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First and foremost, I would like to give a debt of gratitude to a great man, fetishist, writer,
community member, and friend, Othello. I truly appreciate you from day one, and will always. Thanks

I decided that I needed to give myself a break, once a week, from all of the: payroll, quickbooks,
cameras, model hiring, editing, shopping, posting, advertising, consoling, and all of the other
things a producer does, day to day, to make ends meet, wrap it up in a neat little package, and
deliver to you, my loyal fans, customers, enemies, and friends, not to mention, models and
producers. When could I find time? I am so busy myself, and after taking on more workload, hiring a
secretary, when would I seriously get the window to rant? I know! I will just make time and use the
process as therapy. Bingo!

Writing has always been a passion of mine and I always aced papers in High School and College,
but there was always a void, mainly because of the content. I could never write what I felt like
writing. Now, I write descriptions at a rapid pace, not even checking for; grammar or punctuation,
spelling or capitalization, in fact I am convinced that the bulk of the community probably thinks I am
an idiot. Ha, ha, ha. Yes, I laugh at myself and think about all of the time, energy, cash flow, and
sweat, broken relationships, friendships, bad blood, and backstabbing that has gone on behind the
scenes in this business, and what it would be like to just get some of it off of my chest, as well as
making a few points, and sending plenty of shots across the bows, of the ships that lurk in the
harbor, waiting to pounce and take your art by siege. If there is one thing I cannot stomach, it is a
pirate. I am not talking about the foul, salty sea dogs, Morgan, Hawkins, or Christopher Columbus,
who was a pirate in his own right, I am talking about someone who knowingly steals your art, music,
film, or anything that was created by your hands, eyes, and vision. I am talking about the scum of
the earth. I know that there is a reason I have to raise the prices on my videos every so often due
to the fact that pirates steal over 80% of my new releases the moment they come out. Sure
someone pays for a copy, then it gets shared amongst the rest of the people who don’t care to
support artists. Enjoy that and I hope that you slip and fall and cut yourself on the disk, or the
download crashes your hard drive. Sorry, but that really gets my goat. It is similar to making a film
and having another producer post it, years after you wrote, directed, shot, edited, previewed, and
posted the film, and shared the revenue with the same person, when it originally debuted. That is
another form of piracy I can’t deal with. I was a bad business person when it was swept from under
me, but I have learned my lesson and am twice bitten. I will no longer play the nice guy when it
comes to producing. This means war on pirates! I am saying this with a smile because I am better,
and will prevail in the long run with health, happiness, and not having to live behind lies, deceit,
and living outside of my means.

Thanks for listening! Look forward to next week! I will have plenty of things to say in the coming
months! Thanks again! Chris
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Questions, comments, or feedback for Chris:

Comment from: Othello
Date: October 8, 2011

Thanks for the good words, Chris, and thanks too for keeping kindness, integrity, and
consideration alive in a world that can sometimes be a cold, hard place. I have always
marveled at the artistry you bring to a genre that has often sorely lacked that quality,
and I marvel equally at the friendship and respect you give to all those around you.

As for pirates, I can empathise. As a professional writer, I have often encountered the
strange concept that stealing creative works is different from any other form of
stealing -- somehow okay, since artistic folks must in some way be above needing to
pay bills, take care of family, and the other pressures of everyday life.

I hope that those who are tempted to piracy will think first; our books, our films, our
music, our art, these things are the work of our lives...they nourish both our bodies
and souls. Those who support us by purchasing those creations are no less than bright
angels, keeping artists alive, and keeping art itself thriving.

Comment from: Astrokill
Date: October 11, 2011

I see a new series already. It would be called "Internet Pirate Girls", and will feature
female freebooters caught in the act of plundering your videos.  

You star as yourself, and explain to the pirates that you ran a tracer program to their
home.  And wham, you're into their home, and they're caught.

The freebooters of course, ask for mercy and will get none, unless they strip and give
pleasure willingly.  

