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Savannah's Last Stand
reviewed by Grace X

Now I just love a good Western.

And my favorite gunslinger gals (Sharon Stone in "The Quick and the Dead", and Raquel Welch in
"Hannie Caulder") are just as hot as can be, don't you think?
Savannah can hold her own with either of these fine and deadly women, so I got quite excited about
this film from Chris.

Well, I have to say that while ultimately I had fun watching it, my first reaction was disappointment.
The stills from this flick are great (see below)...I mean, that is some steamy looking action, and
Savannah is plug-'em-dead gorgeous.
But it didn't take more than a minute or so into "Savannah's Last Stand" that I realized this one is a
playful, and slight little flick. The whole feel is one of sexy grown-ups playing kids who are out in the
back yard playing cowboys. That's IS fun, and it brought back some memories of
Little Grace X with her bent-stick pistol having a blast getting shot down before suppertime. But
with the great sets here, the excellent costumes, and a super acting talent like Savannah, I would
have loved to see a story with a bit more ambition.

But as I said, that's okay. Once I settled in, I could enjoy the campy dialogue, and gunslinger
Savannah sure enough does look sexy getting shot.  But don't be looking for much story, kids. I
won't attempt to take you though it step by step...not much that you don't see in the photos. You
know what it made me think of? That old 70's movie "Westworld", where tourists go to a replica
Western set to pretend they are cowboys, and they get to shoot up (and lack of brothel
beauties lounging around) robots who are programmed to play wild west. Then the robots go crazy
and kill everybody. I pictured Savannah as one of those tourists playing cowboy, and Johnny one of
the robots gone bad. In that light, I got a sexy smile out of it.

Though there is actually no sex in this one...shucks! Just a lot of Savannah topless. And Johnny
doesn't get worked up at the idea of having a go at his stripped prize (seems she gave him the clap
in a previous encounter...eeeuw! A little bit of dialogue that explains his indifference to her charms,
but that I could have done without).

So have a light, fun time watching this one, youngsters, and get in here when I call you for dinner!


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