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Silenced Headshot
review by Grace X

Mmmm, I felt restless today. My husband is at work so I can't jump him, and I've been working up some
roleplay with online friends (Grace X as a Washington DC hooker looking to steal military secrets...
Grace X as an assassin going after a detective...a kiss to KGK and FB for starting me into those...) but
nothing is really at the hot death and sex point there yet, and I want some action.

So I cornered another of my favorite online roleplay friends and confessed this dilemma. I didn't feel
like playing my usual Sex and Murder League or Black Widow assassin...did he have any ideas? Why,
bless his heart, yes he did! He offered to treat me to a Chris' Corner film of my choice, to enjoy right
away (and maybe revisit in a little hot roleplay afterward). Now we're talking! So I head for Nicheclips like
a kid in a candy shop, looking for something to turn me on.

Okay, I want an actress who looks something like me, and she's got to be a bad girl (no innocent victims
for this killer babe!)...I didn't want to stress my friend's budget by picking something too expensive, and
I wanted a quickie anyway, so short and hot and sweet would do me just fine.

Ah! I spotted Nyxon and Chris in "Silenced Headshot", and felt that familiar tingle...that's the one!

Nyxon does indeed look quite a bit like me,
with her long black hair and big eyes, so
climbing inside of her skin to get murdered
and screwed felt ever so right!

She also plays the girlfriend of a mobster, and
that is also just perfectly bad. Mob girlfriends
somehow never seem to come to good ends
...tsk, tsk!

So off we go. Nyxon is fluttering around the
house doing domestic stuff to get ready for
her big bad boyfriend when he comes home.
She is a bit flighty in her mannerisms, and I
had to smile at that, as I must confess I get
the same way when I'm setting things up for a steamy night at home with hubby. So she's cooking,
primping, setting the table, lighting candles...ah, I can just picture it now! Boyfriend comes home for a
nice dinner and tells me about his day (Who did he off today? Anyone good? Steal anything extra
special?)...with of course some hot sex on the menu after we chat and eat.

She hears his big old car drive up and scurries to the kitchen to finish up, but what she doesn't realize
is it isn't her boyfriend. In comes Chris, a mob hitman, and while she chats away from the other room, he
grins and drinks her wine and gets his whopper of a silenced gun ready. Seems the mob boss is a mite
tired of Nyxon...time to retire her for a new model.

Out she comes to greet her lover, but her happy expression quickly turns wary, confused and
about-to-be-angry when she sees Chris. He tells her in a relaxed manner that her boyfriend is breaking
up with her, and she manages just a "What?" before we get a camera shot right down the barrel of the
gun, and that sweet little "snick" sound of a silenced bullet. Nyxon's head jerks, and she drops to her
knees, a gorgeous red circle on her forehead...goes so well with her bright red lipstick! Then she gives
a nice death-gurgle and melts down to the floor.

Oooh, got me. Yeah, me, right along with her. Much as I love to be strangled in my fantasies, now and
again the sudden shock of bullet is just what I want. I envision it sending one last incredible orgasmic
jolt through my body, before I'm gone. Mmmm.

Now Nyxon is just a gorgeous as can be laying face down there on the floor with a hole in her head.

What does any hitman worth his bullets do at this point? Um hm....

Chris strips and screws her, oh yes, that feels SO good! The sex is sim and over a little too speedily for
my taste, but hey, I wanted a quickie after all.

After that, time to head out. All that table-setting she did, and the most perfect sight in the house is
dead Nyxon herself. If her mob boyfriend has any sense, he'll stop by later and have a last go at her
beautiful corpse himself.

Ah, I feel so much better. What a good idea that was! Next time I feel horny and restless, I'm headed
straight for Chris' clip store, even if I don't have a gentleman friend offering to treat me.

This is a short flick with a quick payoff and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Next time though, let's have some
lingering sex with the departed...a woman that stunning deserves a proper sendoff.


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"Mmm, love that little
red hole..."


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