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The Jackals by Nighthawk

The rooms darkness was broken by the red flickering neon letters that hung outside the window, from
the rusty sign bolted to the faded bricks, of the hotel Lorelei, blinking on and off, casting a red glow on
the two bodies that lay on the bed entwined, their moment of lust interrupted by two small balls of

His to the back of the head, hers between her eyes, an instant before her scream. She looked puzzled
laying there, her dulling eyes questioning, Grace stood looking around the room, at the torn wall paper
and soiled carpet, a hell of a place to die she thought, the cheap bastard  could have taken her to a
nicer place, for her last fuck, a slight frown on her face.

Going through the Romanian’s pants pockets, searching for the packet, that she knew he had, finally
finding it tucked away in his jacket, she didn’t touch anything of the young girls, she was just a pawn in
the game, she got mixed up with the wrong man, whose thievery got her killed.

Grace tried to open the window to rid the small room of the smell of gunpowder that lingered, although
she loved the smell, there was no use of bringing curious noses to investigate, but as with everything
at the hotel Lorelei, the window frames were old, and these were swelled shut, they wouldn’t budge.

She looked around the musty room, making sure that she didn’t leave anything behind, glancing back
at the girl, she saw that her eyes were now completely dull, a tiny stream of blood settling in to the
corner of the left one, Grace whispered sorry honey I wish you hadn’t been here, then walked to the
door, easing it open, and closed it quietly behind her.

She walked down the three flights of stairs, a sailor and his fifty dollar an hour girlfriend, paused to let
her pass, the sailor forgetting all about the whore, watched Grace’s ass wiggle in her short black skirt,
as she glided out of sight.

Henry was at his desk waiting for her to return, a fat greedy little man who sat behind the thick diamond
shaped squares of wire, bolted to the flyspecked  wall, that served as protection from all of the flotsam
of life, that passed through the once elegant doors of the Lorelei, shutting out all of the thief’s,
potheads, pimps, and whores that make up the clientele of the once proud hotel.

Henry ran his tongue over his chapped lips, as he saw her turn the corner, his greedy mind forming
the amount that he thought he could hold her up for, over and above what she had already given him,
after all murder should bring a higher price then two hundred dollars.

Grace eased up to the counter, and handed back the key, his greedy little eyes, checked her over, a
grin on his face that made him look more hideous then friendly,

The little man snickered, asking her if she liked the room, touching her as he took the key from her
hand, Grace pulled her hand back wiping it on her hip, and heard him say……tell Rainey I need more
then two hundred, he turned to hang the key back on the pegged board. When he turned back to face
her, a figure of money dancing in his head, he saw that he now faced the silenced end of her pistol.

He stuttered out no-no just once……will maybe you want to tell Rainey about your problem yourself
then, Grace said, staring at him, wanting to wipe the little man off of the face of the earth.

She watched as he backed up with nowhere to go, his hands out in front of him, nervously pleading for
his worthless life, she laughed as he wet himself, telling him, you will not breath another word of this,
or I will be back, you’ll turn one day, and see me standing with my gun, but I won’t put it away the next
time, you do understand don’t you?

Henry nodded his head yes, the color starting to return to his face. Grace lazily twisted the silencer off,
saying sweetly, thank you Henry, then put the pistol and silencer in her small handbag, turned and
walked out the door.

Did you get it? Rainey demanded, as Grace settled in the front seat, she looked at him, for a moment,
before saying, will of course I did, you didn’t think I would? I’m the best, that’s what you wanted right?
The best, will that’s what you got baby.

Turning in her seat, leaning over and kissing him on his lips, her hand on his chest, whispering sexily
in his ear, take me somewhere and fuck me, you know how horny I get when I kill.

He said the packet first, holding his hand out, grumbling the greasy little bastard thought he could
steal from me, Grace turned in her seat, pouting asking him, since when do I have to beg you to fuck

Rainey smiled at her, sorry love he said, my mind is else where, and gently put his hand on her thigh,
his little finger grazing the hem of her panties, Grace brought his hand back to cup her fully, when he
started to remove it, and smiled up at  him, we had better hurry then she laughed, before I explode all
over the bottom of your seat.


Rainey found her living off the streets, two blocks past the glitz of Broadway, just a skinny kid,
eighteen years old when he first saw her, it was her eyes that drew him to her, they seemed to be
calling to him…..take me and I’ll be yours forever.

He recruited her, taught her all that he knew, and she was a star pupil, Grace grew more beautiful each
day, and he fell in love for the first time in his life, he wanted someone to hold, to care for, Rainey, isn’t
a good man, he’s a beast, but she is good for him, in the quiet times when they hold each other, its
almost as if their normal.

