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Conspiracy Code

by Astrokill (with consultation from Grace X)

Estimated Film Length:  25 - 30 minutes

Grace or similar actress (Conspiracy Assassin)

Chris Brown or similar actor (Elite Private Investigator)

1 gun
1 Living room table
1 Sofa
1 Black Purse
1 Card of a Triangle Surrounding an Eye
2 Cell phones
2 Empty Beer Bottles
1 Waste Basket

Grace - seductive tight red dress, black lace bra, black lace thong panty, black thigh high boots
Chris - Casual Dress Shirt, Jeans, Casual Shoes.

Living Room

Act 1

A couple comes through the doors of a living room, they are drunk, happy and full of laughter.  They
are holding two empty beer bottles.  Grace is carrying a purse.

The couple, continuing to laugh, stumble to the sofa, with a table across the sofa.  Grace places the
purse close to her in the sofa.

They continue to laugh.

Chris (smiling):  I'm glad I met you in the bar!  I've had a stressful week.  I'm telling you, the pressure
was getting to me, until I met you.

Grace gives a knowing stare and a smile.  She looks at him with rapturous attention.

Grace (breathing and talking seductively):  Honey, I'm glad to have met you too, there's pressure in my
work too...I want to unwind...with you.

Chris smiles, and looks at her.  They both throw their beer bottles into the waste basket next to the

They kiss.

Grace kisses Chris more passionately than Chris intended.  Surprised, he tries to kiss her more, but
Grace aggressively pushes him away.  She smiles, and sits on his lap.  Her teasing smile makes Chris
look at her eyes.

She giggles and pushes Chris's back to the sofa.  She takes off her dress, revealing a sexy black bra
and black panty set.

She kisses Chris again, and Chris succumbs to her passionate kisses.  Grace is aggressive...stronger
than Chris in her kisses.

She then takes off her bra.  Grace and Chris kiss again on the lips, and Chris kisses her slowly to her
neck, her chest, and finally kisses her breasts and nipples.

Grace sighs and moans.  

More breast and nipple kissing occurs, and Grace's hands touch Chris's pants in the penis area.  

Grace:  It's hard...

Grace then rubs her hands on her thong panty in the pussy area.  She then gets up from Chris's lap
and starts to remove her panties.

Grace is nude, except her boots, and happy.  She jumps to Chris's lap playfully, and Chris responds
with an "Oh!" in a playful fashion.

Act 2:  

In a sex scene, Grace then unzips Chris's pants to reveal an engorged penis.  She slips the penis
inside of her.    

Grace bounces up and down, shaking her breasts up and down.  Her breasts jiggle in ecstasy, and her
moans match her breasts in excitement.  Grace is enjoying herself, whereas Chris is trying his best to
keep up.  Grace bounces more vigorously, screaming with the pleasure she is having.  Chris, on the
other hand, is pressured to keep up again.  Grace finally orgasms loudly, and she releases herself
from Chris after she receives an orgasm.  Chris looks frustrated, he did not get an orgasm.  All he got
was a hard on.

Act 3:

Grace:  That was fun.

Chris (still frustrated and now flustered):  Do you want to do it again?

Grace:  No, no.  I have to recover..

Chris looks disappointed.

Grace:  What was pressuring you, anyway?

Chris:  Oh, nothing much, I was witness to a murder I shouldn't have seen.  There was a calling card
that identified the murderer.

Grace (listening intently):  Uh-huh.

Chris:  And I have to testify tomorrow.   But I think the murderers are very wealthy and influential.

Grace:  Uh-huh.

Grace then gets up, still nude, still wearing her boots, she grabs her purse and takes out a card with
the other hand.

Grace (smiling wickedly):  Did the calling card look like this?

Grace reveals to Chris a triangle surrounding an eye.

Chris is shocked.

Chris:  How did you know?  Wait, you're one of them!

Chris gets up and Grace kicks him back to the sofa.  Grace throws the card to the floor, with the
calling card facing the ceiling.  She takes out a gun from the purse and aims it at Chris.  She takes out
a cell phone from the purse, and she drops the purse to the floor.

Grace presses a button on her cell, implying a speed-dial.

Grace (talking to cell while aiming gun at Chris):  Hello, I got him.  Yes, yes.  He's as good as dead.  

Grace closes the cell and throws it to the floor.

Grace:  I'll have to take you out.

Chris raises his hands.

Chris:  I won't tell anyone.

Grace:  Too late.  But first... a little pleasure before I kill you.

Chris tries to get up, but Grace kicks him down, and pins him to the sofa with her leg.  Her boot is
between Chris's legs, and she is putting her foot down very harshly.

Grace (still evilly smiling):  If you try to get up, I'll crush your manly parts.

Grace then masturbates herself with the gun.  She first kisses the gun and licks it as if it was a penis.  
Then she places her gun between her legs, masturbating herself on it.  She still pinning Chris down to
the sofa with her leg.  She masturbates slowly, then wildly.  Her moans become louder and louder and
more intense.

As the gun goes faster and faster between her legs, it also goes deeper and deeper into her pussy,
and she can't contain anymore.  She screams in orgasm, her final orgasm.  She closes her eyes...and
Chris sees an opportunity.

Act 4:

Chris grabs her gun and throws it away, somewhere to the room.  Grace turns and tries to grab it.

Meanwhile, Chris sees her panties that are on the floor and grabs the panties while grabbing Grace.

Chris twists the panties into a garrote.

He strangles Grace.  Dragging himself and Grace back to the sofa.

