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by Fleming (with consultation from Grace X)

No matter how often he gazed upon her he never failed to feel the slightest bit overwhelmed with
her beauty and each time he did so he was reminded of how lucky he had been to have her in his
life and more importantly...his bed.

What a vision he thought to himself as he ran his eyes over her were she stood by the window of
the bedroom watching the busy street below with intrigue, studying her appearance in minute
detail as he so often found himself doing when they had a few moments alone without anything to
do, she to him was entirely perfect.

The silky hair that reached below the shoulders that was as black as the night and the pouty heart
shaped lips adorned with the shade of roses were the very promise of earthly delights and
pleasure especially when flashing that irresistible wicked killer smile of hers.
The long, shapely legs embraced in sheer, thigh-high nylon stockings seemed designed to be
coiled around a man's waist in passion and the firm, round buttocks were truly the stuff of dreams
as were her firm breasts, two pillows as soft and as inviting as any he'd ever know, a better rest
for his head he had ever known.

Her generously proportioned curvaceous figure and slender waist were lovingly displayed and yet
playfully concealed by the short red dress sheathing her body like the lethal weapon it was.

The cleavage was provocatively teased by the low hanging dress and whenever she bent or stood
at certain angles the straps of her garter belt would peek out from under the hem as if to say hi
there wanna play? The six inch stiletto heels of her deep red strappy heels gave her some added
height and with it a sense of majesty as she stood nearly as tall as he was, a fact he appreciated as
there were few things he found more hindering in the act of love making than a substantial
differential in height, he disliked to stoop while kissing.

As dearly as he adored all these traits of her beauty non was his favorite, that honor belonged to
the ever growing allure of her dazzling and mischievous eyes. Hidden behind her black rimmed
spectacles that brought out their wide dark pupils her radiant brown eyes sparkled with life, lust
and desire, they were eyes made for the bedroom, eyes that held just the tiniest bit of mystery.

What a truly ravishing creature Grace was Fleming thought to himself with a beat, it was such a
shame it would all be over soon but as he had been firmly reminding himself all morning, orders
were orders and if there was one thing he did well it was follow orders.

“It shan't be long now I think my love, I daresay she'll be here any moment now.” Grace said as she
turned from the window sporting that legendary smile of hers. Fleming could detect a faint hint of
excitement in her voice, not all that surprising he thought, she always got excited before a kill.
He watched with the same sort of affection as a husband might observe his wife knitting or
tending to their child as Grace sashay over to where her purse lay on the bed, wiggling her tight
buttocks as she moved, and with an almost girlish enthusiasm she fished out her small .22 pistol
whistling good naturedly as she threaded the long, thin suppressor onto its muzzle.

Watching Grace preparing for a kill was to Fleming what watching their lovers undress for sex was
to most men, he loved it and it had always excited and pleased him in equal measures but today
was different, knowing it was to be the last time he'd ever get to see this left a bad taste in his
mouth. It was so unfair he thought, why of all people had the powers to be decided Grace was
expendable, it seemed so pointless, so wasteful and dare he think it, insane. But as he kept
reminding himself orders were orders and he'd be damned if he'd disobey, the very notion of
betraying his duty to his government gave him chills, least of all for such a selfish thing as love...
if that was in fact what he and Grace had together could be called.

“She's coming...”Grace whispered excitedly as the sound of a key being inserted into the look of
the front door of the apartment caught her ear and like a little girl tip-toeing downstairs on
Christmas night in the hopes of spying Santa Claus as he plopped the presents under the tree,
she moved across the bedroom, taking up position directly in front of the door, her .22 trained on
the door in anticipation.

The sound of the front door slammed shut thundered across the apartment and almost instantly
the stomping of high heeled boots followed. For whatever reason the girl was in a foul mood and
regrettably what awaited her in the bedroom was most unlikely to brighten her day much, Fleming
thought to himself as the stomping drew nearer. He could practically feel the suspense pulsating
from Grace as her hand tightened around the butt of the gun pointed at the bedroom door, her
finger stroking the trigger with impatience and he knew that if she wouldn't get some release for
her excitement soon she'd ruin a perfectly good door.

