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Gold in the Basement

I appreciate those that read my column. I hope you know it is like therapy for me to write about
things that are on my mind, and not censor myself because I am on someone else’s forum, or site.
(I thank Othello once again for making it a possibility). The other day, my partner was browsing
through a local free paper's web ads page they post on the www for classifieds. This is where a
boat load of folks landed after Craigslist decided to bitch out and go mainstream. I think it is a
great way for people to find adult jobs quickly. I stumbled on this:

Looking for single females 18-40, couples and single males 18-30 for softcore and hardcore video
shoots. Earn $50-400 an hour while in front of the camera depending on the kind of shoot your in. We
have been in business for more then 16 years and run a professional company. NO games, NO BS! We
even have shoots where we do not see your face. For more info send a photo and contact info to us at and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours and address any issues and
questions that you might have. We can even set up a time for you to come to the office and meet face
to face. We do not work out of our low rent home, apartment or mom’s basement.

Wow, I thought. In that last line, they are describing (or attempting to describe) me. This producer
(who I know well) has also made negative comments to the models I work with, filling them full of
complete lies and nonsense…and now are posting public ads to do it as well. This is just as
immature as politicians who try to dig up dirt on an opponent, and smearing it all over themselves
and the rest of the public. It reminded me of working in a restaurant, or my mother's beauty shop.
It is chocked full of drama, rumors, lies, and shit talking. I have even had several models that
work with me exclusively, be contacted by these same producers blatantly talking smack about
me when the model lets them know they are loyal to me, and do not want, or need to work with
them. The reason has nothing to do with me saying anything to these girls, in fact, quite the
contrary, I actually sometimes refer the models to these producers, or well, I used to until I saw
this and several other ads basically taking shots at my small company, and the fact that, yes, I do
have to shoot out of my house on occasion, and yes I have been rebuilding since I was a severed
limb on the ground, fighting to get a shred of what I had put my heart, soul, and own money into,
that ended up being "other peoples property" the moment they stopped having their way with me,
and decided to sever the limb. Unfortunately for them they missed and severed the brain...or at
least theirs...

I have a couple things to say in rebuttal.

1). I treat my models, actors, and employees with respect, and help them out whenever I can. I
usually just lay back and laugh off negativity from my peers (and yes, competitors), but is it too
much to hope for industry respect, and an effort to recognize that we are a small community…one
that could greatly benefit from being gracious and supportive to one another?

2). As far as filming from a home, or even basement environment, see the image above (an artist's
set direction for a basement theater in New Jersey, doing an acclaimed “The Taming of the
Shrew”). Good work can be achieved anywhere. With dedication and energy and inspiration…as
well as a commitment to treating  people who work with me well, this business of making films can
thrive, can create quality, can attract great production people, and top talent. And that’s exactly
what it does. Someday, if those principles lead to running Chris’ Corner Films from a high-end
studio, then well and good. But quality comes from the heart—people will always want to be a part
of that, whether it takes place in a basement or a fully loaded sound stage.  

(By the way...I have mentioned no names, therefore no one is being attacked. If you have a guilty
conscience for some odd reason, then it would probably be a good idea to stay out of it. Hope
everyone is having a great holiday! Drama free! : ) CB

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Comment from: Othello
Date: November 27, 2011

Chris, thanks for the good words. And you know, a couple of things jump out at me
as I read this. Over the years, I have seen you over and over (in public forums like
DS, and here on your own site), offer a spirit of community and generosity to other
producers. You let commenters here on the site name the "competition" and their
works -- you applaud when a little exposure here might lead to a few sales going to
another producer. That positive, generous approach deserves respect and
applause, to my mind. Second, I've seen how you respect the women who work for
you, protecting their boundaries around what they are okay with in an
environment of fantasy sex and violence. You help them out even when the
camera stops rolling. That's class, and acting with decency and caring. I applaud
that you take the high road, and run a business with principles...and people will
indeed always want to be a part of that. Artistically, you are dedicated to quality,
and go the extra mile for that quality in a genre that gets little recognition or

And as for the "basement"... actors, directors and producers who have "made it",
often look at the creative times in their lives when they made the most from the
least as their finest hour.

Bottom line, thank you for all that you do...our community is a small one, and it's so
deeply enriched by having you in it, making your films using your signature
ingenuity, skill, inspiration and caring.

Comment from: Chris B.
Date:November 27, 2011

All I can do is bow my head and say thanks. I am so humbled by your words. Thank
you. When I wrote this I was fairly upset, so I started thinking about it while
relaxing this weekend, and found that I didn't have the weight on my chest
anymore from having this series of events occur. I am very laid back, but when it
comes to art, music, film, I create, sensitivity and extra emotion come into play.
Writing this article to the public, and letting it all out is fantastic therapy for a
juggler like me. I mean; art, life, family, fetish (not in that order) and being solid for
lots of people in the world takes a lot out of me. My point is, Thanks for listening
everybody, and thanks to Othello for being a great friend.


Comment from: Astrokill
Date: December 3, 2011

Good words to live by, Chris.  Let's not forget, a lot of directors started out
"small"...Kevin Smith, Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi....

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