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“The Grace X Factor”  and "To Kill a Detective 2"
Review/Commentary by Grace X

I’m not using my usual review format this time around, because right from the get-go I am biased about
this video. The main female character in it is me (could you tell by the movie title, lol?), and this video
was crafted specifically to some of my personal fantasies. But I would still enjoy taking a look at the film
with a critical eye, and explore what the custom experience was like.

First, credit where credit is due. I can’t take credit for writing this film (two films actually, as there is a
“Part 2” called “To Kill a Detective”, also produced and released by Taboo Cinema). The screenplay is
by my dear friend Fade, who commissioned it as a custom from Chris’ Corner/Taboo Cinema. This all
came about when Fade and I became roleplay partners (I do a lot of roleplay, and have for many
years…since before the internet, even!). We found our fantasies to be so wonderfully in tune (him as
the killer, me as the bad girl killee), that when he showed me the script of his custom, I was over the
moon for it, and we roleplayed it with abandon. Fade and I had so much fun that he suggested inserting
our play right into his custom, making one of the assassin women in his film Grace X. Needless to say I
fell all over myself in my haste to say yes yes yes!

Fade sent the revised script to Chris B., and Chris, who knows me well, added in more clever and
subtle aspects of my personality. So we were off and running! One last point before I get into the film
itself. The fetish film industry is unique in the fact that a large percentage of the videos produced are
customs. That means the producer is willing to amend his own artistic vision and tastes to craft a
fantasy specifically tailored for his customer. A lot of the “content-bashing” that producers endure (and
I have been guilty of doing it in my own reviews) is actually due to the fact that the custom buyer
wanted that content, and wanted it his (or her) way. I have seen now how exciting an experience that
can be for the custom recipient, and if the content is also exciting to other people buying the video,
that is wonderful. But the producer should be respected for giving the consumer who commissioned
the film a wholehearted effort to capture a fantasy that may or may not be the producer’s fantasy. That
takes skill, and I’m impressed with just how much goes into pulling that off. For the record, Chris B.
went above and beyond to ask important questions, to communicate clearly, and to be true to the
customer’s (in this case, Fade and me) vision. Thank you, Chris. Fade was incredibly generous to share
his fantasy custom experience with me, re-writing his script for my pleasure. Thank you, Fade.

Okay, the movie!

I have more personal sex and murder fantasies than there are grains of sand on the beach, but my
favorite bar none is becoming a bad girl assassin. Either in a spy or a noir detective type of genre
setting. This movie is the latter in spades, and it further embraces the sub-genre made popular by
author Frank Miller and filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino…the “Sin City” world,
where babes in hot fetish gear and/or Victoria’s Secret underthings go around packing enough artillery
to start World War III.

So no need to be surprised when the two assassins in this film, Belle as me and Starli as my partner,
are dressed to kill in leather boots, gloves, black patterned nylons…and Belle in particular is hefting a
shotgun big enough to blow Clint Eastwood to hell and gone without batting an eye.

We’ve broken into a detective’s apartment, and are laying in wait for him when he arrives. While I’m
lurking around a corner with my shotgun, Starli is behind the curtain of his alcove closet, and when he
comes in and pulls back the curtain to hang up his jacket, Starli is right there with a pistol pointed right
at him and a wicked smile on her face. He is not intimidated…the boy has attitude! He roughly tells her
to get out of his way so he can grab a hanger, despite the pistol aimed at him. I then come out from
around the corner and show him just how much heat I’m packing, but his attitude never wavers (“Why
do these assassin girls come around to piss me off??”). We maneuver him around to a table in the
room and I poke him with my shotgun, telling him we know he’s been sniffing around our operation, and
he better lay off and let us know what he’s found out.

The man remains uncooperative, despite my own intensely hardass attitude…what can you do with such
a boy? I nod to Starli, and she pulls her trigger, plugging him in the upper torso. How do you like that,
wise guy?

Down he goes onto the table, and Starli checks his pulse, declaring “He’s gone.” This is one of those
little story-continuity glitches that I can never let pass as a reviewer…I mean I know Starli is wickedly
distracted by her upcoming intentions to play sexually with a dead detective, but declaring him
deceased (when later events will most certainly prove he is not), is more than a mite careless. Oh well.
Despite the mild hitch this puts in my suspension of disbelief, I am just as hot to play with the dead
detective as Starli is!

While spouting snappy noir dialogue (and the acting here really is fine…both women play the parts with
such badass commitment I was totally entertained. I knew Belle could act—she is one of the most
accomplished actual actresses in the genre—but Starli is great too), we mess with our detective boy toy
big time, opening up his pants to alternate sucking him while we play with ourselves. I discover his big
black .45 caliber pistol, and ooh that’s what I want! I go into complete femme fatale slut mode with that
big old gun (and I have a major guns-as-sex-toys fetish in my own little black heart), teasing and
rubbing my pussy with it until I am in complete rapture up on that table.