Luckily for the door the wait was a short one and within a moment the handle turned and as the
door and wall separated a gorgeous young blond with bright blue eyes and full pink lips appeared
in the doorway, the look of utter shock etched in her beautiful young face upon discovering the
surprise fate had in store for her. What exquisite beauty Fleming thought to himself as a pang of
regret that such a delicate flower had been chosen by deaths plan, her charms were intoxicating
and second only to Grace's. Her youth was tragic he thought given what was about to happen, not
a day over twenty five he guessed and what a looker, surely her beauty was a sin to squander... a
luscious, tall figure befitting a lingerie model, the face of an angel and the curves of a temptress.
The rising and falling of her large breasts as she hyperventilated in fear was almost hypnotic,
straining the buttons holding her white blouse together and so was the quivering of her long legs
as she literally shook in her knee-high black leather boots.

The ocean blue eyes widened in fear and confusion as she saw the gun in Grace's hand and a cold
shiver passed down her back as it dawned on her that it was being aimed at her... “Who are you,
what are you doing here?” The girl squealed in terror as she took a step backwards, her hands
inadvertently rising up as her mind raced with thoughts of flight. “Please... I...I have money, you
can have it all...j...just don't... hurt me...”She whimpered desperately as Grace stepped forward a
step, her killer smile wider than ever. “Sorry love, we're already getting paid and I don't think
you're gonna be able to match the figure.” Grace said matter-of-factly as her thumb cocked back
the .22's hammer. With a soft moan the hope drained from the girl's face and Fleming could see
her spirit give way to acceptance... what a brave little girl he thought with a sigh.

“Ugghhh...” The girl gasped as the .22 in Grace's hand coughed and instantly her hands moved
over the small blotch of blood forming around the neat hole on her blouse just above the
waistband of her skirt. Her eyes shining with the painful shock of her own mortality the girl
staggered backwards haphazardly as the blood spilling from her belly splashed onto the hands
clutching her moral wound. As her eyes followed the girls wobbly backwards stumble into the
living room Grace brought the smoking gun up to her grinning lips and with a pucker she blew the
wisp of smoke from the end of the suppressor. Her years of experience in the matters of death
told her she would have no need for a second shot. Wide-eyed and gripped with fear the girl
looked up from her blood-soaked belly and looked with sadness into her killers face, the
reflection of her own tortured grimace staring right back at her from the black rimmed spectacles
and with a groan her quivering lips asked the question burning on her mind...”Why?”

“Why not?” was the callous reply offered by Grace as she lowered the gun to her side, moving
closer still as to not miss a moment of the exquisite show happening before her and the girl did
not disappoint. With a horrible moan she doubled over in pain with her hands digging into her
stomach as the blood trickled through her clenched fingers and dribbled down onto the carpet at
her feet. The girl and her balanced parted ways as the knees of her long legs buckled and gave
way to her weight sending her crumbling to her knees as a mouthful of hot, sticky blood spat from
her lips with a cough, spilling all over her heaving breasts. Grace licked her rosy lips as the girl
toppled over onto her side like a felled tree and the moans of torment and suffering expelled from
her lips as she writhed in agony on the floor were like sweet music to her ears. Series of cold
shivers coursed through the girl's body as she squirmed, tears poured down her soft face and the
heels of her kicking boots dug deep into the carpet as they rubbed together.

Fleming watched intently as the girl struggled in vain on the floor, bravely battling the crippling
pain ravaging her young body as more and more of her blood poured onto the carpet she lay on,
the blood-smeared hands pressed against the wound doing little to slow its passage. “It might be
best to finish her.” He suggested to Grace who by now had crouched down besides the dying girl
as to take in the full experience of her slow death, the smell of her blood, the little manifestations
of pain etched in the features of her face, the look of true fear glimmering in her tearful eyes, she
loved it all. “And cut my fun short, I think not.” Grace replied with a dismissive wave of her hand,
her eyes narrowing on the girls face as the last ounces of strength vanished from her tan face as
the color drained from it.

