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review by Grace X

Yep, the title of this film about describes it.

It's not going to get a super-high rating from me, but before I go on with why, please do rest assured that
there is not a thing amiss with the quality of this flick. Everything it does, it does well. But it's...well, shall
we say it's a slight little film? No plot to speak a matter of fact, the script is a dialogue-free zone. It's
fun in its way, and has some very sexy moments. Here's the photo preview:
Vivian Jade (a very pretty girl), hangs out on the couch in her pantyhose...smokes for a while from a
cigarette holder just 'cause it's a sexy thing to do, and then Chris slips in through the door, rushes
over and snaps her neck, and then proceeds to slip into numerous other locations.

That's it...and I must say, it has its share of hot necrosex in a couple of positions, foot fetish scenes,
pantyhose ripping, and a swell death stare from Vivian.

So let's call this one what it is. A film to watch with one hand busy elsewhere, and the mind shut off
for twenty minutes or so. Hey, nothing wrong with that!

'Scuse me now, I need to get a hand busy.


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", not brainy"


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