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Starring: Starli and Fallon
Taboo Cinema
                                                                                                                                     Review by Rudrah

Right from the very 1st frame the the tone is right with this one. Fallon has the kind of arrogance that
gets me hard. The no-nonsense talk is if anything more sexually exciting than screaming curses. At 30
seconds into the clip Starli looks up from tying her shoe and gives a little smile. She is dressed to be the
tomb raider in a dirty old man's schoolboy fantasies. In fact, it's a little like having the pop singer Pink
and Brooklyn Decker as Laura Croft slug it out to the death for you. And the now expected stretch and
letch section before the fight delivers on giving you a real good look at some hot animal female
anatomy. The fight begins at 2 min. and 7 seconds into the clip. And the fight comes to a conclusion at 10
min. and 56 seconds. That means that for the rest of the time up to 25 min. and 17 seconds you have
some truly harsh and very erotic physical lesbian “after play”.

The grappling is convincing here as Fallon is really a pretty physical girl, fine looking too, a clean-cut
sharp blonde solidly built. She gives a convincing opponent for Starli. But the accent is on grappling
here more then the amazing ground and pound or standing punch out that you had in the very 1st film in
the series with Cocoa. The chemistry seems to be what each girl brings and Fallon really brings her
eager physicality to this. There is face sitting here for those who consider that their specialty, while
were talking about it.

What I really enjoyed especially was that both Starli and Fallon kept bringing the movie back to mutual
hostility and convincing faces and things they say to challenge each other. This is two full-grown woman
here, and their body language and faces and the way they say what they say says “I ain't playing”. Chris
has really found the center of gravity of this series bringing all the elements into this one.

When Fallon does get on top and deliver some ground and pound her naked back was enough to get me
started and drop me off at home afterward.

So I was especially happy that the half of the movie that is lesbian eroticism really returned to the levels
of the 1st video for success at sexy body worship. And this was intense and intimate too. It didn't hurt
that this involved a new girl that I had never seen before, yet by the time I'd watched just a few minutes I
was like an emperor who ordered 2 of his slave girls to fight to the death for his sex pleasure, and was
going to be equally pleased with whichever girl survived to give him pleasure that night.

I hope to see more of Fallon. And when you see a really hot girl like her or Coco or Fallon or Treasure)
it's HARD not to want to go on the Internet to see if you can find those actresses doing hard-core as
either an appetizer or dessert or both for really good girl fight series like this.

My hat’s off to Chris and Taboo and all these game girls and here's hoping the series goes on because it
really is found its legs, and its ass, and some really fine contour all the way up and down.  

PS: my only possible point of order is that to my own taste I would've liked a little bit more focus on some
extended ground and pound, and the moment of “finish Her!” Was done without enough of an emphasis,
it could've been a little more abrupt with maybe a broom handle being snapped in the background for
the Neck Snap....  ; )

PPS: (women don't all have to look alike because being different makes them fascinating...! )
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