“ hurts so....bad...” The girl pleaded through the dribbles of
blood oozing through her lips, the tearstained blue eyes staring into Grace's begging for mercy as
her writhing slowed and became little more than involuntary twitches. “Sorry I don't care for
wasting perfectly good bullets. She'll be dead quickly enough” Grace stated coldly as her eyes
followed a lone crimson stream running down from under the hem of the girls black skirt and down
the length of her bare thigh and onwards towards her boot. Just as Grace had predicted the girls
body soon stilled on the floor with a faint sigh as the hands fell down into the pool of blood
gathered beside as her head sank down into the carpet and the light in her eyes dimmed,
plunging them into darkness. She was dead.

“Oh darling wasn't that thrilling, I swear I’m all wet.” Grace announced as she reached out and
placed two fingers against the lifeless girl's neck finding to her pleasure no pulse, only the quiet
stillness of death.

“Well you better search her then, the boss was quite clear on wanting that flashdrive back.”
Fleming replied as he moved closer, his fingers brushing against his wristwatch, his hear racing
like that of a racehorse, it wouldn't be long now he thought to himself feeling torn between duty
and love. Grace didn't need to be told twice, fondling the corpses of the beautiful women she had
killed was one of her all time favored past times and this blond had been a particular delight.
Setting the .22 down on the floor besides the body she turned the limp body on its back and taking
care not to get blood on her dress or stockings she leaned in close, carefully running her hands
over the deceased girl’s delicate figure as she searched for the flashdrive that had cost the girl
her young life.

The girl’s breasts felt soft and wonderful to the touch, not on par with her own of course but
lovely all the same she thought to herself as she tore open the bloodstained white blouse and
slipped her hands inside the cups of the girl’s pink satin brassiere in the hope that she like so
many female spies had chosen her underwear to conceal things of value. Alas aside from a nice
pair of C cups the brassiere held no secrets of interest and so in true pioneer spirit Grace, tracing
her fingertips down the girl’s bloody abdomen, past the leaking hole below her deep navel and
underneath the short black skirt where it breached the barrier of her panties which she soon
discovered were filled with blood and regrettably no flashdrive.

As he followed his lover’s progress with the body in detail Fleming found himself getting aroused
and before long his trousers had shrunk considerably, the size of his manhood growing by the
second as Grace got down onto her knees and bent over the body so that her sexy, pert ass was
thrust into the air wiggling at him as if to beckon him... an accident or invitation? he wondered as
he loosened his tie to let the air running more smoothly.

Exhausting the last option left to her Grace unzipped the leather boots and yanked them off the
dead girl’s feet one by one leaving the corpse barefoot as she checked the stylish and very
expensive footwear, discovering to her immense pleasure the flashdrive as she held one of the
boots upside down and it came sliding out right into her awaiting palm.

“Well break out the champagne darling, looks like we've got cause to celebrate.” She said happily
as she handed him the flashdrive.

“That's great sweety and but what do you say we hit the road before some nosy neighbor comes
around and crashes the party. And besides I'm anxious to get you back to our hotel suite for that
celebrating.” He suggested as he accepted the flashdrive and tucked it away in his jacket pocket.

“Ooo I like the sound of that, you sure know how to treat a lady. I'll just get my purse from the
bedroom.” Grace agreed with enthusiasm as she moved towards the bedroom.

Her foot had barely crossed the threshold when the garrote wire from Fleming's watch flung over
her head and lopped itself tightly around her elegant swanlike neck, sealing off her supply of
oxygen with one swift jerk. Instantaneously her hands flew up to her distressed throat grabbing
hold of the thin wire as it dug itself deep into her skin.

“” She squealed in disbelief as she felt herself harshly
pulled back into her lovers strong arms, the strength of his grip on the garrote increased tenfold.

“I’m sorry baby but orders are orders, you understand.” Fleming hissed in her ear.

