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Sex and Murder League 7
review by Grace X

This one has been long awaited -- the "end" of the seven-film Sex and Murder League series. (I put the
quotes around "end" for the simple reason that I hope it won't REALLY be the end, 'cause I'm totally into
this series). But okay, if this is the end, then I want things to go out with something special. We've had
the best scriptwriters in the business, the sexiest, most dangerous women, the most deadly killer men,
the wildest and most intense contests of death. So let's go...bring on the end.

The final scriptwriter? Moon Shiner, who I am mightily impressed with (you'll find his tale featuring yours
truly as a hardcore femme fatale over in
"The Grace X Files".) And right from the get-go, we see
evidence of some fine writing. This series has displayed intelligence and a wicked wit through its whole
run, and off we go again with those very same attributes.

Meet Lexxi and Rob, our Queen and Knight of the
Sex and Murder League for this evening's bout.
They arrive in Lexxi's apartment talking about a
chess match in which Rob has thoroughly
defeated his opponent. Lexxi is impressed by this,
and their talk gets into some neat chess references,
around which we see some steamy seduction. They
toss off chess terms and spar about the nature of
strategy. Sure, just a little post-chess match pre-coital
small talk. Sure it is.

A quick note on the two actors -- I love both of their
voices! Rob has this deep sardonic voice filled with
brainy menace, and Lexxi has the most interesting
"accent" (Chris has said she has a slight speech impediment, which makes her pronounce "dagger" like
"daggewrh". I'll tell you one thing, it's mighty sexy to hear her talk).

They drink, they kiss, and it's clear they are headed for some sex. Ah, but now comes the good part! We
know Rob is a Sex and Murder League Knight because of the dagger pendant he wears, but Lexxi isn't
showing anything of the sort...hmmm. Ah well, things start to heat up and clothes start coming off, while
Rob works his way down to her sensual feet. But what's that she's reaching for??

Well, it's black, made of metal, and has a sweet little silencer on it. Ooh, this gal has more than sex on
her mind.

Right in the middle of kissing her feet, he looks up and sees the business end pointing right at him.
Well well! What do you know about that! "How do you like this strategy?" she asks ever so sweetly.

Time to play the game her way!

She slides off the couch and gets a little distance, then
pulls up her skirt to show the dagger pendant she's
got clipped to her panties. Oh, sexy killer girl! She lays
out the facts for him: gonna call her twin sister Lizzy
to come over to hold the gun on the poor little Knight
while he services Lexxi with some hot sex, then
Knighty boy is going to get a bullet. Two Queens beat
one Knight each and every time!

But he seems to dislike this wisdom...huh! Just like a
man. He grabs his discarded shirt and tries to tangle her gun hand with it, but nope, not gonna work!
Snick snick, and the hot silenced lead goes right into his chest. He collapses backward over the couch
(and a very impressive stunt fall by Rob, I must say!). She comes over and peeks over the back of the
couch...yep, there he is, dead as a doornail with blood all over his chest. Queen takes Knight.

She settles back on the couch, smiles, and blows a little imaginary smoke from the gun barrel. Killing
Knights is SUCH fun. She gets on the phone to her sister and in the breeziest manner says "Oh well he's
dead already", but then still invites her to come over, so they can play with the body before getting rid
of it. These girls are just so wicked. So she sits back down on the couch, has some bourbon, and waits
for sis to arrive.


Guess who isn't
dead?? Our
Knight rises up
from behind the
couch, whips a
nylon garrote around Lexxi's throat, and it's time for the overconfident Queen to die! We are talking a
chess master here...did she REALLY think he wouldn't know she was a Sex and Murder League Queen?
He gets in some prime taunting while he strangles the bejeezus out of her...more chess terms, calling
her mistake a "blunder"...and how she should have checked him for a bulletproof vest, or gone for the
head listening, woman?

Naw...guess she's not listening any more. Too busy being dead.

Well, and what a sexy corpse! He yanks the medallion off her panties, loosens her top and gives her tits
some caressing, while all the while she is staring at infinity. Mmmm...I'm getting pretty hot myself by this
time and thinking some sex might be in order. Such a tempting body...but wait, that really isn't very
strategic. After all, her sister Lizzy is coming.

