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Pool Shark Strangle 8
review by Grace X

Time, I thought, to pay a visit again to this ongoing series of "Pool Shark" flicks. It's clearly been one of
Chris' most popular features, and I did enjoy the first one I reviewed,
"Pool Shark Strangle 5". Still, that
film, starring Zayda, ended up a middle of the road "three-bullet" movie for me, as the plot was pretty
simple, and the action, while hot, didn't feel super-intense to me.

Looking back, I think maybe I missed the point a little bit on this series. It really is INTENDED to be
simple, a vehicle for running a bunch of hot girls through a more or less identical scenario each time.
On that earlier viewing of #5, that limited my own fun with the series, making it entertaining, but not
mind (or body) blowing. And you know, nothing wrong with that. It's appeal I think comes from the parade
of actresses that are put through the formula. Since the story is a given, the movie is going to live or
die on the inherent hotness of the girl involved.

That said, I finally got to see Coco, the star of this one, in action. She's been something of a
phenomenon lately at Chris' Corner, appearing in a slew of features, and I have heard nothing but how
steaming, scorching, fiery (get the idea?) hot she is. Quite a buildup! And I must confess, I think she
lives up to it.

Here is the action from the flick:

You know the story by now...girl plays pool, girl looks sexy playing pool, girl gets strangled, girl gets
necro-screwed. But I mean, have a look at that girl. There is some kind of charisma there, with those big
dark eyes, dusky skin, long legs, slim figure. She's more than pretty...she's got that "it" factor that makes
for stars (even scream queen sex stars). Everything she did, every move she made, seemed effortless.
I actually got a little hypnotized watching her.

As anyone who reads my reviews knows, I get into the fantasy when I watch death-sex movies of being
the victim, but for the first time in a long time I was too busy watching the actress to put myself into her
skin. Just couldn't take my eyes off the gal.

For the record, Chris does his usual splendid job as the killer, the filming itself is impeccable quality, it's
got a good strangle, and hot postmortem sex. Guys (and fellow girls), if you enjoy this series as kind of a
moving-picture sex and death pictorial, this is a top notch entry into the series. I'm still going to give it
three bullets for a rating, but with an asterisk: *Coco is mesmerizing*  -- I'm going to dub her Chris'
Corner's #1 Sex Kitten.


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"Coco's got mojo"


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