The panic in her brown eyes was unmistakable as the bulged in terror and shock, their anguish
magnified by the lenses of her spectacles as her bright red fingernails clawed in desperation at
the steel serpent coiled in a tight death grip around her neck, squeezing the breathe and by
extension the very life from her lungs which battled furiously in protest causing the full bosom to
bounce wildly, heaving like a pair of balls in a net, struggling to break free of their fabric

The high heels of Grace's strappy pumps wreaked havoc with the carpet, scratching and tearing it
up as her feet kicked madly on the floor during her frantic bid for freedom of the garrote's lethal
chokehold, occasionally ramming them hard into Fleming's shins but he merely bit down and
accepted the pain, he knew he deserved it for this despicable betrayal although his guilt was
lessened by each painful blow. Panting Fleming thrust his throbbing member forward to receive
the brunt of the pounding of Grace's shapely behind as she struggled and writhed up against him,
allowing it to caress his pole of manliness as she fought for her survival.

Abandoning the futile efforts to alleviate the pressure being applied to her fragile throat by the
garrote Grace reached backwards, hitting and scratching out for Fleming's face but years of
experience had taught him how to keep his distance without sacrificing position and her blind
blows struck nothing but air. Tiring of the effort Fleming gave the garrote a hard upwards yank in
the hope of putting an end to her pointless dance of death, hoisting Grace up off her feet several
inches into the air leaving her squirming from the makeshift noose like an fish dangling off a hook,
her feet twitching aimlessly in the air. The bright, colorful hue of her beautiful face was quickly
replaced by the bright red complexion of a ripe tomato and within moments the tongue had lolled
from her gaping mouth like an unfurled carpet wriggling pathetically down to the side as she tried
so desperately to suck in even the tiniest amounts of the sweet oxygen her body was being
starved off.

Fleming's hopes of putting an end to the struggle proved accurate as within a few short moments
the fight seemed to desert her, the kicking of her dangling feet was reduced to little more than
sporadic flops, the rising of her breasts slowed and even the arms who had fought so valiantly
dropped down at her sides where they hung limp like sausages on display in a butchers shop.
“That's it love, just relax and let it happen... go to sleep.” Fleming cooed into her ear as he felt a
shudder pass through her, knowing it wouldn't be long now. Grace's toes curled tightly inside her
shoes and her fingers twitched at her sides as a deep throated groan issued from the back of her
throat, rolling off of her tongue as stretched down the side of her face.

The brown eyes blinked twice before rolling back in her head closing forever behind the black
rimmed spectacles... Grace was dead.

Her lifeless corpse went slack against Fleming's body and her head slumped forward onto her
chest with her chin resting atop the still breasts as the bloated tongue dangled from her lips that
now seemed twice as red in comparison to her pale, strangled face. The heeled feet shook softly
in the air and the ample breasts jiggled as Fleming kept the garrote wrapped around her throat,
choking her corpse as he made absolutely certain she had expired until he felt that even her
death twitches had subsided at which point he released the wire and unwound it from around her
neck, letting the limp body drop to the floor like a rag doll with a deafening thud. Flexing his sore
hands to get the blood flowing through the fingers once more he returned the garrote, stained
with Grace's sweat, back inside the watch and with a sense of curiosity he moved to the side of
the body and slipping the toe of his wing tip underneath her shoulder he flipped her over onto
her back like an old sack.

Looking down at the strangled corpse of his departed lover he couldn't help but feel the slightest
sting of loss, gazing down at her beautiful, still form who's allure remained unspoiled by deaths
clammy hand. The face was pale and listless, the bloated tongue protruded like an old sock from
her fiery red lips dangling down the side of her cheek, the spectacles hung crooked over her half-
closed eyes giving her an ever so slightly comical appearance. Her arms lay splayed at her sides
and the long legs were spread apart almost as if to say still open for business, at least that was
how he chose to interpret their pose. “Oh look at you my love, you're in a frightful state, I better fix
you up.” He said to himself more than the corpse, a wicked grin forming on his mouth. He had
thought of the perfect way to say goodbye to his lady love.