And their far from normal, their thief’s and killers, they sell themselves out to the highest bidder,
assassins for a price, they call themselves the Jackals

Grace can pass for either Latino or Italian, of which her parents were one of each, and she is fluent in
both languages, it helps in the barrio and little Italy, her talent is to ferret out information, she is a spy,
not for governments, but for Rainey.

But she is the best there is, at what she does, she is also a woman, with needs, her smoldering brown
eyes, beg to be taken, and Rainey has never disappointed her, as he held her hand dragging her
through the open doorway of the ritzy hotel room.

The only thing that was of interest for them both, in the spacious room was the large round bed, they
were undressing each other the second that the door closed to the outside world.

Their lips together, tongues dancing in each others mouths, Grace could feel his hardness as she
pressed her body into his, their clothing marking a trail on the thick carpet, they were both ready, there
was no need for foreplay, as they made it to the silky sheets, all that separated them now were his
shorts, and her whisper thin panties.
Rainey lifted her off her feet placing her gently on top of the waiting bed, his mouth hungrily finding
her engorged nipples, as she spread her legs, arching when he entered.

Her legs entwined around his waist her arms holding him close, as his throbbing shaft penetrated
deeply, she was so hot it was only moments before she exploded in sheer ecstasy, bringing her to her
first climax, Grace let the whole world know how good it felt, her screams of fulfillment leaving no
question to anyone who passed the room, of what was transpiring behind the closed door.

Rainey was far from done, slowly building up to his own climax, bringing her along with him, until they
were both suspended in their own little slice of heaven.

After a moment of rest, his lips found her breasts once again, lingering at each nipple, sucking and
nipping tenderly until they stood stiff and hard, his tongue tracing ever widening circles, his head
moving downward, finding her belly button,  laying kisses in a row, until he reached her moistened lips,
his hand’s cupped under her ass, lifting her to him.

His tongue parting her, greedily exploring her hidden treasures, unfolding the petals of her rose,
entering her, probing deeply, bringing her to the edge of yet another fulfillment.

Rainey was rock hard again, entering her with one swift movement, plunging into his full depth, Grace
whimpered in pleasure as he fucked her, she finally sank into her pillow, her eyes rolling into the back
of her head, as she climaxed for the third time of the short stay.

Then they rested, cuddled together, whispering into each others ears like lovers do, knowing that they
had the room for the rest of the night.


What they didn’t know was that the Romanian’s girlfriend, who was found laying on her back, with a
bullet hole in her forehead, and an unanswered question on her dead face, was Teo Agafitei’s
granddaughter, Sabina Bochinsky, Teo is the head of the octopus, an operation whose tentacles
reached around the world, he is the crime lords, crime lord, ruthless, powerful, he ruled with a closed
fist, and his reach was world wide.

It seems that Sabina had fell in love with the young Romanian, and against her grandfathers orders saw
him anywhere she could, even in the dregs of the likes of the Lorelei.

At this moment Henry was sitting tied to a chair in the basement of Teo’s expensive office complex,
singing loudly, they couldn’t shut him up, and he once again pissed his pants in his fright.

There were people searching for them as Grace and Rainey pleasured each other, they were going to
die, but not fast, their death would be slow.


It was just a few hours before their car was found, and men were waiting as they came out of the hotel
hand in hand, there’s something about sexual fulfillment that makes a woman glow, and Grace was
absolutely radiant, the men who waited breathed in deeply, as they saw her smiling eyes, and the curve
of her hips.

She was laughing looking up at Rainey when two men came up rapidly behind them, another two
stepped out to their front, Grace’s training and reflexes kicked in, when she felt the gun shoved in her
back, she moved backward her right elbow and left foot connecting at almost the same time.

The sharp point of her elbow slamming into his Adams apple and her high heel on the arch of his foot.

She twisted around grabbing his gun hand, as he was struggling to breath, twisting it to point at the
other man behind Rainey, her finger pushed into the trigger guard squeezing it three times, watching
the skinny black man who had been turning to face her, with shock on his face, spin away clutching his
stomach, and falling withering on the ground.

Her next movement was slamming the heel of her palm into the bottom of the gasping mans nose,
shoving the hard cartilage into his brain, grabbing the gun out of his hand, as he fell backwards dead.

Twisting wide eyed to face the two men that had been in front, when Rainey yelled, DON’T
SHOOT……THEIR DOWN! And grabbed her hand, then both started running to his car, what the fuck was
that all about she said, her face flushed with excitement, he just shook his head, saying I don’t fucking
know, but we’re going to find out.

They drove to a place that only they knew about, Rainey stopping only once to pick up a throw away cell
phone, tossing both of theirs in a road side ditch, Grace saw something different about him, a worry
that she had never seen before, and if Rainey was worried, she knew they were in some very deep shit.


