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Grace X
No, this is not a column about me being rescued at the last moment from the electric chair, lol.
When the good people at Chris’ Corner recently asked me if I might be interested in doing a guest
“On the Corner” column, my first reaction was my usual one: a double-take, because it still astounds
me that someone would actually like to hear me ramble on…coupled with a goofy smile, because I
felt so flattered and excited.


Chris’ “On the Corner” columns have been kind of a look behind the scenes at the agonies and
ecstasies of the death fetish film industry, and I’ve been an enthusiastic presence on the fringes of
that scene for a long, long time. Since before there were personal computers (okay, I’m dating
myself, lol) I’ve been part of death erotica roleplaying circles (conducted in those days via letters
and over the phone), and when the fetish industry broke out in the late nineties via the internet, I
dove in with enthusiasm, doing e-mail roleplay, networking with writers, doing reviews, and
basically having the time of my life (and death, over and over again). In early days I went by the
online names Murdergirl and Concetta Maria (I can see the light bulbs going off out there
now…Grace, so that was YOU!).


Had the internet arrived 20 years earlier, when I was (if I do say so myself) a dangerously hot babe
with a rampaging jones for femme fatale erotic death, I might well have ended up acting in some of
the films we see from production companies like Chris’ Corner. Knowing me, I probably would have
bulled my way into writing and directing them too. As it is, I went to business school, got married,
and for long, happy years have maintained a perfectly respectable persona working in a marketing
firm (you should see me in my glasses and office wear!). Oh well. Time passed me by on the
opportunity to personally get in front of the camera and become a death-sex fetish film babe in real
life as well as in my fantasy life.


As I upped my presence in the online fetish world, I needed to make a decision about just where I
needed to draw the line on boundaries around my real life. Needless to say, I’m married and have
an everyday job, so it would not be okay to have photo images of myself appearing willy-nilly all
over the internet. It would be more than a trifle awkward if sexy death fetish photos of myself
appeared in the office one day. So I chose some photo alter egos to use for my avatars and posts.
So here is an exposé moment! Just who IS the woman who appears as me throughout the Chris’
Corner site, and the women who are my stand-ins on the death fetish boards? Well, the photos here
at CC are of Edwige Fenech, an Italian horror/sex comedy actress who resembles me greatly.
(Edwige honey, I hope you don’t mind! You have been an idol of mine for just ages). My other
avatars are Zoey Holloway and India Summer, who have played me in death erotica films, and also
have similar physical characteristics. And last but not least in the gallery below? Yes, that is me! An
old photo of when I was about 20, so I’m not too worried about it blowing  my cover in the real world
(I’ve blurred it a bit and made it black and white …and as I mentioned, I wear glasses now, and am
usually in chic business wear at the office). So there I am at last, kids, with my big smile…and if you
look close, a bit of murder in my eyes.

    Edwige                                   Zoey                                     India                                      Me!


Nowadays I have the pleasure of an exciting double life, made possible by good people like Chris,
who allowed me first to be his official film reviewer (with the caveat from me that I would never pull
my punches when I review…and Chris has been awesome in never, not once, griping or interfering
when I pan as well as praise)…and then opened my Grace X Files story pages (I have always loved
writers…my favorite people! And I have built amazing friendships with so many of them over the
years)…and my “Talk Back to Grace” forum to just chat about all things death-erotic. I’m a regular on
death fetish boards like Deadly-Dreams, the Psycho-Thrillers Forum, and Deadskirts. Now I’ve had
the astonishing honor of being featured in the paperback “Killer Eyes: The Grace X Anthology”, and
my fantasies captured in films from Chris’ Corner and other producers as well, with me being played
by actresses like Belle, Dani V., and my avatar gals, Zoey Holloway, and India Summer. India (one of
the hottest adult actresses in the industry – yes kids, a porn star), an award winner and director too,
who has played me more than anyone else (three times), recently consented to an interview with
me, and was that ever fun! Chris B. continues to be super friend and host to my online home.

So I am busier than ever these days behind the scenes and now in the forefront of death fetish
erotica, and I couldn’t be happier. The business, I know, can be crazy and frustrating (if not
downright insane), but I have been treated with remarkable consideration by all the creative people
whose lives have touched mine, and I am truly grateful, and excited for what the future holds. That
includes a second paperback anthology (the profits from these books go to abuse shelters, which
is incredibly generous of Chris, the publisher, as well as the writers donating their written works to
the project)…more films (I am about to be, at long last, a death-queen of the Sex and Murder
League, my favorite series of fetish flicks!)…and heaven knows what else.