The strappy heels dragged limply across the floor as he grabbed hold of Grace under the
shoulders and pulled her lifeless form into the bedroom where he plopped her down onto the soft
bed and lifted her inert legs up onto the sheets. Gently as he lowered himself down onto the edge
of the bed Fleming brushed his hand through the thick mane of Grace's black hair, letting his
fingers swim through it as he had done countless times while she was alive. Before the touch of
his fingers as they caressed her body had excited and aroused Grace but as they moved down her
cheeks passed her protruding tongue and across her badly bruised neck there was no stirring
within her loins, no tremors of anticipation coursing through her for the dead felt no such things.
Sliding them carefully from her face Fleming folded the spectacles and set them down atop the
nightstand. Running his hand down the length of her clothed body he lifted up her feet one by one
and undid the straps, slipping them of her shapely stocking clad toes and setting them down on
the floor at the foot of the bed, letting the feet drop back down on top of the bed.

Grace's head fell backwards and the mane of her long hair draped down across the sheets as he
lifted her up into a seated position on the bed to allow himself access to the zipped on the back of
her dress, slowly sliding it down to her firm buttocks. His heart beat with the giddy excitement of a
young boy unwrapping his present on Christmas morning as he peeled the red dress away from
her voluptuous lingerie clad body, throwing it to the floor as he let her fall back on the bed, her
breasts flopping inside the brassiere as she hit the sheets. He gasped in joy as he saw that she
was wearing her favorite pair of lacy black lingerie and matching garter belt and already his
erection was testing the tensile strength of his trousers to a breaking point. Knowing he couldn't
wait much longer his trembling hands moved down to her garter belt and undid the snaps holding
her stockings in place, panting in suspense as he carefully unwound them down her long shapely
legs one at a time, slipping them from her dainty feet. It was all he could to hold it together as he
reached under her back and unclasped the snap of her brassiere, pulling it from her perfect bare
breasts who's rock hard pink nipples stood proud up in the air to greet his gaze. Unable to curb
his lust a second longer Fleming threw his lips down onto the delicious inviting bosom and
gorged himself on a mouthful of her breasts, his tongue running laps around her nipples as his
hands massaged them with unbridled enthusiasm.

His lustful passion reaching its pinnacle Fleming undid his trousers, setting free his 9 inches of
solid throbbing manhood and knowing Grace's fondness for oral foreplay he dunked it into her
gaping mouth, churning it back and forth between her pouty lips forcing it as deep down her
throat as he pleased now that such customary restrictions as her comfort and ability to breathe
were no longer an issue. His hands squeezed the sheets, wrapping them around his fingers as he
came, dispensing a load of his essence into his deceased lovers mouth with a loud groan of
ecstasy, the beats of perspiration cascading from his brow dripping onto the pillow her head
rested upon. Wiping clean his forehead with the sleeve of his jacket Fleming, having decided the
time for foreplay had passed, withdrew his member from Grace's cum-filled mouth moving it south
where he tore away the black panties stained in her feminine juices (dying had excited her) and
plunged himself deep into her moist sex as if stabbing her with a blade, tunneling his way towards
the crown jewel of her womanhood.

Grace's inert body flopped and jerked on the bed as he thrust his manhood into her harder and
harder pounding her vigorously as her full bare breasts bounced and her head rocked to and fro
on the pillow, dribbles of his cum pouring down her cheek from the corner of her mouth. Her
naked foot slide off the bed and fell against its side where it dangled in the air, flopping in rhythm
to Fleming's unrelenting poundings as he bid her goodbye in not only the best way he knew how
but also the very way he knew she'd have preferred. For Grace had been all about sex and killing
and so it seemed only fitting she should be honored and remembered in such a manner, that at
least was what Fleming told himself to assuage the feelings of guilt lingered in there somewhere
in the deep recesses of his wretched, dark mind.