At this point Starli and I are writhing around like cats in heat with the detective laid out between us on
the table. When we girls start orgasming, he stops playing dead and in a very slick move, grabs his .45
from me, snatches Starli’s pistol (I had left the shotgun on the floor…too big to play with, lol…so much
for “size matters”…), and rolls up off the table to get the drop on both of us. As I said, a very slick stunt
move. And I can see it took some doing, as Chris added some fun outtakes at the end of the film
showing Thor messing it up over and over (drops the guns, jostles the girls awkwardly, etc…while
everyone laughs, of course…). Just seeing that impressed me. Isn’t this supposed to be the “one take
and we’re done” death fetish sex film genre?? Anyway, well done!

Now what follows is really fun. Personally, I hate any form of begging, pleading or submission from my
bad girl persona. I just never stop being a badass. And Belle and Starli do me proud. Though the
detective makes them lie back on the table and gives them more hard attitude and threats as he waves
the guns at them, neither woman stops being a steel-hard bitch. Starli sneers and taunts him, saying
guns make her cum, and Belle pokes a gloved finger right at the gun barrel and flicks her tongue at
him. Oh, these gals! You just know they are about one second from getting up and jumping him like
furies, guns or not.

But he is a hard man. Instead of giving them the slightest opportunity to turn the tables, he abruptly
plugs both women right in the pussies. Omigod! Got me! If their alley cat writhing before was hot, both
gals make being shot in the pussy seem like orgasmic Nirvana. Chris wisely decides to keep the blood
at a minimum (too much bloody stuff grosses me out, personally), though we get some shots of the
entry wounds and some trickles.

The detective circles around them, messing up but not fully removing their clothing (he yanks up Starli’
s bra for instance to expose her breasts, but leaves the bra in a sexy fashion still on her upper body).
He also inserts a gun barrel into each of their mouths in a mock-fellatio move that I find intensely hot.

It appears that one pussy shot each is not going to do it, as the girls linger on, twisting and gasping and
moaning. So he gives each a second shot, right in the clit. This of course is played by the women as the
pain-climax to end all climaxes (and I am right along with them). Finally, we girls give up the ghost.
Superb death stares from both Belle and Starli, I must say.

The detective is so hot himself at this point that he then proceeds to drag them into advantageous
positions and have sex with both bodies, all hardcore (and be aware this is by request from Fade and
from me…that’s the way we like it). Both oral sex and intercourse…all very hot!

Our last scene is the tableau (literally!) of our sprawled bodies on the table.

Mmmm…needless to say, my own sexual enjoyment of all this was off the charts.

Trying to regain my composure as a reviewer and not just a happy and satisfied custom consumer, I
have to say the technical presentation of this video is at a high level of quality. No glitches, twitches,
blinks or cameraman shadows…the videography and editing displays a crisp mix of close-ups, angle
shots and long shots…no jittery camera work. Lighting is clear but not garish. So even if this was not
loaded with my own fantasies, I would be giving the quality a solid rating.

Now there is also a sequel to this film as I mentioned, which is also great fun. I won’t go into as much
detail on “To Kill a Detective Part 2” (as I have already been pretty long-winded lol), but in it Starli’s twin
sister comes after the detective, makes the mistake of thinking the detective’s partner (played by
Johnny W.) is the one who offed the pair of assassins, and she takes him sexually at gunpoint and plugs
him stone cold dead in the forehead when she’s done. WOW!

Of course Thor as the detective returns while Starli 2 is gleefully reporting her success on the phone,
he grabs her by the hair (there’s a lot of hair-pulling in this one, which turns me on big time), whips out
his own gun, and we get another round of intense hardcore sex and another pussy shot in the end. (A
little more blood this time around, which I would have preferred less of, but there is a great line
delivered by Starli 2 – after she has been shot once in the pussy, she tells the detective NOT GOOD
ENOUGH! If she has to die, she wants one right in the clit the way the other women got. Now there is a
woman with attitude to the very end!)

My final word: I enjoyed both of these films immensely. I won’t go to my usual 1-4 bullets rating system,
because I really am biased and you can’t expect a woman who has just had multiple orgasms while
watching two films to be completely objective, but I had more fun with these (over and over!) than I
have in just ages. If any of the above descriptions (bad girls, gun sex-play, hardcore sex, leather-and-
lingerie wear) appeals to you, then “The Grace X Factor” and “To Kill a Detective 2” are a treat you
won’t soon forget.


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