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I am really fed up with the "Occupy(Your city here). I think it is good that someone is finally standing up
to big banks, big business, and Wall St., to let the 575 people that run this country, and make all of the
decisions know that we are pissed that we bailed out the businesses that screwed, and keep screwing
everyone. Good for you. I suppose someone needs to do it while your lazy a** is out on the streets of our
beautiful country, and littering the earth with filth, feces, rotting food, drugs, disease, and vermin, where
our children play, or where we enjoy a nice summer day picnic, while the rest of us bust our butts
working 70 hours a week paying to clean this crap up.

Then, our overtime filled Police forces are racking up hours, while crime runs rampant through the
occupied cities. The only people that are truly affected by this are the same ones that are working hard
to pay for it. We are also the ones that got screwed with no lube on the mortgage lending, and bank
bailouts, only so the big CEO's could get a bigger check before they bailed out.

Is there a way we could put his generation to work? I feel that this protest generation, and protester
genre we have been aiding and a bedding for many years now needs to stop, or focus on a positive
solution. Why doesn't the Federal Government crackdown on these clowns, and stop arresting Medical
marijuana clinics, and having seventy year old cancer patients go to the streets to purchase? Just a

I used to cater, and perform/produce at certain music festivals in California and Oregon. One of the main
reason I quit participating is the destruction of property and mess I used to see at the end of each
event. The thought of someone trashing any type of environment is sickening. Humans can be vile
creatures, and have no problem sh***** where they eat.

It is like torching 40 SUVs to help the environment. The toxins spilled into the atmosphere by the fire
would be 1 billion times more devastating to our environment than all of those SUVs idling till the end of
fossil fuels age. Is there a way we can all make an effort to help to create a more positive strategy to
confronting our leaders about issues like this, before it ends up with all kinds of wasted; resources,
taxpayer's money, brain cells, pepper spray, and big police budgets. Thanks for listening. Chris

Please make a difference without making even more of a mess. Come On America!!
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Comment from: Astrokill
Date: November 19, 2011

I live in New York City, go past the Occupy Wall Street encampment every day to work,
been there when they tried to break into the Stock Exchange, smelled their tents and
them when the wind blows in my direction...but I sympathize  with them.    I do
understand where they are coming from, and I think a small minority of the campers
aren't really there for protest, but just to take advantage of the free food and space
there for a while.  In addition, I do believe that they should outline what they think are
the solutions to the points they make.  For example, I wish they said that corporate
lobbying should be banned, but they haven't listed it yet as one of their official
solutions (though I think that is one of the unofficial solutions).  I could be wrong, I
haven't been following it too much.

However, that being said, this makes for a great plot in a video clip.  I did write Wall
Street Bitch Bosses for another producer, the counterpoint to that clip would be a
script idea called "Occupying Main Street".  It could be about an evil protester who
intentionally ruins a middle class man of his small business.  She sets up a tent
outside his small home, constantly protesting.  One day, the middle class guy has had
enough of it.  He invites her over inside his house for discussion and settle their
dispute, as he is a nice guy.  Unfortunately, the protester knocks him out cold, and
threatens to steal everything from his home with a gun.  The middle class man is
forced to defend himself and kills her (either by strangling or shooting), and then
seeing the beauty of the protester and remembering that he too, once had "free love"
ideals, has his "free love" with the female protester's body.  Afterwards, once he had
his fill, he carries her nude body back to her tent and zips the tent closed.

Comment from: Chris B.
Date: November 23, 2011

Thanks so much for responding to my rant. I know it is a sore subject, either side, but I
am just frustrated with going about things the wrong way. CB