Rainey had known one of the men, that now lay dead, he had given the Jackals a hit to do three months
back, and knew that he was one of Teo Agafitei’s capos, if Teo sent his men with drawn guns to get
them, life was going to be very short, and Rainey wasn’t ready to die just yet.

Leaving Grace in the cabin, Rainey drove by himself calling a number of someone he knew, not a
friend, as Rainey had no friends, but someone in the know, someone that could maybe help for a price.

Jamie he asked, what does Teo want with me?

Rainey my friend Jamie said his Brazilian accent strong, where are you?

I’m in fucking Brazil, what the fuck do you care where I am, what does Teo want with me?

Why he wants you dead of course, but he wants to be the one to kill you.

Why?  What the fuck did I do?

Will you see my friend, you went and killed his granddaughter. Put a bullet in her head you did, and Teo
wants his revenge.

Oh fuck Rainey said, the girl with the Romanian? Yes that’s the one.

That wasn’t me, that was Grace.

At this point Jamie said, I don’t know that it will matter.

Ok how much do you want, to plead my case? He asked.

Oh my friend a lot, Jamie chuckled, maybe more than you have, Teo wants his pound of flesh, and I
would rather it be your flesh then mine, wire me a million in this account, the Marlene County bank  #
1900074113 in an hour and call me back.

Wait a minute……Wait a minute, I don’t have a million. He yelled, Rainey was sweating for the first time
in his life, talking to the buzzing of his dead phone.

He decided to talk to Teo and beg for mercy, he never got to talk to the man himself, but he talked to
his nephew, explaining that the Romanian stole from him, and he sent Grace to get it back.

She killed her I didn’t even know about it until just a few minutes ago, he lied.

They wanted her, telling him if he brought her to them he could walk away, Rainey wanted assurances,
and was told to take the offer or leave it, but if he wasn’t there in an hour, all bets were off, the
nephew said, telling  him you will be found, and you will both die.


Rainey drove slowly down the dirt road, until the cabin came into view, he opened the door as Grace
rushed into his arms, he held her tightly telling her that it was over, it was all a mistake, its now settled,
standing back smiling at her.

But we need to see some people, it turns out that all they wanted was to offer us a job, and their really
impressed with your talents, and held her tightly to him once again.

She said what’s the matter? Cocking her head, her bedroom eyes looking deeply into his soul, he lied,
telling her, they want you to do a job for them, and its risky is all, you know how I worry about you, and
smiled, saying come on we have to meet with them now, and rushed her out the door.

They parked in the underground garage, Rainey turned to her saying, Grace I’m sorry, and placed his
gun to her side, the car was surrounded by men with drawn guns, he said I had no choice it was either
you, or the both of us, his voice calm and cold.

They hauled her out of the car, she was struggling trying to fight, until they zapped her with a taser, her
knees buckled and Rainey watched as they drug her away, then got back into the car and drove out of
the garage, feeling the warmth of the sunlight, after the dim light and shadows of the underground.


Grace awoke tied to a straight-backed wooden chair, her head lifted, looking into the face of a older
man, who was tall and ruggedly handsome, she looked around her, her eyes growing accustomed to
the dim light of the room, she saw that Henry sat just a few feet from her, his dull eyes looking into
hers, a bloody hole between them.

The older man slapped her telling her, look at me bitch, and when she did he slapped her again, do you
know who I am he snarled, Grace just looked at him, until he hit her again, then said, just another
asshole in my life, and was hit for her reply.

I’m Teo Agafitei, you already met my granddaughter Sabina,…….Grace said groggily who?

And was hit again, you put a bullet in her beautiful head, you fucking bitch, now do you remember her,
Grace did remember, knowing now why she was here, she said you shouldn’t have let her fuck such a
worthless worm then, you got her killed just as much as I did.

Grace woke up when the bucket of water was thrown into her bloody face, he stood his knuckles torn
and bloody, telling her if you were a man I’d cut your cock off and shove it in your mouth, but this will
have to do instead, nodding to the man behind her.

The man forced her out of the chair and to her knees, Grace felt as the cord tightened around her
throat. She tried to turn, to rise, to fight but two others held her on her knees, her mouth opened to try
to breath in fresh air, Teo picked that time to shove his cock into her mouth, and as far down her
closed throat as he could.

She wanted to bite down, but she couldn’t, she could only concentrate on trying to breath, she felt the
darkness closing in, her eyes lost their focus, her lungs burned as she desperately tried to bring air
into them.

Her body trembled and wanted to fall but they wouldn’t let her, her fingers twitched, her legs shook
with trimmers, her head was tilted back, by the force of the cord her tongue ejected out of her gaping
mouth, Teo‘s cum dripping off of the tip.

Grace’s face was stained with froth, tears seeped out of her brown eyes, she was moments away from
not coming back.