Then of course, strangulation occurs, and rough necro.  The series can act as therapy
for all producers.  : )

Comment from: Grace X
Date: October 11, 2011

Oooh, I love your idea, Astrokill.  Unscrupulous video pirate women strangled and
necro ravished....mmm. Can I be one? Well, even if not, I've got my pen out ready to do
a review already.


Comment from: Astrokill
Date: October 11, 2011

Oh wow, I got a nice avatar.  Thanks moderators! : )

Grace, you can be a video pirate woman anytime, though my plots with bad girls, they
have to be "evil-evil".  For the video pirate series, each girl will have to do something
on the side to compliment their video pirating.  One female pirate would be just
pirating to illegally sell the videos again to acquire money for their drug gang, while
another would use the videos for an evil neo-Nazi political gain, and yet another would
use the illegally downloaded videos to inspire terrorist groups, saying it's American
decadence in action.  Either way, Chris, as the vigilante producer, does not like this. :

Grace, I can definitely imagine  you as a bad girl, from your avatar, the image of a
hitwoman definitely inspires stories.

Comment from: Forum Moderator
Date: October 11, 2011
To: Astrokill

Our pleasure on the avatar, Astrokill. You scripted one of the most intense and sexy
Chris' Corner films ("Sex and Murder League 5"), and it was fun to create an image for
you  from that movie, as Zayda the evil League Queen is about to get strangled. No
doubt about it, you are one of the finest scriptwriters in the genre.

Comment from: Grace X
Date: October 12, 2011
To: Astrokill and Chris

You're my kind of writer, Astrokill. Evil-evil is what gets me going. I confess I have more
or less constant sexual fantasies about being a hitwoman, terrorist, spy (or pirate, lol)
and wreaking untold havoc until brought down by a bullet, knife, or my favorite, a
garrote. My murderous career over, my killer can do whatever he likes with my sexy
corpse. Mmmm. So what do you think, Chris honey? Feel like letting out your
frustrations with Astrokill's Internet Pirate Girls?

XX Grace

Comment from: Astrokill
Date: October 13, 2011

Thanks Mr. Moderator, for your kind thoughts.  I love writing stories, and I love seeing
them come to life, so it's a win-win.  : )  When fantasy is brought to paper, and then to
video, there's a certain thrill I cannot deny.

Grace, it's tempting to see you in the role of a bad girl, and the fact that you genuinely
like it brings your A-game to a whole new level.  I'm sure one of my agents in my stories
would love to ravish and caress your body after a rough strangle. He'll be one happy

Comment from: Grace X
Date: October 13, 2011

"She slips into a wildly sexual semiconscious state as the garrote of Astrokill's agent
goes around her throat and she drops the gun she had tried to blow him away with.
She knows she will be dead in a minute and feels an orgasmic rush as she thinks
about him soon pleasuring himself with her corpse..."

(That's for you Astrokill. :)  By the way, I asked REALLY NICELY if I could do a review of
your Sex and Murder League 5 even though Othello had already done one, and
gentleman that he is he let me so look for that soon.)

I hope we're not hijacking your column Chris with all this murderous flirtation cause I
know piracy really does suck and people should respect your stuff.

XX Grace

Comment from: Astrokill
Date: October 15, 2011

Aw shucks!  Thanks Grace!  Your review is much appreciated, can't wait to see it
when it comes up.  :)

And thanks for that little prelude of a nice bad girl demise.  It's lovely!  I usually write
the script something like this,

"As the agent strangles his victim, his blood races, his anger thickens as is his blood.  
His focus now razor-sharp, his gaze slowly moves from the increasingly tightening of
his garrote to his female victim's body.

His notices the curves of his victim, the soft, yet toned smooth skin, the semi-circle
pout of her open lips as she struggles for breathing. He sees the milk, chocolate brown
erect nipples of her soft breasts heaving up and down her chest.  He finally notices the
soft rose-like petals of the private lips between her victim's thighs, noticing that it is
blooming in a state of arousal, and wet as if dew were  forming on a leaf.

It is then that his blood rushes from his head to his lower extremities..."

Whoops!  Just realized I need to go sleep.  Man, those Internet Pirates really do suck...I
definitely feel for all our genre producers about this.
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