He gives her a few parting endearments and heads to the back room. Time to get ready for Queen #2!

Enter Lizzy, who comes in expecting a smiling
sister and a dead Knight, but instead comes into
the room to see a dead Queen sprawled on the

Nice camera work and editing here, as the cuts
are skillfully woven to make it seem as if both
women are in the apartment.

A word here about Chris' editing style...most death/
sex flicks use very rudimentary editing. Either one
long shot, or the standard fade in fade out fade in.
Chris' editing uses very clean cinematic cuts in each
scene, which I find very impressive. This is the
Hitchcock/DePalma style, and it works damn well. It raises the technical level to real movie-styling, and I
love that. Nice work with the different hair style, clothing-style, etc...all making the illusion of the twin
sisters more complete.

Lizzy is shocked to see her sister dead of course, but bends and picks up the fallen gun and goes
stalking sis' killer. She finds him tossing the bedroom and gets the drop on him...unlike her unfortunate
sibling, pointing the gun right at his head. They taunt each other for a while, then it's down to business,

Best revenge for her dead sister is the Sex and Murder League way...she wants a hard fuck, after which
she will thoroughly enjoy blowing his brains out. And a hard fuck is exactly what we get! Ooh, I loved at gunpoint is just too glorious for words! The two of them go at it like it's someone's very last
screw (which of course it is...). Lizzy keeps the gun on him the whole time, right through every gyration
and even when she climaxes. Ah jesus that felt good! Sooo...time to die! She puts the gun to his head,
says "Queen takes Knight", and pulls the trigger.


Aw, man! He took out the damn bullets! Another blunder! So much for being the smart sister. He yanks
off her dagger pendant and why didn't someone think of this in Sex and Murder League 1 through 6??
He strangles her with the cord of her own pendant.

This is one sexy tight strangle too...just the way I like it best. Kinda unique in this genre to have her get
strangled not topless, but bottomless.

Down she goes finally...and at last we can forget about strategy...time to fuck a dead Queen! Oh god
when I saw it was going to be a necro-BJ (my favorite! As you know I love to get into the fantasy that I am
the dead killer bitch in these flicks, and the thought of my own killer putting his hard cock in my mouth
just sends me over the moon.)

Oh God is that hot! Take your Queen baby, you've earned her!

I could have wished for him to go all the way in her mouth, but after a bit he pulls out and finishes by
jacking off on her while exposing one of her breasts, which was pretty hot too.

Finally finished with these two not-so-smart-after-all Queens, he leaves them with the best chess line of
the film, about a Knight taking two Queens off the board at extraordinary move! Then we see
some fine parting shots of both Queens, again very smoothly intercut.

Ah, deep breath, Grace. What a hot movie!

Needless to say, I loved this. If it is indeed the last we see of the Sex and Murder League (oh say it ain't
so!)...we did indeed go out with something special. Moon Shiner, what a script! The smartest of the
seven, to my mind.

In every respect I would rate this as high as my previous favorite, Astrokill's SAML5....but.
Damn, why does there have to be a but?!? I am just itching to give this flick my Golden Gun highest
rating...but it has not one, but two flaws. One I could let slide...the moment right after Lizzy points the
gun at his head after sex and it doesn't go off, the two antagonists kind of wait there, as if waiting for
someone to say "one two three GO!" before their final struggle. As I said, I could get past this. Maybe
for a second she was thinking he would want to screw some more, and she was plotting ways to turn the
tables. BUT...after she is dead, and I am so hot for the necro-BJ scene I could just scream from
anticipation and I am loving every second...and his cock heads toward her waiting open mouth...she
blinks. Aw, shit! Chris, after all that incredible cinematic editing which I totally loved, the dead Queen
blinks. One little edit and it would have been (as my friend Moon Shiner says) screaming orgasm time
for Grace. If you ever do a re-release, Chris, I implore you, cut that two seconds out of this awesome
film. As it is, I love it so much I will watch it again and again and just close my eyes for a second at that

So no Golden Gun, but a very enthusiastic four stars! Good-bye, Sex and Murder League! This series is
destined, IMAO, to be remembered forever as a classic of the death/sex film genre.


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