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This time Taboo Cinema has offered up the prequel to Catfight Strangle, pitting Starli, the club
champion, and the Challenger, Treasure.

And right off the bat I want to offer a few words of praise to real looking women. As gorgeous as Coco
was, and she was drop-dead mouth watering cute brunette body goddess fine, she had a model look.
She was born with it. But Starli didn't have that model look, you could see her in a serious bar fight
coming to collect her philandering husband by ground and pound and stomping some biker hussy with
rubber boobs into the asphalt of the parking lot. I really appreciated that she looked like a woman going
about the serious business and hard work of killing another woman in a fight.

Treasure looks real too, she is a big breasted solid girl who doesn't look like somebody stuck a couple
balloons on a broomstick to make a woman. And she can do smack talk convincingly. She has a cute
kitten face that makes her mean face sexy as hell.

The lead-in to this film was more successful than the 1st  because everybody gets turned on by the
smack talk before a girl fight. If the girl fight equivalent of foreplay.

And when the 2 girls stripped naked and stretch and limber up before the fight, you are given along
shameless look at some real healthy female anatomy. The breasts that hung down from those ribs would
feel real good dropping into your hands to be squeezed, and they definitely looked like they had the
cushion for pushing. I like it like that.

And the lessons in staging a fight were carried over from the 1st film which is the 2nd sequentially. And
there isn't any silly “3 rounds to appear in and the 4th round is to the death”, even though the girl was
cute as Cocoa saying it sells it.

There is breast punishment with slaps and punches which is a sub fetish in its own (in the catfight
fetish world). As are the “C”-busts. And can anyone say “belly punching”? There are vicious kicks to the
ribs. And the editing is good because not only have they worked out a lot of creative ways to have the
girls come together into a fight exchange, they've edited it skillfully enough so you don't throw away the
punches by filming them so you can see that they don't connect or dissipate the energy of an exchange
of punches by not cutting to another angle too late and letting you see the end of the set up. And there
are some real wrestling moves here in which the girls flip each other over and tumble which with the
realistic punching sells we mood. When Starli says “this time there's no rounds, this time it's a fight to
the death!” The line works not because it's funny but because it's them taking the gloves off and a
dramatic accents that were into!
the climax part of the film. At this point we're 7 min. and 17 seconds into the film and we've had a full 7
min. and 17 seconds of female fighting in a full 19 min. film.

--------------------Spoiler alert!-------------------

In other words once again the director and the actresses really put some effort a fight into putting on
for the boys, (and girls). And there isn't any silly breaks in character that let the air out of the fantasy like
a nail in the tire.

Starli puts Treasure into his standing and strangle standing behind her and then slides to the floor with
Treasure sprawled out in front of her thrashing with her legs wide apart. I think this is a lot more
successful pose for a violent strangulation because it allows the girl being killed to be a lot more
dynamic and quite frankly both can be displayed in all their physical beauty.

And damn, Treasure’s breasts are Treasures as she works those girls gasping and thrashing as she
dies. To be perfectly frank, I've been skipping over the 2nd strangle and lesbian sex part of the 1st film
but in this film I was just as “in to it” for the 6 min. of strangle leading into the last 3rd of the film in
which Starli really gets into Treasure’s body in a hard-core way. She even opened Treasure’s mouth and
put her fingers in and I think I've discovered a new fetish I didn't know I had!

All in all this is one of those fetish clips that if you're like me you are surprised and really happy to have
a clip where the whole damn clip is something you just gotta see again and again. In fact I think this is
going to be a personals favorite of mine like Crystal Videos # 13 real girl fight between Michelle C. and
Andi, another case of real looking big breasted women fighting in a serious setting. In other words it's a
case of a fantasy film and a real fight that kind of mirror each other in their good qualities that made
them memorable above the rest that went before or came since.

This is a keeper. This is the bag I'm in. I want to thank Taboo Cinema for doing one that was so good that
if I had paid for it I would've been delighted by what I paid for. I know I will be seeing a whole lot of this
kind of thing because I probably represent about one half of a percent of the fetish clip business. But I
can't say that I haven't been well served. Now if “Raze-the movie” with Zoe Bell and Rachel Nichols lives
up to their own statements that it will be a full-length film with many girl fights to the death in an
underground fight club in Los Angeles with fights harder core than you have ever seen before, then I
will truly die and go to catfight pervert heaven! (

PS: Now I’m going to look for some clips with Treasure having sex to put me in the mood for watching
this again. Stari too. (I wish they did some explicit stuff - I am so weary of Bimbos from the Rubber-Maid
Bimbo Balloon Company).

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Catfight Strangle 2, (Fight Club)
review by Rudrah