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Pool Shark Strangle 8
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Not long ago I was able to see this clip. I have seen others write reviews of clips so I
thought why not give it a shot. As I view clips like this one I try to view every element in it.
No clip can be perfect. Only our vision and our own imagination to us is. Anyways the
theme itself doesn't scream out erotic horror to me. Doesn't have that fear element like even
a basic horror film scene would that I like to see in horror scenes. Who doesn't? However
Coco looked very hot in it. She is hot from head to toe. Even her death stare is hot. The
strangle views are hot and the necro shots are equally arousing. So a box of tissues near
by while watching this clip would be a good idea. The plot itself I'm not into but it sure has
some hot eye candy.
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