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Bi-Polar Bears

Thanks again for the chance to connect with the fans and customers, community members, and
patrons of our fetish. I know that it is a privilege to serve you all, and do appreciate your support,
whether it is buying videos, contributing to our website with awesome stories, or just giving us
feedback on our columns. I wanted to address something this week about our rival board issues,
and fighting within our community, but instead decided, spur of the moment, to tell you a model
story. :>) The reason I begin with a smile is because I need to laugh, to not make myself ill when I
think about the experience I had with a particular model in the last few months.

It all started one day when a model that responded to our ad in Exotic Magazine showed up at the
door. She was a little older for a new fetish model, but tall, great legs, and a nice rack. She smiled
and introduced herself as she entered the house. We immediately hit it off and she started talking
about all of the different looks she could make herself up to be. I was so excited and quickly
thought up a scenario, and we got underway. She did a fantastic job, and I knew that this was the
beginning of something great, so I let her know that I had that feeling that she would do well, and to
get ready to work a bunch. Just as I had predicted, she did well and was popular. Part of what we
discussed prior to her leaving that day was the fact that we would give her as much work as she
wanted, and all she would have to do is show up. She wanted to go above and beyond; shopping
for wardrobe, studying the script prior to the shoot, being on time and ready and willing to learn.
That was the first week. Next week she said to me, “I would love to sign a contract so that I know I
have the income and you know you have me”. that a good idea I thought to myself?
Maybe it could be? I told her we would do one more shoot, and I would assess the situation before
signing anything, but was very interested.

The model postponed the next shoot. She said she was tired and was having issues with her
boyfriend. “No problem”, I said, “let’s do it on the next date you are available”. Well the next time
she showed up she was kind of sketched out, and was uptight about the pay for this particular
shoot, which paid more than the going rate, and it was still an issue. After the shoot she got home
and was fine. Next day she was so excited for the next role, even saying she wanted to help with
the wardrobe and shopping, even going as far as to say not to worry about the money either, she
wanted to shoot something for me for free, to make up for the last couple shoots, and the crazy
texts and emails that she sent when she was depressed. I shot a portion of the next custom with
her, but part way through she decided that the particular scene was way too much for her, because
of something in her past that triggered a psychotic episode, and split, leaving me with nothing. I
had previously paid her for the custom, like a nice fool, but was okay to let the customers that had
customs with her know that she was not available anymore. Here we go again. She contacted me
again asking if I was still interested in working her, and that she had come to grips with the fact that
everyone wanted to rip her off, so why wouldn’t I be one of them. She claimed that I should have
paid her boyfriend the same rate as her for the custom we did two shoots before the mishap that
left me owing money to a customer, and having nothing to post. She also added the receipts for the
clothing from several shoots prior that she initially told me not to worry about. I simply wrote the
check, signed it, and mailed it off. The funniest part of this shortened version of the entire dramatic
series of events that occurred in just a two-month period, is after I told her to please stop
harassing me, she asked me this question: “Chris, why didn’t you want to sign a contract with me”?

Another model that turned from a Golden Goose to a Bi-Polar Bear.

Please understand that I really go above and beyond to accommodate all of the models and talent I
use. I always go out of my way to make them comfortable, make them laugh, pay them as well as I
can, given the rates, and gift them clothing, gas money, food, and tips all the time for doing good
work, as everyone should. It just amazes me the lack of appreciation and the fact that a great deal
of talent that is not savvy, or new to the game, believe that they are being underpaid. I agree, but
so am I. It goes all the way to the top my friends. This is a rough business with not much margin for
error, or profits for that matter. We do it for the fetish and for the love! Thanks again for all of your
support. CB
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Comment from: Grace X
Date: October 16, 2011

Chris honey, you mean to tell me you didn't know that some of us girls can't make up
their minds and don't know if they're coming (or should that be "cumming") or
going?? Well, let's see, we've got all of human history for examples from Cleopatra on
up no scratch that, from Adam and Eve on up! But seriously hon, you must have the
patience of a saint to deal with such craziness. Bless you for that, 'cause I love the
death fetish world and your movies are one of the best parts of it. Kiss.

XX Grace

Comment from: Astrokill
Date: October 16, 2011

Great article, Chris!

A producer must certainly have a great deal of patience with their cast.  It's not only
the actresses, but actors as well who changed their minds.  I wrote a custom and was
it was already into the filming stage, but the actor, refused to do necro on set.  Of
course, I didn't find out about this until hours later after filming wrapped up about the
actor refusing.  No worries though, I write a quick script revision and another actor
stepped up to the plate and finished off the necro the next week of filming.  This begs
the question if the actor or actress know what they are getting into when they
perform?  Maybe a screening of sample clips might make them decide on the spot if
they should continue through their choice.

