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Jungle Spear

I've recently viewed my first Chris Brown video production "Bikini Belly Stab". First off, do not let the title
fool you into thinking its just about someone getting stabbed in the belly in a bikini. Yes that does in fact
happen , but there is a lot more than what the title implies.

This film has scenes in it for skirt lovers in the beginning, some nude scenes when she's changing and in
her final moments. It almost seems like Chris was trying to make this film for a wide audience. This is
because its not just a belly stab. Its got the right stuff in the soft breast stab, the pussy knife fuck, and a
final plunge between her ribs straight to her heart.

The film stars the new up and coming Coco who seems to be making a big hit with some of the DS
members (including myself). I have to say for someone who is starting out in these films she almost
seems like a well seasoned deadskirt babe. You can tell that she's not just in it for the money. She is

Her bodily convulsions will really get your juices flowing. There's one scene that comes to mind when the
camera is down by her feet looking up at her gorgeous nude body as she lays on the floor in her final
seconds of life and she convulses a few times jiggling her beautiful natural breasts and her super sexy

I have to say the actor knows how to knife tease her before he starts spilling her blood. Coco reacts so
innocently and vulnerable without overdoing it to make it seem cheesey. This film should also appeal to
those that are into fondling a beautiful lifeless body wrapped in clear plastic as well.

And boy does this girl know how to play dead. I'm telling you. Her gorgeous dark eyes go into a dead
unemotional blank stare like you wouldn't believe.

I definitely recommend this film for its appeal for a wide audience and she is so super sexy through the
entire video.

Final Notes:
2 out of 5 (not very bloody but done well)
Favorite Scene:
The photographer acts like he's going to thrust the knife into her button hole and she braces for it and
he stops before he penetrates her skin.

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HERE to read more about "Bikini Belly Stab" or to purchase and download this film.