The camera angle is then on Grace on top of Chris.

Grace's look is one of dismay, and her hands try desperately to remove her garrote.

Her legs wildly thrash and go up and down, as if she were about to stand up.  Chris is roughly
strangling her, grinding his teeth.  His face is read with desperation, and anger.  He is also unleashing
the frustration that he did not have an orgasm with her.  He will have to rectify that later.

Grace continues to thrash her legs while the garrote is biting deep into her neck.  Her tongue sticks
out, gasping for air.  Her hands are no longer working.  Her arms thrash at her neck, but hands have
nothing to hold onto.

Grace's body starts to sweat.  Her body glistens on the light, her very efforts making her body
sweatier and sexier.

Her arms are weakly going up and down now.  Her eyes go  wide, and her tongue still sticks out.  Rapid
breathing makes her chest go up and down, her breasts jiggle in the same up and down direction.  
Her legs move weakly.

Finally her arms give out.  She slumps her arms.  Her legs still move, weakly.  Her chest turns
sideways left to right in a rapid motion, jiggling her sweaty breasts left and right.  Her legs still

Finally, her chest gives out, her chest is still.  Her legs twitch.

Grace's legs then twitches, her body then vibrates rapidly.

Her legs stiffen.  Her toes curl up.  Her arms stiffen. There is a surprised look on Grace's face.  She is
orgasming.  In a hard manner.  It was the most intense orgasm of her life.  Her pelvis responds to the
orgasm, thrusting up three times.  Her sweaty body drips sweat.

Her legs relax and then is still.  Her pelvis relaxes, followed by her chest. Her arms are limp at last. Her
eyes relax, looking away.  Her face turns to her left. Her tongue still sticking out, lolls to the side to
her left.  

Her face is a look of defeat.

Act 5:

Chris relaxes his intense grip.  He sighs aloud, wiping sweat off of his forehead.

He throws Grace's sweaty mess of a body to the sofa.  He gets up and splays Grace's body, entranced
with Grace and looking at her body in lust.

Chris: are hot.

Chris then takes out his penis and fucks Grace's body in the sofa missionary style.

It is a rough, hard and vigorous fuck.  He shakes Grace's body, jiggling her breasts up and down,
pushing her body back and forth, rocking her body.  After several minutes of fucking her, he is still
unsatiified.  Grace's face is still looking away...

He places Grace's body in a doggie style position on the living room table, and fucks her there,
rocking the table, and Grace's arms move left and right in response.   Grace's face is still looking

And finally, he throws her back to the sofa, and fucks her missionary style again.  He shakes Grace's
body, jiggling her breasts up and down, pushing her body back and forth, rocking her body.  There are
several minutes of fucking her.  Grace's face is still looking away...

And finally, Chris lets out a sigh and spills his semen to Grace's pussy and chest.  

Her beauty is finally marked with a man's treasure.  The white color of the semen contrasts and
compliments Grace's exotic skin.  

To receive one more orgasm, Chris receives a necro BJ from Grace as well.  Grace's warm, inviting
tongue and mouth envelopes his engorged cock.  He sighs yet again, and the result, we see, is semen
spilling and pouring out of Grace's mouth, her tongue still lolling to her left.  

Chris then picks up the panty garrote and stuffs it to Grace's mouth.

Act 6:

With Grace's humiliated body in the background, Christ takes out a cell from his pocket.  He dials a

Chris (serious tone):  The conspiracy tried to kill me, they sent a female terrorist assassin.  Yes, she's
dead.  I had a little fun with her afterwards.

Chris picks up Grace's cell.

Chris (still talking):  I have more evidence of the conspiracy.  See you later.

Act 7:

Chris walks away from the scene.

We then see Grace's body.

The camera pans her lonely dead semen-soaked body at this pose. Her face, her breasts, her nipples,
her chest, her pussy, her thighs, and her feet from all angles. And then slowly again vice-versa. And
then again, her face, her breasts, her nipples, her chest, her pussy, her thighs, and her feet from a
different angle.  

We then see her semen-soaked pussy.

We lastly see Grace's face.

And at the end...

We see the calling card of the conspiracy on the floor.

THE END?????
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Questions, comments, or feedback for
Astrokill and Grace:

Comment from: Grace X
Date: February 12, 2012

Astro honey, you are in so many ways my scriptwriting idol. In my personal
collection of necro films, the ones you have written are my favorites, the ones I
return to again and again and again. So working up this story with you was a
little like hanging out with one of my cool is that! And I totally love
this. Thank you for including so many of my suggestions, you are so gracious
along with your awesome talent.

I hope Chris might be interested in making this (even making it a series, to take
the place of my gone but not forgotten Sex and Murder League!). That would be
so exciting!


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: February 23, 2012


A very exciting and erotic turn about.  The dark eyed, double crossing,
dangerous  dame, gets her reward.

I agree with Grace X, I hope Chris will consider this one.

I learn something every time I see your professional work.


Comment from: Othello
Date: February 13, 2012

Astrokill, this is a great opening episode for a Grace and Moon
Shiner, I hope Chris considers it for a film (more than one film!). I am always
impressed by your ability with a script -- the action is always clear and the
dialogue solid...your sense of dramatic pacing is second to none.

And of course the fact that it "stars" our beloved bad girl Grace makes it a pure

Well done!

Comment from: Astrokill
Date: February 17, 2012

Oh wow, thanks everyone!  I've been busy with work throughout the week, your
positive comments lifted my spirits up!  : )  I hope Chris considers this script too,
it's pretty neat!