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by Othello (with consultation by Grace X)
                                                                 Chapter 4

                             Golden Women

Every nerve in her body still buzzing from the erotic rush of the kill, the taste of Ariel still on her
tongue, Grace favored Gephart with an look of arrogant satisfaction.

She wished profoundly that she could have taken Ariel alone in the room, so there would be no
need for annoying conversation at this point. Just her, and the most perfect, delectable golden
corpse. She nudged Ariel’s dead body with a foot.

“Seems to me you were premature in pissing her off with your little disclosure about her
trainer’s murder,” she commented, turning the word ‘premature’ into a little acid jab. “After that
suck she gave you, I expect you were about to get the fuck of your life, before you dropped the

Gephart, whose immense cock had shown no sign of softening, shrugged.

“I never waste opportunities, Miss Xavier,” he answered. “I consider Miss Frost eminently more
desirable now, then she was five minutes ago when she was still able to breathe.”

I’ll go along with that, Golden Boy.

Grace made an effort—not all together successful, she knew—to dampen the look of
unadulterated lust in her own demeanor. She stepped away from Ariel’s body and picked up the
gun the woman had dropped while being strangled. She popped out the ammunition clip,
nodded at the full load of bullets, and snapped the clip back into place.

“She meant business,” she said, tossing the gun casually onto the bed, where it lay right next to
Gephart’s golden switchblade. “I guess you like to take chances. If you’d made her angry
enough to put a bullet in you right then and there, I couldn’t have done a thing to stop it.”

“There are satisfying, even addictive attractions to chance, Miss Xavier.” Grace once again
marveled at her employer’s businesslike calm, even as he stood there with his spearlike cock
fully engorged. “I have no wish to remove all danger of losing. Simply to improve the odds
immeasurably in my favor. It makes claiming my prize all the more satisfying.” He lowered his
eyes meaningfully toward Ariel’s corpse. “Would you do me the service of placing her on the
bed, Miss Xavier?”

Grace smiled, crouched beside Ariel’s body, and flipped the dead woman over. Her wide-open,
staring eyes, and protruding, slightly-purplish and swollen tongue sent another dart of hot
desire right into Grace’s pussy.

My prize, she thought, though she simply said, “You’re the boss.”

Grace moved to position herself behind Ariel’s head and shoulders, worked her hands under
the woman’s armpits, and levered her up. She hauled her across the carpeted floor, enjoying
the sight of Ariel’s limp feet leaving a track in the nap of the rug from her dragging ankles.

“Face up, or down?” she asked, adopting her best mock-sweet tone.

“Up, by all means.”

Grace flung Ariel’s body unceremoniously onto the bed, letting her limbs fall wherever gravity
took them. Her head lolling, her arms at unnatural angles, her knees bent over the edge of the
bed and her feet dangling down, Ariel looked like a dead goddess. Grace licked her lips, but
then reluctantly stepped back and made a sweeping gesture with her hand to invite Gephart

“I believe we share an appreciation for scenes like this, Miss Xavier,” he said. “According to my
dossier on you, you have the reputation of, shall we say, taking enjoyment from your victims?”

“Dossier?” Grace cocked an eyebrow. “Nobody has a dossier on me.”

“Of course,” Gephart smiled indulgently. “Grace X, the invisible, untraceable assassin. But you
should by now be aware, Miss Xavier, that judicious use of gold can acquire anything. But that’s
of little matter. I’m very pleased with your professional service to me tonight. Knowing your
predilections toward the bodies of your victims simply affords me the opportunity to reward you
with a bonus.”

Grace put her hands to her hips, presenting another of her arrogant smirks to the richest man in
the world. She flicked a finger in the direction of his huge cock.

“Feel like sticking that into me, while your dead ex-girlfriend ‘watches’? I don’t feel particularly
tempted, Albert
mi amore. Or should I call you Auric now?”

Gephart chuckled. “You do have the most impudent mouth, Miss Xavier. I told you earlier today
we might explore a proper use for it. But that too is of little matter. I take only golden women.”

“So what, then?”

“Why not enjoy our…compliant Miss Frost at the same time I do? Another thing I told you, is that
I enjoy elaborate spectacles. Why do you imagine I hired you at considerable expense, when I
have many lethal options near at hand that I could have engaged to dispose of the treacherous
Miss Frost? You are very beautiful, and would provide an additional aesthetic dimension to my
completion of this production.”

Grace shook her head. “What a charmer you are.”

He inclined his head, smiling mildly. “A metallurgist and speculator,” he said, repeating his
earlier words to Ariel. “But with a certain sense of art. I won’t deceive you, Miss Xavier. I would
enjoy a lasting trophy of tonight’s business. You’ve seen the surveillance capabilities behind
the walls of this delightful suite. My Korean protégé will film us as we…play. A cinematic
production I can enjoy privately for many pleasurable evenings to come.”

