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                                                                                              Review by Rudrah

Girl fight to the death: a whole lot more than just a catfight strangle.

Somebody must've spent some time “blocking” out the fight moves here. The punches were set up
not just fakey thrashing and someone understood the belly punch fetish too. But you really have to
applaud Chris for actually making the different setups of fight distinct and lead logically from one to
the other. And the punches are delivered as harsh blows, the girls shuddering and wincing as they
get hit. There is none of that silly girls giggling and smirking while acting out costume play here. They
are acting out a fight to the death that is certainly more satisfying than fake kung fu ballet or wires,
even though the action movies have women who have real martial arts skills. The quality of their
skills is usually completely dissipated through the nonrealistic framing. And here the girls really try to
stay in character. There are FAR better at emotion and fighting than Pamela Anderson in VIP.  It is that
staying in character and the attention to actually filming a full scene!

Yes, this isn't Hollywood  but then again Hollywood is a slut that usually takes your money on the
motel room then disappears out the toilet window leaving you unloved. In a very real way this
succeeds in a way neither Bluestone Silk or Fightergirlz2000 have - FOR WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR -
(make no mistake, both of those studios deliver their specialty product in spades… unlike most who
don’t even try). This even rivals Amazon Warrior’s latest Female Fighters product for being a FIND for
the female mortal kombat pervert like me.

But Chris said he was gonna do it and do it he did.

This is not just your standard fetish clip of girls taking turns belly punching each other or calling each
other bitch and wrestling around. In short, this is what I wanted to see done but had given up on. I
really hope that people who like girl fights as well as girl on girl killing spend their money on this so
that this level of pulling it off is rewarded. And did I mention that both girls have Bodies that don't
quit? AND Personalities? Hot damn.

And for you strangle fans… the position lets you ogle and enjoy. AND necro nudity lezbo sex.

By the way.  I’m not on the pay-roll. (Just grateful.)

Finally one for me. I have to quit whining now. I will probably wear out this video and have to buy a
2nd copy before Zoe Bell and that Alias chick finally release “Raze-the movie”.


Starring: Coco and Starli
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