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review by Grace X

Jesus this is one wild film!

I mean, where do I begin? First of all, readers of my reviews know that I LOVE the "Sex and Murder
League" series, and this to my mind is one of the best of the bunch. The concept of a League of male
and female assassins whose thrill in life comes from murdering an opponent at the height of sex, just
sends me into raptures. I've watched and enjoyed every one of the six.

The series has been written by some of the best screenplay-scribes in the business, too. Hopefully I've
got this roll call right...if I screw it up, set me straight, boys! The first three were written by Othello, the
fourth by Chris B., the fifth by Astrokill, and this one by Acerimer. (Up next, Moon Shiner in SAML7).
That's pretty neat. Like the all-stars of killer writing having a convention.

We've also had another convention, of some of the hottest women in this genre as "Queens" in the
series (the assassins use chess terms to refer to one another, the men being Knights, and the women
Queens). Raven Alexis, Keeley, Brandy Alexander (playing twins in SAML 1 and 4), Zayda, and now the
ultimate bad girl of them all, Veronika.

Hmm, she's got a knife at her throat, but she doesn't look particularly intimidated, does she? That's
because this is no shrinking violet assassin-girl. This woman is freaking death incarnate. You better
watch out, Chris!

Or no, this is "Charles", Chris' twin brother, who thinks he's got things under control. Twins are a
recurring theme in the series (as I mentioned, we've had them in #1, #4, this one, and the upcoming #7
(where the buzz is Lexxi is going to play twin Queens). That's a pretty cool twist on the chess analogies
in these your chessboard is just loaded with twin pieces, now isn't it...) The SAML flicks are
just filled with clever shit like that, another reason they are so much fun.

All right, things are going right on the wild side here..."Charles" commands Veronika to strip and
service him, and she does just that, with a lot of entertaining attitude (at one point after taking his
pants off, she actually folds them and sets them aside with a sneer). "Charles" is ready for action, and
he gets nicely sucked, after which he makes Veronika mount him as he lays on his back. Bad move,
"Charles"! She rides him with intense abandon, that spectacular hair of hers flying all over the place.

But when he is just about to come, she makes a snake-quick move and pins his knife-hand. Next thing
you know, he's the one with the knife at his throat.

Oh, she does enjoy herself! She continues riding him, giving him more taunting and attitude, and when
she goes over the top with her own orgasm, she slashes his throat. Now THAT'S a Queen of Death!

                                                                                                                          Bye bye, Charles honey...

Well, Charles' twin brother Chris has been watching all this from a nearby remote cam, but was unable
to get there in time to save his bro. Oh well! But revenge will be sweet. While Veronika cleans up in the
shower after her bloody and sexy escapade, Chris approaches and surprises her -- and what a look of
shock on her face. Didn't I just kill this guy? But then light dawns, and she gets right back into her
death-queen mindset...what a busy day!

Chris takes a page from Charles' book and has her get on her knees and suck him, then not about to let
her be on top the way poor Charles did, he lines her up to take her doggie-style before cutting her
throat. Veronika goes along with all of this...the girl knows a thing or two about turnabout. She gets her
opening as Chris' knife hand hovers near her throat, and gives him one hell of a bite. He drops the
blade and she pushes it away, but Chris isn't the pushover his brother was. He's got Plan B, a nylon
garrote, out and around her throat before she can pull any more tricks.

Oh my God the Queen of Death is about to die! And she realizes it too, as she is pulled back and
strangled...Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she turns into nothing less than a force of nature in her
resistance. Chris, it looks like you are putting down a demon from hell!

...I get exhausted just watching. What an intense strangle!

Finally, FINALLY this harpy is dead, and Chris shoves her over on her side and has a few choice words
in parting (that lead into the upcoming finale of this series).

I know Lexxi as twin Queens is next, but man alive that girl(s) going to have a hard act to follow. I
LOVED Veronika, and was into every minute of her wild performance.

Alas, there is one slight disappointment right at the necrosex with the dead Queen V! Oh Chris
honey, wasn't she just irresistible there dead on the chair??

I SOOO wanted to see Chris screw the daylights out of her. (That's my own fantasy of course, to be
enjoyed by my killer when I'm dead). But I'll give you a must have been tired after two blow
jobs, cowgirl-sex, doggie sex, and one mighty fine strangle.

Bring on SAML7!


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"Long Die the Queen!"


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