Comment from: Othello
Date: October 16, 2011

I agree with Grace and Astrokill, Chris-- you must have practically an infinite resevoir
of patience to hang in there with the drama that must accompany many of your
features. I remember how many women you had slated and scheduled to do "The
Centerfold Strangler" custom from my script, only to have them not work out for one
reason or another. I really felt for you, as you would send me the most courteous and
considerate e-mails, telling me of the postponements while you looked for a new
actress, because you wanted the film to be perfect. (And it was indeed perfect, as you
know from my
review, with the marvelous Traci ultimately in the role).

Astrokill, I remember the film you describe (one of your splendid "Terrorist" movies),
and you were resourceful as a writer and a custom patron to revise the script as you
did -- I loved the resulting movie).  Your producer must have been so grateful to have
you for an understanding customer.

Chris, I love that you treat the women (and men) who work for you with such
consideration. Whether in business or just as a decent and caring human being, that
is outstanding.

Comment from: Astrokill
Date: October 16, 2011

Thanks Othello, it was indeed one of my Terrorist films.  As a custom customer, I feel it
is also important to be understanding of the producer as well, not only do producers
have to deal with actor and actress demands, time, and consideration, but also the
logistics of setting up a movie cast, crew and location down to the editing room in the
end. : )

Comment from: Chris B.
Date: October 19, 2011

Thanks everyone! It is funny you mention that "Centerfold" Othello, that is just the
model I am speaking of...ooops, did I just spill the beans... Such irony that she was the
one that ended up doing Centerfold, very well!!!! You all rock big-time! Chris


Comment from: Othello
Date: October 19, 2011

That is indeed ironic, Chris. To think that she would be such a positive part of
bringing what is my absolutely favorite death erotica film to life, stepping with such
skill into the role that had been left on hold, but then later turn out to confound you
most of all. Well, I am so grateful that you caught her lightning in a bottle long enough
to create "Centerfold".  I'm still in awe of the fact that you edited the strangle scene in
that movie with more cuts and scene shifts than the classic "Psycho" shower scene. A
virtuoso performance.


Comment from: Kelli
Date: October 25, 2011

Go easy on the bipolar girls, Chris.  I am one too.  ♥♥♥



Comment from: Othello
Date: October 25, 2011

My wife is bi-polar too, and I love her with all my heart, and respect and support the
intensity of her emotions. It can provide many challenges, but the rewards of a
passionate, brilliant (and sometimes mercurial) mate are worth every moment of work
we have done in our relationship to understand and ultimately delight in one another,
just as we are.

But I can understand too how much stress it can put on a business or creative
relationship -- as we have half-teasingly noted above, I am sure in all seriousness that
you show everyone you work with amazing levels of patience and consideration, Chris.

(And Kelli, I know the good work you do in this field as well. Kudos to you!)

Comment from: Chris B.
Date: November 25, 2011

I do actually go easy on anyone who has any sort of condition like this. I am not sure
that this person actually is diagnosed with the particular disorder, it was just a guess. I
don't think anyone would believe me if I said that I go so far out of my way to help,
provide for, and comfort lots of talent, male and female. I am just like that naturally,
and like my mother told my sister after she said I was greedy, "He doesn't have a
greedy bone in his body". In fact I get in trouble all the time by my partner because I
give the shirt off my back to someone when we are out of shirts. I have always been
that way since birth. I have lost thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours trying to
help someone in need, even letting them stay with me for a month or two, like Keeley,
and renting a storage unit for her in my name, which she defaulted on and they took
me to collections. For some reason after that she went to work for the competition,
and complained that I had done her wrong, or at least that is what they told me, and
would not return my calls, as I was trying to let her know that a local company that
rents furniture was harassing me because she gave them my address as hers, and she
had run off with furniture and tv. All I wanted from her was to know that she was safe
and if she needed me to help her by giving her work. People have really short
memories some times and it is frustrating.

After going through cancer, treatment, and therapy, I have a slightly different attitude
and strategies, but still retain the quality(or burden)of being a very loyal and giving
friend. I understand that we all have our demons, and I do have mine, but you see that
is me, and I haven't hit that bottle in a long time, life's too short for me to tow the line,
forgive me, forgive me, can I just live one more night!