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Review by
Jungle Spear
This is going to be more of a blow by blow narrated review with as much detail as I can explain. This
film involved a lot of elements that would appeal to a wide variety of people here. In my own opinion,
this is the most erotically lightning charged films I have ever seen. So I thought it would be worth
the time to share as much about this video with you as I could. Also Coco is definitely one of the
most drop dead gorgeous women I have ever laid eyes on. I really think if she got the right
exposure, someone professional would notice her and would pick her up in a heartbeat. So guys, I
would suggest requesting your Coco customs before it may be too late! LOL ;-)

Coco, when you read this I want you to know that every thing about you and every part of you
screams "I am absolutely beautiful". I really wonder who the lucky guy is that will spend the rest of
his life with you. ;-D

So to begin, it was great seeing Coco nude putting the tiny black bikini on checking out her drop
dead gorgeous body in the bathroom mirror. I always love how she adjusts her bikini top over her
beautiful breasts in her films. Then she bends in front of the camera and squeezes her healthy
melon sized boobs together with her arms. The sexy snap of the bikini strings on her hip was a really
nice touch. The tiny black swimsuit fit her like a glove. The black matching toenails was a great touch
too. She checks out her body all suited up. She kills me every time she sucks in her belly making her
ribs and hip bones visible through her skin. Her entire abdomen is just absolutely stunning.

Then she enters her living room to dry off after the pool. She bends over to dry her legs and the
camera pans on her wet ass. I don't know if you guys noticed the exceptionally wide gap she has
between her thighs. That is SO HOT! She stands and says "what do I want to eat?". At that moment
you see the goosebumps on her breasts while she's still dripping wet. Awesome touch, Chris.

She sits on the couch and dries her beautiful little toes. As soon as she takes her glasses off, all hell
breaks loose as Johnny enters the room to her surprise. A brief fight begins until Johnny pins her
more than half naked body up against the wall. He is so slick the way he pulls the knife from his
pants and presents it in front of her face like he's some master of cutlery. She cries "no no" and
writhes and wiggles her beautifully wide hips as he slowly glides the pointed tip of the blade across
her beautiful mocha tone skin all the way down her centerline until he finds his target below her
belly button. She sucks in hard trying to avoid the point of the knife gripping her soft skin. He taunts
her naked, completely vulnerable and defenceless abdomen. The tip of the long sharp kitchen knife
is poking her skin almost to the breaking point. He continues dimpling her belly hunting for just the
right spot to STICK her. It almost sounds like he asks her "HERE?"(is this a good spot) as she
continues to shake her head "no" with whimpers and muffled cries under his left hand that gags her
mouth hiding those beautiful lips.

He asks her impatiently if she's ready for this......
Then he drives it home!! I don't like using this word but Johnny's stab was so cold and brutal that the
only word that came to my mind was that the blade "raped" her belly when it invaded the insides of
her pelvic cavity. He plunged it so hard and fast it was like he was going to puncture a car tire. Her
belly responded with a wave of tight ripples from the penetrating impact. As the blade punctured her
skin, she stiffened her legs and went way up on her tippie toes. I know if I was Johnny and I did this
stabbing scene, I would have jizzed in my pants right then and there. LOL

You hear Coco's whaling cries through Johnny's fingers as he pushes the blade deeper until the
point lodges in her spine. The blade is so long that there is still extra that can't make it IN. The hilt
doesn't even reach the surface of her abdomen. The close ups of the knife sticking out of her lower
belly from different angles was more than I ever expected. The effects were so good with just a little
bit of blood welling around the impaled knife just above her gorgeous skin. You see the agony and
the shock in her face as he just stares coldly into his victims beautiful dark brown eyes.

There's a great scene where the camera is close to ceiling level and aimed down at her as she is
looking up towards the ceiling with a completely hopeless look and her straight raven hair all in her
face. (great dramatic effect)

The whole scene with Johnny pushing the knife into her belly against the wall is very long but with
all the different angles and the amazing close ups it made it erotically satisfying! ;-P The scene right
before she drops to the floor you see her squeeze and tighten her stomach. That just drives me
bonkers. Then she drops to the floor, Johnny whispers in her ear and then she realizes why he did
this to her. (She "Gets The Point") ;-P

She rolls on her back and gives an outstanding performance. She is bucking, convulsing, stiffening
her legs , tightening and sucking her belly in. She fans her toes like I've never seen before. She
expresses such ecstasy and agony with just her beautiful feet alone :-D Her facial expressions are
awesome and I absolutely love when she's laying on the floor in agony and she looks down at her
wounded belly. I first saw her do it in her lingerie party massacre film and it was so hot! She pulls the
knife out and she quickly expires as the blood escapes her open wound. The way the blood
spattered on her lower belly it almost seems like it symbolizes jizz shot onto her. VERY HOT EFFECT!

I have to say I have never seen anyone play dead better than her. Not only her lifeless eyes and her
expressionless face but you never ever see her take a breath when she's dead. She truly is the
master of playing dead. The music for this scene was so perfect. It was eerie and haunting. It really
added drama to the scene. My only question is why did Johnny use scissors to cut the bikini strings
instead of the knife? (Chris is going "OH YAH" right now reading this) LOL

The stripping and cleaning scene was totally extra but worked nicely and we get to see her nude
lifeless body laying on her back and then on her stomach with her ass up.

NEW: Critique Section

Things That Could Have Been Improved:

More screaming and maybe real crying through Johnny's gagging hand.

Both of Coco's hands against Johnny's right hand pushing the knife away from her belly (but
surprisingly I liked it because her hands would have blocked the view for the camera at some

Maybe more persistent and violent with keeping her head up during the stabbing. I'll bet if the two
actors knew or worked with each other more Johnny would know the limit of how far he could go
with her head shoving and the violence.

I wished there was a little more fighting but the element was there. This is my first custom idea so
now I know maybe to be more specific on some of the timing for some of the elements.

I think the glasses hid her gorgeous eyes. (Just my opinion)

I'm surprised Johnny didn't use the knife to cut the bikini strings. It would have made the scene
more savage.


The length of the blade. The knife was wicked and long the way I like it.


Multiple angles

Long scene durations

Lots of bonus video that was added.

A lot of foot time. More than I expected but it was a very sexy bonus. Also you could see the agony,
pain and the ecstasy she was feeling just from her feet alone.

This film was so hot that I wish there were HQ stills for every frame of the video.

Final Notes:

3 out of 5 (Just the way I like it. Less than reality but works well when you love to see the blade
pressing against the skin like I do. The blood does well out after she pulls the bloody knife out)

Favorite Scene:
I'm going to say the close ups of half the blade pressing against her gorgeous and flawless mocha
skin planted in her belly and she tightens and sucks her belly in.

I hope the critique part helps people as well.

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