ever read.  Very professional, the plot well
thought out and presented with flair.

This is the Golden Gun of erotic noir.  
I give this one, two screaming orgasms.

Excellent character building, each with defined goals, logical reactions, I felt
every emotion of each character.

I'm truly humbled by such excellent penmanship,

Grace, my dear, you are an inspiration that can't be matched, Nighthawk has
captured your essence as well as I've ever seen.

His use of the human emotions, love, revenge, hate and regret woven into a
story of misdirected trust.

Alfred Hitchcock could not have written it better.

Your best work and I know its just the beginning for your pen.

Comment from: Nastassja
Date: April 23, 2012

Nighthawk (by the way, I love the Edward Hopper painting "Nighthawks"
inspiration for your name?), I am very impressed with this story. I'm a classical
reader by nature, and am rarely drawn to thrillers, but your "Seduction of the
Mind" is strong writing from start to finish, and I found myself very involved
with the emotions and psyches of your players.  The ending in particular was
wrenching and touching, hardboiled and lyrical all at once. Well done. I will
definitely be following more of your work.

Grace, the picture of you just breathes seductive appear
vulnerable, sexual, and calculating just from your eyes alone. Well chosen for
this tale.

Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: April 25, 2012


My beautiful muse, I thank you as always, I love your beautiful smile in the
picture, and have never saw you in a bad pose, I do believe the camera loves
you as much as the rest of us do, Grace your beauty warms my heart, and I
never want to disappoint you, in my stories.

I must stop writing for awhile though, until things settle down, with my move, I
hope that it is not long, but I fear that it may be, I will not forget you or any of
my friends, and will return, I just do not know for how long I’ll be away.



I don’t think you could possibly know how your praise effects me, coming from
a writer that I respect as much as I do you, you validate everything that I try to
do in my writing, and I want to prove you right, and make you proud.



Aw my friend, you have been with me from the first story that I put on DS, its
funny I have never seen you, but we have been through some very tough times
together, I know that we will never meet, but you are my best friend.

I think both of our writing has grown over the last year and a half, and then we
have found Grace, a truly remarkable woman, with beauty, brains, and  
compassion, and she inspires us both.

But I think your very wrong, Hitchcock was the master, but I thank you for the



I thank you, for your kind words, I also loved the classics, I read them when I
was much younger, and in the Navy to while away the hours out at sea.

But most of my adult life I have been involved in reading about the history, of
America, I know really boring huh ;-).

The name of Nighthawk is not so glamorous, I’m afraid to say, My father would
call me that when I came home late, he would say, out night hawking it again
last night, weren’t you? And it just stuck with me.

Once again I thank you, and it makes me thrilled that you liked what I wrote.


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: April 26, 2012

I hope you can find a way to let us know how you are doing.

I agree, we have become good friends.  
Never meet?

You can never tell, I might be stopped at a restaurant in your part of the
country, hear that story of your name, at the booth behind me, and I'll turn
around and say, "Hey, my friend, you like Moonshine?".

Thanks for all your support and encouragement, don't stay away long.

Comment from: Grace X
Date: April 26, 2012

Have a safe move, Vern love. I miss you already! Come back to us soon. Hug
and kiss from your adoring killer muse.

XOX Grace