What an opportunity and a joy, for gal who once upon a time grew up stealing the covers of True
Detective magazines to ogle at the impossibly hot women on the covers (with guns pointed at them
or garrotes around their necks), dreaming that those dead-sexy women could be me.

XX Grace
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Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: September 15, 2012


Well I'm sorry to say my coffee has cooled, but only because I lost my Internet for
several hours.

But I got very lucky and someone came over just a little while ago and got me
back on line.

Of course we all understand why you would want to protect yourself and I
personally never thought the pictures were of you.

But Grace you are such a beautiful person it never bothered me, and the
snapshot that you were kind enough to share with me, shows that  you were
indeed every bit as beautiful as the pictures of your alter ego.

I have met many people in my long life, but very few as kind and loving as you

I know that you are the busiest person that I know, and you still take time to  
answer your emails to me and always with a smile.

I do love our friendship, and always wish you well.


Comment from: Grace X
Date: September 15, 2012

Thank you for coming to read and share this special guest column with me, my
dearest Vern. I'm glad you managed to get your computer back on line! I would
be lost without mine, that's for sure.

Thank you for the lovely comment about the photo of my true self, honey (the
one in the column above, and the one I sent you privately from the time I was a
college life-drawing model -- which we are exploring in our joint story, "Portrait
of Grace"!) That just makes me glow inside. You are one of my most beloved

And I do try (despite being a deadly bad girl in my fantasies) to always be kind
and loving to those who are so wonderful to me in sharing treasured friendship.
You give ME the smile, love.

Comment from: Othello
Date: September 15, 2012

Grace, I can't tell you how happy I am to see so much amazing, passionate
creativity going on in your life. You deserve it. I agree totally with are
one of the kindest, most loving and enthusiastic people I have ever known (not
to mention having the most sizzling hot fantasy life, which you are generous
enough to share with all of us).

A toast to you Grace...may every day bring you new joys!

Comment from: Grace X
Date: September 16, 2012

Oh Othello honey, I am so glad to see you here! I am constantly trying to drag
you out into the spotlight for some applause and are WAY too
modest and quiet, honey. None of this would be possible without you. I am rightly
amazed at the work you do contributing your time and talent and caring to our
community. You're my oldest friend, and I am thankful every day for you.

So let me return the toast! May the joy you bring to others come back to you a
thousand times over!

XOX always.

Comment from: Kelli
Date: September 16, 2012

i enjoyed reading your column, grace.  i found a lot of similarities in our
respective past histories.  as for the present, i dunno how you keep up with it
all.  but you do, and you do it well.  :-)


Comment from: Grace X
Date: September 16, 2012

Thank you, Kelli hon! You know, you are someone I admire ever so much -- even
though I am a little older than you, I look to you as sort of a mentor about how
you handle yourself in this environment of primarily male see how
a woman can have fun in this community and retain her class and humor and
dignity. Because you do all of those things. That's pretty special.


Comment from: Eyes
Date: September 16, 2012

4 sum strange reason, i truly
b-lieve that u r even hotter now than back in the day.  

i think the most thrilling part of it all (as most of my counterparts above have
alluded) is the sweetness and kewlness (is that a word?!) with which u (and Kelli
and sum of the other true fems) have added not only 2 these boards but the fet
family overall.  

it is actually very important 4 me 2 get a true female perspective with respect 2
our fet, i really mean that.  

u add another dimension 2 our interesting little world and i thank u.

i am always watching,

Comment from: Grace X
Date: September 16, 2012

Eyes luv, kewlness will always be one of my FAVORITE words. Thank you so
much for the sincerity of your interest in the feminine perspective to our
fetish...I think some guys (bless their hearts) can't get beyond the perception of
women in our fantasy world as death-objects without desires of our own, but
nothing could be further from the truth. Like a lover who will listen to his
woman and express his passion with intelligent foreplay, the killers who listen
and share the wild desires of the death-erotica women will be rewarded by an
experience perhaps beyond their dreams.

You fascinate and delight me, hon. I am so glad we are friends in this glorious
loving-and-dying world of ours.

I am always watching you watching me,

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: September 23, 2012

you are indeed, a unique person, very compassionate, a lovely sense of humor
and a quick wit.

I can't see your beauty,  I can only feel your heart, it tells me, what a beautiful
lady you are.  I know your physical features, match the heart you show us.

Thanks for your honesty, concern and all the smiles you have sent to all of us.
A cyber kiss, for you, from KGK.