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Frenzy  Necktie Strangle
review by
In general many many many people who love the strangle theme love the famous frenzy
strangle scene done by Hitchcock. For me its a basic strangle scene with mature vic and a
nice death stare. The scene grew on me. I even thought up my own remake based on the
original scene. Now onto the path to the review of this clip.

I know that it was a custom. You have to respect that. To others it was a great remake of
the original. To me not as much. Sorry. the scene felt too much like the original. The outfits
and the dialog. It was sharper than the original basically in my eyes. It didn't have that
modern day feel to me. The actress was sexy. Nice legs in hose. Nice shots of her legs and
the death stare at the end. That's always a good thing in clips like this. The killer didn't
really have that evil killer vibe but that changed when he started to strangle her and cared
less about her prayers of course. A transformation from a slime ball to a sex killer or a
continuation of one. So that's my review on that clip. you can partially agree with me or
think I'm crazy etc. But hey I'm just one of many reviews with a opinion. That loves movies. I
look at every little element. Its a curse. Hahaha. Thanks for reading. Tune in next week for
more of my clip reviews.
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