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                                 POSITIVE NOTES

I am going to start out by saying Thanks to everyone who reads this column, and responds to them, I
greatly appreciate the feedback. I think that it takes all of us to make the films we do come to life.
There are not enough hours in the day, capital, or crew members to get to all of the scenarios we
want to do for all in the community. The last few months we have grown to the point of having to
expand, get a nicer office space, and start conducting business in a more professional manner. I have
seen this business blossom, and all who have come aboard and believed in us, worked with us, have
made it possible to do what we do better! In this day and age value is a hard thing to find, in any
product or service and we feel like we have been stepping up the game, providing quicker and better
customer service, as well as detailing customs down to the letter so that we make our fans and
customers fantasies come to life. I want to ensure we keep moving forward, but that we remain
humble as ever, and always help the little guy, and or shop with the local, ma and pa stores, instead of
Mega Mart, and continue to create jobs in the area. I was looking at statistics and with all the talent
we have hired and paid for all kinds of stuff from modeling, make-up, and f/x, to webcamming and
clean up, etc. We have made a giant impact on the local economy with our industry, (including all
other producers locally)

Another positive note is the fact that we have been working in our new studio space as money comes
in, and making new areas, sets, and rooms to better fit the type of films we are trying to make. It is a
great deal of fun and we plan on being the best!

I have been ranting so much lately I just decided that I needed to give some positive notes to
everyone for the holidays! Have a great season and don't forget to grab some stocking stuffers on
our sites!
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Comment from: Astrokill
Date: December 18, 2011

And thank you having the drive and passion to do these films Chris!  We have been
introduced to many new and wonderful plots, and of course, have been introduced
many wonderful women this year, especially Coco.  I'm CoCo for "Coco"a Puffs!  Happy

Comment from: Othello
Date: December 18, 2011

I'll add my thanks to Astrokill's, Chris! You have brought us an amazing body (no pun
intended) of work this my mind some of the best films that the genre has
seen to date. Thank you particularly for "The Centerfold Strangler" and "Othello 011",
which are for me the new high water marks in death erotic film making.

And on a personal note, it has been a real privilege to be a part of your welcome to
our little community here throughout your website. Many of the best and brightest
have come to be a part of it: Kelli, Hitomi, Grace, Astrokill, SamM, Liquidator...and so
many more. You made the effort to help Raven in her time of need, and supported
Breast Cancer Awareness with a free film. Your positive drive to make this a place
where we can share artistry and friendship is an inspiration.

The happiest of holidays to you, your kids, and all your loved ones. I can't wait to see
what 2012 brings!

Comment from: footstrangle
Date: December 22, 2011

Chris: your work is superb. The models you hire are sexy and know how to act.
Including Candee in your roster and creating Taboo Cinema with her is the best thing
you have done. Happy Holidays!