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Pool Shark Strangle 5
review by Grace X

I see Chris has done a lot of these, and it's a fun concept. Badass bitches scamming guys into paying off
in pool games, then the girls get themselves strangled and fucked. Simple, but I like it. Though this is
the most recent in the series it is the first one I've seen, so I won't try and measure it against the
others. I'm guessing they're pretty popular, I mean why make five otherwise?

All right, we get started, and Chris talks on the phone for a while, and Zayda arrives, and they play pool.
She's pretty hot, the black dress is nice, but I have to admit this first part ran on a little long for me. I
like setup, but if a girl's going to be bad, make her seriously fucking bad. I'm not really interested in
more or less innocent victims.

But okay, we get past that. Here's the part that does it for me. I'm not going to be coy, if I watch a sexy
strangle film I want to pretend I'm the one being strangled, and that means drag me around and rip into
my clothes and give me a good tight ligature. Chris gets her with a nylon, that's good, nylons are my

Now we're going, the dress goes up pretty fast and the pussy shots are good and hot. Zayda does a
great strangle, lots of tongue-lash and those big wide eyes, and that nylon does look damn tight. Things
get even better when Chris pulls her top down and one boob slips out. I am wet at this point, and it
goes on for a good long time. Nice, I'm into this.

Chris gives good strangle. He looks like he's really straining at that thing. I hate a killer who does the
limp hand thing. Chris makes his muscles stand out and his face gets red, that's the way to do it.

So he kills her and I'm sufficiently into this to want a good fucking. Chris tears the hose and that gets
me going, and he does a little dragging of my, I mean her, body around on the table, good stuff. The
fuck could be a little more graphic for my taste, it starts out looking a bit sim, but it occurs to me that
maybe Zayda only does the real deed with her husband or boyfriend, and if so, then that's really very
sweet for a scream queen. Good of Chris to respect his actress' boundaries, too.  But yeah, back to the
good stuff. I do like the nice red line on her throat and he does make her jiggle some, to give the man
credit. And then he gets the idea to give himself a foot job with her arch and soles, and Chris, you got
me there. That is seriously sexy, right up to where he comes on her dead feet.

We get some postmortem, all okay, but I'm pretty much just laying back and enjoying being dead along
with Z. now.

The verdict? Snoozed a little to start, but the acting's pretty good if you like a long setup. Stellar
strangle, and sex that went from medium to nice, hot and messy. I'll recommend it, and I'll try others in
the series. Gonna do more, Chris?  I'm there, and make the next girl a real killer.

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