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The Gentleman's Payback
review by Grace X
Well, what do we have here? Why sugah, it's nothing less than a rogue's gallery of fine southern bad
girls, most of them supplied by Tennessee Williams (thanks, Tennessee honey), and one supplied by
none other than our own Chris Brown. They all have a few things in common. They're sexy as hell,
conniving, and somehow manage to get themselves into the worst trouble!

I liked this film from the preview stills and synopsis on. I truly have a soft spot in my cold heart for
southern belles who work their wiles...and a warm spot you know where for the ones who pay ever so
dearly for it.

This one runs on a pretty simple premise. Extremely bad New Orleans harlot Jizzabelle (now REALLY,
Chris. Jizzabelle? That rightly puts Pussy Galore to shame. For the sake of a smidgen of dignity, I'm
gonna call her Belle.), where were we? Oh yes, Belle has a history of bad behavior including double crosses with her
boyfriend (pimp? partner in crime?) Nick, but as the film opens they seem to have made up, as they
arrive in a kind of artsy apartment quite enjoying one another's company. Or so it seems.

They make some sweet dirty talk, and ooh that Nick has got a voice like Tupelo honey...ah just LOVE
that accent! (His hair color kinda leaped out at me at first as a mild distraction, particularly when we
discover later on that his chest and other hair is the same unusual shade, but I got over that).

Now Belle is up to her old tricks.
For reasons unknown (and who
cares, really?) she wants to do
in her lover boy, and spikes his
drink with poison. Mmmm, I love
me that belladonna Southern Comfort.
Nick is no fool however. He takes a
tiny sip, but then distracts her and
dumps out the rest over the side of
the couch.

Yes suh! We know what's comin' soon. But first, a little sex, and is it ever hot! Belle warms up her fine
gentleman's cock with her lyin' cheatin' mouth, then things get hot and heavy with raunchy,
hair-pulling, doggie-style screwing. Mmm, yes! It's hard and wet and had me ready for some of that
payback from the film title.

Belle keeps asking him how he's feeling...why doesn't this boy just get on with keeling over dead?
But he is feeling just fine. And after he takes off his tie, he proves it, by strangling the bejeezus out of

Needless to say, bad girl Belle gets just exactly what's coming to her. Ah just rightly LOVE a fine
strangle, and this is a good one. Kinda like the fact that her clothes stay mostly on...that's how a
gentleman does things, lol.

Now that she's quieted down some, that very same gentleman enjoys some tasty postmortem sex,
pretty much working his way along her whole body (and I ain't kidding...we get some PM oral, some
ear-fucking (!) while Nick drawls out sweet talk and asks "Are you listening to this?", all the way down
to her feet. He comes to his orgasm right there between those sweet soles. Chris has been doing
some nice foot fetish work recently. I think I would have preferred him to take her in the pussy for her
final goodbye (a girl likes to be mounted by her killer, Chris honey)...but this is hot stuff, nonetheless.

When he's done he flops her over and gives
her a nice and nasty final pose, then off he
goes, back to whatever criminal activity a
gentleman indulges in down there in N'Orleans.

Nighty-nite, Belle honey. Tennesse Williams could
only DREAM of southern hospitality like this.

So you get the picture. I enjoyed this film very well
indeed. I save my four bullets rating for "high
concept" films (lol) this one gets three, 'cause
it really was a simple tale. But ever so satisfying.


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