Then the cord was eased and she gasped, bringing fresh air into her burning lungs, trying to spit out
Teo’s cum, the black dots that were in front of her eyes started to clear, and the ringing in her ears
dimmed, Teo grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him, asking how did that fill bitch?

He leaned over whispering in her ear, your not going to be so lucky to die that fast, and they lifted her
to sit once again, three times the coil around her neck tightened, three times they brought her back
from the brink.

Grace no longer cared what happened, she was exhausted, her body just wanted to sleep, although
she knew she would never wake up again, she tried to talk, and Teo leaned over to listen to her last
words, she said I’ll see you in hell, you little piss ant, as the cord was tightened for the last time.

The last moments of her life she felt herself climax, she fleetingly thought of Rainey, then it all ended,
as they let her body finally fall.


Three months after Grace was found in a weed filled ditch, Rainey was walking to his car, a beautiful
young woman with dark brown eyes walked up behind him, lifted her gun, pointing it behind his head.

She said Teo sends his regards and pulled the trigger, an instant before his life ended  Rainey thought
of Grace, then everything turned black.

A story by Nighthawk
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Questions, comments, or feedback:

Comment from: egeek
Date: July 1, 2012

I wish I can say I love that type of story theme. Sadly I cant. However I want to
take the time to comment on the details giving on how Grace was strangled and
left. The emotions that she felt before she succumbed to her fate. I love that
karma played a part in the story. What I also really love is the image created for
this story. I love the old black and white feel it gives. Like a front of a book cover.
A vintage feel. A nice good old fashion revenge story.

Comment from Grace X
Date: July 1, 2012

Yes EG you totally hit the nail on the head with the importance of the emotions
portrayed by me before surrendering to death and the karmic elements of the
story! I could not have said it better. Vern honey, you excel at this. Your stories
have so much depth because you dig deep into the characters...their
personalities, and the appropriateness of their fates all brings your storytelling to
such a high level.

Of course this is my favorite genre, and I know you wrote it with that gift in mind
for me, Vern. That is just wonderful beyond words. And I think you excel at the
clockwork-like storytelling in spy tales.

Oh, and I love the artwork accompanying this story you say EG, it's like a
vintage sexy noir book cover. I wish I could take credit for it! But I guess it is just
the volunteers who work on the design elements of Chris' site doing their usual
tremendous job. Well done!

Most of all Vern honey, I loved the way you portrayed me as tough and
unrelenting to the last...on the brink of death, my last words being "I'll see you in
hell, you little piss ant." (and then of course my climax before death...thank you

The fact is, you are one of the few writers who can totally fill me up with sexual
feelings just by the power of words in your stories and characters. That is just
beyond awesome.

love always,

Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: July 3, 2012

EG, I really like the cover picture my self, who ever did that did a wonderful job
on it.

I would hate to think how many detective books, and magazines I have read over
the years, but believe it or not my favorite thing to read is history.

Thanks for stopping by my friend, and reading the story, I am sorry that the
theme isn't your cup of tea,

But thanks for your comment.


Grace, you are right I did write this for you. And if your the only one that it would
ever please, then it is so well worth the labor of love that was put into it.

I read once by someone who wrote that each novel he finished was like letting
go of his child.

I feel that also, on a much smaller scale then I'm sure he did. Because a part of
me is in every story that I write.

I love writing about you, and sometime maybe I'll do you justice. Grace thank you
for all of the kindness that you have shown me.

All of your words of encouragement, they mean so much.


Comment from: Eyes
Date: July 3, 2012

it was the quintessential 'big mistake collateral damage'.  even though we knew
Rainey and Graces ultimate fate the backdrop and scenic descriptions are able
to fill our senses to the point of being a removed third party at the scene
watching the drama unfold.  i could almost hear the grunts as Grace was kicking
ass.  i luved quick synopsis of Grace's recruitment. made me think 'what was her
story b4 meeting Rainey'.  had she killed b4? what caused her to seek and
accept her new role in the Jackals - unaccepting mother, abusive dad - oh the
possibilities.  maybe a flashback while she is learning the trade from Rainey -
dad with a very large knife shoved between his ribs, mom with a plastic bag, taut
over her head depicting a shocking expression?  kewl story Nighthawk.

Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: July 8, 2012


I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to your comment, I hurt myself a
few days ago, and its been hard doing the things I want to do.

I am very happy that you liked the story, and I'm glad that the short back ground
info, on Grace in this story, sent your mind wandering.

As you know as a writer yourself, that is a very nice compliment, and I thank you
for it.


Comment from: Grace X
Date: July 10, 2012

Vern honey, are you okay? When I saw you mention that you hurt yourself, my
heart skipped a beat! I hope it is nothing serious, love!