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Outdoor Pets

I have been going through a great deal of
change, struggle, strife, and depression
over the years and I have come to the
realization that I am an "Outdoor Pet". The
reason I say this is simple. I am a man that
grew up in the great outdoors, always
fishing, hunting, surfing, or just exploring in
the Brush country of Coastal Texas. Heck I
could walk from my house I grew up in as a
boy and fish all day, catching shrimp, crab,
and fish to feed my family, and be a provider.
When I got old enough to drive I got a job
stomping cotton in rail cars, even picking
watermelons on my Aunt's friend's farm, just
to make gas money to put $5 in the tank for a
surf run or a nice fishing overnighter on
Padre Island. When I moved to Florida I got
spoiled even more. Building skateboard
parks, surfing, eating fresh seafood, and
meeting all kinds of girls from Daytona
Beach to Flagler. I have spent the good
parts of my years outdoors. After a few years
there, going to North Carolina, where the
beach everyday is a must, and then moving
my way to California, where Huntington
Beach was my home and I was outdoor painter for the city. Still working and playing outdoors,
and always remaining a decent photographer a long the whole way. After I got tired of the
hustle and bustle of the OC and LA, I moved back to my homestate for a short stint, then to
Oregon to help build my Godfather's farm because he had major back surgery and needed
help. I helped him, Log, cut, build, weld, and make the farm functional while he got well. When I
moved to Oregon I found a whole another way of living. As a wildland Firefighter and
reforestation worker, I spent the majority of my days outdoors, and the rest in a bar, fantasizing
about my fetishes and dreaming of what to do. As I grew a bit older and came to grips with the
fact I live in an area that only has 5 months of decent weather out of the years, and my focus
has become, different, and on production, which is all inside, unless you get the good fortune
of doing outdoor stuff, which is rare. This coupled with the weather and hours it takes to keep
up with my business, the boards, and creating new works, jobs, and ventures for myself and
others to benefit from. I have concluded that I am an "Outdoor Pet", that has been put inside
and only gets to go out when is essential and necessary. I need more exercise, sunshine,
ocean, river, and trees, to complete me and my life. I have to substitute a great deal of that
during the crappy weather months, so I have decided to start going to the gym to make myself
feel healthier, but once again, it is inside....I guess I will just have to take more time to travel
and get some sun and waves.

At least I have not been declawed!!!
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Comment from: Kelli
Date: February 27, 2012

And hopefully you are housebroken  ;-)



Comment from: Chris B.
Date: March 25, 2012

Haha! I am for sure! Thanks for reading and posting Kelli! I do appreciate the
fact that someone commented..hehe You rock! CB