“Well bless your perverted, gold-plated heart.” Grace shook her head again, but then she
reached a hand downward, brushing her fingers appreciatively along the dead woman’s thighs.
What did she care, after all, if Gephart made an explicit blue movie with both assassin and victim
as the stars? He could hardly blackmail her with it. If anything, it would enhance her reputation
for perfect ruthlessness. And the tingling in her pussy could hardly be denied. The idea turned
her on.

What the hell.

She gave Gephart his answer with her trademark smirk, while she reached to undo the buttons
of her blouse.

No coy striptease to cater to the fantasies of this rich prick and his moronic chauffer-toady;
Grace was all business, peeling back her blouse and setting it aside, unhooking her bra to
release her heavy breasts—a sight more than one of her marks had literally died for. She
pinched the tips of her nipples, which were still blood-flushed and hard from the death-rush
strangling Ariel had given her, then she reached down and repeated the hard caress to Ariel’s
nipples, as the dead woman sprawled tits-up on the bed.

“This pleases me very much, Miss Xavier,” Gephart inclined his head in one of the courtly
gestures he was so fond of, ridiculous for a murderer about to possess a gold-painted corpse.

“Do us both a favor and shut up.” Grace curled her lip. “Didn’t you ever hear that silence is

She moved her fingers from Ariel’s breasts to the woman’s mouth, touching her protruding
tongue. A heady spike of desire ran through her, sweeping away all thought from her calculating
mind. Grace slipped her skirt down past her hips and let it drop to her feet, and skimmed of her

No one, nothing existed for her now except Ariel’s perfect body. She climbed onto the bed and
placed her knees at each side of the dead woman’s head. Her caressing fingers teased the stiff,
gold-coated strands of Ariel’s hair, then trailed down to linger at the beautiful, livid ligature mark
around her throat. Finally, unable to wait an instant longer, she tangled her fingers roughly in
Ariel’s hair and yanked the woman’s head up, pressing the lips and swollen tongue to her labia.

Ah, God, this was what is was all about. Shivering waves of pleasure coursed through her.
Grace eased her ass back slightly so she could brush the skin of it against the tips of Ariel’s
breasts, while the woman’s staring eyes appeared to gaze in frozen adoration at Grace’s own
swaying breasts.

The mirrors in the room allowed an extra level of visual appreciation to the scene. Grace flicked
her gaze toward the mirror behind which the Korean must be running Gephart’s cameras, and
she favored the glass with a sneer.

At the same time she noticed in the reflection the presence of Ariel’s unused gun, resting on
the covers right where Grace had tossed it. The presence of the deadly weapon brought a
further edge to things; Grace snatched it up, extending her own tongue to lick the gun barrel,
after which she deftly plunged it in and out of her mouth in mock-fellatio.

To her mild surprise Ariel’s body started to move, sliding forward, then back. Ah, of course.
Another glance in the mirror showed her that Gephart had moved forward and was now enjoying
his prize as well, pumping that enormous dick of his into his former lover’s pussy.

Yes, Grace thought, intensely amused as well as awash with lust, this is the Olympic event to top
them all.

Gephart wisely refrained from touching Grace, which she would not have taken kindly to. She
closed her eyes and screwed the tip of her tongue into the opening of the gun barrel, then
withdrew it and rimmed the trigger-guard, and finally the trigger itself. Just the perfect amount
of pressure to toy with it without allowing it to go off—a technique she had often applied to the
cocks of men she was about to kill. No sense in having things get messy until she was ready for
them to. All the while she continued to jam Ariel’s lips and tongue into her wet pussy.

The delicious burn of what she knew was going to be an epic climax began to build in her. She
pressed her eyelids tighter shut, wanting to shut out everything but this moment of
consummate pleasure, taken from her victim. Grace sucked in a ragged breath as the orgasm
started to flower…

Then with abrupt violence, something went around her throat and jerked tight.

Grace gasped, tried to shout out her shock and rage, but only a gurgle escaped her lips. Her
eyes snapped open, and there reflected in the mirrors she saw the Korean with his body braced
hard against the bed, hauling back the ends of the nylon stocking he had twisted around her
neck. It must be the one Grace herself had been so tempted to strangle Ariel with.

Gun. Grace had Ariel’s gun right in her hand, and with lightning-quickness she rounded it on the
Korean, intending to blow his damned head off. But he was ready for that, and shifted his grip
holding the nylon garrote to one hand, while a swift movement of the other hand chopped at
Grace’s wrist. The edge of his palm felt as hard as a board. Grace’s hand went numb, the gun
dropping from it onto the bed.