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Questions, comments, or feedback for
Fleming and Grace:

Comment from: Grace X
Date: February 12, 2012

Fleming, you totally blew me away with this tale. Wow!!! It is so perfectly in
tune with my personal fantasies, written with such skill and style...I just can't
stop reading this! Brainstorming it with you was a delight honey, and to read
what you created out of our talks is satisfying beyond words. Glorious! In my
dreams tonight, I want to kill, then be murdered and taken afterward JUST LIKE

XX Grace


Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: February 13, 2012


Will my friend between you, Moon Shiner, and Othello, all the bases have been
covered, so now I have to come up with something to top these stories, will
sorry, Grace it just can't be done.

Johann, Grace inspires all of us, mere men, to go above and beyond, I loved
her story, that you wrote, and it seems that she did to, and why not it was
written by one of the finest writers, that write for this fetish.

I am always amazed at your talent, great story my friend, a big thumbs up.


Comment from: Grace X
Date: February 13, 2012

Nighthawk hon, it is so good of you to say good words about all your fellow
writers, but be aware I am mightily impressed with your skills as an author too!
I've read your stories "Break In" and "The Sniper" and they are all the
evidence I need to know you are something special too. I'm  honored and
excited that you'll be creating a story starring me...I can't wait! If you want to
brainstorm it with me personally as Moon Shiner, Astrokill, Fleming and Othello
have, just drop me a line!

And Fleming, I cannot get enough of reading this tale. What an incredible job
capturing my cherished fantasy death fetish. Maybe most girls swoon over
mushy love letters, but this (strangled and taken with incredible passion) is MY
kind of romance on the eve of Valentine's day!!

Guys, you truly know how to treat a die hard, die often, sex-and-murder-loving

XOX Grace


Comment from: Othello
Date: February 13, 2012

Fleming, I want to add my voice to Grace's and Nighthawk's in praise of this
story. Hot, hard-edged, murderously sexy! I love it. As an asphyxia fetishist
myself, I'm profoundly impressed with the intense, sexy strangle of our beloved
Grace. You've got style to burn, and a crisp, professional hand as an author.



Comment from: Fleming
Date: February 14, 2012

Vern and Grace, my dear friend and lovely muse thank you both so dearly for
your wonderfully kind comments.

Grace as I said in the e-mail I am so touched and delighted you were so pleased
with it, it was a real pleasure to write you and rest assured I shall do so again
(hopefully often) in the future. :) You sure are fun to write and brainstorm with.

Vern man thanks again, really flattered you think so much of it and I couldn't
agree more about Grace's inspirational gifts. I am so very proud to read your

Thanks again you both for the kind words, Vern for your support and Grace for
your faith in me and your wonderful inspiration.

Both your dear friend
Jóhann. :)

Comment from: Fleming
Date: February 14, 2012

Grace darling I am so thrilled you think so and please consider the story my
valentine to you. ;)

I´m really so happy you think I captured your fantasy so well, you made it easier
for me to get a feeling for it in our talks and I could never have done it so well
without your help. :)Thanks again, I'll surely write you again... and again. :)

Othello I must say I am very touched and honored you think so much of my
writing, both because you are new to my writing and its always sp very
flattering to me to hear someone new appreciate you, its like added validation
and coming from a fellow strangling fan and from what I gather a professional
writer well that just makes me blush, especially since writing professionally is
the only thing I wish to do with my life, well that and make movies but writing
comes more naturally to me.

Thanks again man, I am very flattered and delighted by your kind comment.



Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: February 14, 2012

You caught the very essence of the dark and mysterious Grace X, its all in
those eyes.  Switching from killer to lover in a heartbeat, efficient assassin to
sensual lover.

This had a double treat, having your cake and eating it too, the best of both

You the back ground observer, with secret orders, then at an unexpected
moment, taking down Grace with a well described death.

I dearly love a body search, a surprise turn about and erotic aftermaths.

This one was very erotic, with double kills, the talk of sublime passion to come,
well done.

I liked this one very much.

I hope you and Grace X will put together another exciting and passionate story.

Thanks Fleming and Grace  X.