Damn, damn, damn, double-crossed—she couldn’t believe it! Gephart couldn’t possibly care
about the money he was going to save by offing her, and he knew she would never rat him out
to the authorities. It had to be pure and simple goddamn vindictive lust. He wanted her dead so
he could dip her in that bath of gold paint and get himself off with both gilded bodies. God how
it angered her! She let all that anger, hate and strength pour into an assault on the Korean,
striking at him with both hands, even the one numbed by his blow. She flailed her hard elbows
at him. She must have hit him, hard, more than a dozen times. But it was like striking a block of
iron. The Korean emitted a few of the bizarre noises of his broken speech, but that was all.

Under her, Ariel’s body started to move again. Gephart fucking her while the Korean strangled
Grace. The back and forth movement of the dead woman’s head actually caused her distended
tongue to brush Grace’s pussy again.

Fuck! These bastards are not going to kill me!

Grace didn’t waste the effort of trying to pry the nylon stocking away from her windpipe—the
Korean had twisted it so tight that it had sunk into her flesh. Instead she groped for the gun,
tantalizingly close to her outstretched good hand.

The Korean just chuckled.

Stars flashed in front of Grace’s eyes…she heard the gurgle of her own choked voice, and a
wave of darkness swept through her mind. Following that came an incredible, shuddering
explosion of orgasmic pleasure. The hypoxia-climax…the same she had given Ariel just a few
moments ago.

Then, as abruptly as the attack had begun, it stopped. The Korean wasn’t beside her anymore,
and Ariel’s corpse no longer jerked from Gephart’s thrusts. Grace, still on her knees, swung
both her arms wildly, but hit only empty air. With her good hand she tried to yank the nylon away
from her throat, but it wouldn’t come loose. The bastard had knotted it there, not sufficient to
completely close her windpipe, but enough to keep her gasping, and her voice still wouldn’t

What the fuck was going on?

Grace shook her head, trying to make her eyes focus. There. There they were. Gephart and the
Korean, standing there a few steps back from the foot of the bed. Just goddamn standing there.
The Korean even had even taken off his idiotic bowler hat, and was holding it in his hands.

Grace tried to swear at them, managing only another rasping gurgle. She fumbled once more at
the knotted nylon stocking, but then gave it up. She reached down and grabbed Ariel’s gun.

So you’ve got the stones to play with me? And not finish the job? You fuckers are about to find out
that Grace X doesn’t forgive and forget.

She raised the gun, intending to put a bullet right between the Korean’s eyes. But what the hell
was he doing? He moved like a discus thrower, cocking his arm and flinging that stupid hat right
at her. What kind of idiot throws his hat at the deadliest assassin on the fucking planet?

Just one second and a new red eye is going to appear between your two moronic ones, and then
Gephart gets the next bullet, plain and simple lead into the bank ledger of his brain.

A blur of speed, the hat came at her just before she could squeeze the trigger.

                                                                      #  #  #

Gephart, as he’d pulled his cock from hammering Ariel’s pussy and stepped back, had nodded to
the Korean. The burly killer stopped throttling Grace and stepped back too, removing his hat
and holding it ready.

Miss Xavier shakily tried to get the nylon stocking off her throat, failed, and naturally went for
Ariel’s gun. Gephart nodded again.

The hat with the razor brim whizzed at Grace. It took her right in the throat, cutting the nylon
stocking in half as a jet of red sprayed from Grace’s jugular. Her eyes went wide, the gun
slipped unfired from her fingers, and Gephart listened to the most artistically satisfying blood-
gurgle issue from Grace’s mouth. She swayed for just a second, then toppled over onto her
face, her head coming to rest right between Ariel’s feet.

Gephart smiled. Ah. What a lovely picture.

The Korean stepped to the bed, retrieved his hat, and tossed aside the sliced ends of the red-
stained nylon garrote. He lifted Miss Xavier’s head up by the hair to display her condition.
Staring dead eyes, slack mouth...a double red line around her neck from the strangling and the
throat-slice right over it.


The Korean released her hair, Grace’s head flopping down again at Ariel’s feet.

“Exquisitely done,” Gephart said. “Get her ready, will you? Then you may go.”

The Korean grinned, hauled up Grace’s corpse and dangled it over his shoulder. He
disappeared with it into the bathroom. Gephart stepped to the bed and rearranged Ariel’s body
so that the woman’s head draped quite decorously from the mattress-edge, her mouth falling
obligingly wider open.

Golden women…they were objects more precious than all the bullion in Fort Knox. He
positioned himself by Ariel’s head and pried her mouth even further open with the head of his
cock, finally dipping it into the glorious, moist opening.

The Korean returned while the dead Olympian serviced her former patron.

Grace’s body, having been immersed in the bath of gold paint, was soon arranged artfully next
to Ariel’s, her head positioned identically. Her hair, now gold instead of black, dripped wet
splotches of paint onto the rug.

The Korean departed back to the camera-room. No doubt he would fine tune the camera angles
to provide the best possible replaying of this marvelous scene.

Gephart regarded Grace’s staring eyes with a connoisseur’s appreciation. Her open mouth held
a little puddle of gold paint in it.

“I told you more than once, Miss Xavier,” he said, “that I would teach you an appropriate use for
your mouth.”

He pushed his cock into that mouth with a savage sense of satisfaction, and as it glided in and
out between her unresisting lips, the puddle of gold transferred itself like a sheath to his skin.
At the sight, his climax started to surge. He plucked up the gold switchblade that Grace had
used with such skillful violence earlier in the day, and which had rested untouched on the bed
throughout her murder. He touched the point with great care to the corner of her mouth,
levering the opening wider as he slipped the whole length of his immense, convulsing cock
down her throat.

“Ahh! You made a mocking reference to my gold knife being a phallic substitute, did you not,
Miss Xavier? What is your opinion now?”

Behind the mirrored walls, the cameras whirred.


"Gephart" and "The Korean" return in "Goldfinger", by Ian Fleming
Miranda Frost (Ariel's granddaughter) will appear in the film "Die Another Day"
Grace X will return again and again as the most glorious femme fatale of our age.
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Comments for Grace and Othello:

Comment from: Grace X
Date: May 21, 2012

Othello honey, you make any comment seem inadequate. Mother Mary, you can
write a story. I have to thank you so much for putting in each and every detail I
asked for, and stirring them up into something so hot it makes me feel faint for
pity's sake. My lifelong dream of being in an XXX Bond Novel is now fulfilled.
Killed by Oddjob's hat...taken by are truly something. I hope
thank you will suffice. Cause otherwise I am speechless.

XX Grace

Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: May 21, 2012


I have been waiting for the return of you chapters, and was not disappointed, the
word brilliant is often over used, but my friend it fits perfectly for this story.

As always thank you for making this site so interesting, and putting forth the
works of a professional writer, so the rest of us can see how its done.

Thank you my friend I truly loved this story.


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: May 21, 2012

Savage Sensual Satisfaction!

Very romantic.

A lovely sensual end to Grace, duped, dipped and dicked, to return your phrase.

A great ending scene, the vision of the two bodies, laying across the bed, staring
eyes, dangling hair, with tempting half open mouths.

I would love to that scene.

Well done, Othello.

A fitting end to the dark eyed, black hearted temptress.

I fell in love  with your dialog, the smart alec patronizing mouth of Grace to the
polite calm responses of AG.  Just as Ian would have wrote it.

Satire is golden.

Comment from: Robert
Date: June 2, 2012

Othello, you are a writer (par excellence) with some great ideas. I love the
recurrent theme here that seductive villainess Grace X dies over and over again,
only to return in another of an open ended sequence of stories/incarnations.
You've really got her character NAILED.

Quite inescapably, I couldn't help but recognize who the Korean was tailored
after. Even before reading your mention that the character was taken from Ian
Flemming's book, not the movie, there was amply enough of Professor Toru
Tanaka's (Charles Kalani Junior's) character, Mr. Oddjob - Incidentally I saw the
movie but never read that particular novel. You had his persona, inclusive of
mannerisms, nailed to a T. Yes, and we all know what sort of odd jobs that
Oddjob did! The man seemed unstoppable! Before seeing him electrocuted, I
could not imagine how even the great James Bond could possibly dispatch him
but we all knew that the contest was coming.

I know he'd have been old but hadn't known that sadly, Charles Kalani died of
heart failure in 2000 (While on the subject, I couldn't help but update my
personal knowledge base). He used to be a regular guest on the Johnny Carson

Back to Grace X, after reading your magnificent portrayal, I can now very well
imagine her as a Bond super-villainess. To say the very least in these portrayals,
she certainly comes off as sufficiently predatory and treacherous. Apt to pounce
on a bare moment's notice, she has that catlike knack for making the quick kill.
One should never lower their guard in her presence but quite frankly, precious
few of us would be a match with our guards up!

Comment from: Othello
Date: June 2, 2012

Thanks everyone. Sorry I have not been back to thank you all for your gracious
responses to this story sooner.

Grace, I'm so glad that the tale pleased you. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed
brainstorming it with you. The enthusiasm and passion that you bring to all you
do is just pure inspiration.

Nighthawk, Moon Shiner, Robert, I appreciate your insightful comments so much.
It is so satisfying to write in the company of my peers, who understand the wild
joys of taking up the pen to attack the blank page. I salute you all.


Comment from: Robert
Date: June 3, 2012

Othello, you are indeed modest in calling all of us your peers. I won't speak for
the others but I don't quite fancy myself as being a writer of your caliber. Thanks
for the compliment though. I appreciate it (smiles).