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review by Grace X

Stevie and Chris B. in "Succubus". Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

Chris honey, I've thought since doing my first review for you, of
"Pool Shark Strangle 5", that I wasn't
really being fair in my criticisms. I based them on what I like, and maybe I need to think some more about
your viewers, too. I mean, I know they are mostly guys, and probably they like the fantasy of more or less
innocent victims. That's not for me, and anyone who reads my reviews ought to take that into
consideration. My own fantasies were of those baddest Bond girls, who were tough and crazy and loved
to kill and screw, like Fatima Blush...
Or Xenia Onatopp...

Gals who got off on murder, and then got killed
themselves because sweet jesus the bitches deserved
it. That's me, and those are the fantasies I love the
best. I love to fantasize being them, and being shot or
strangled or stabbed (preferably in the middle of a
good fuck), after I have done stuff, REALLY REALLY
BAD stuff.

Okay, enough
mea culpa. Now that we know what I like,
I'm going to tell you straight out I LOVED "Poetry &
Murder: Succubus". You want a bad girl? Chris, I
watched your free Pool Shark movie on the site with
Stevie, and she had some attitude, but who knew she
this badass?
I mean, check this out...
Yeah, I know she is being
erotically strangled, guys, and her
black lace bra has come undone
and her pussy is showing, but get
a grip for a second and take a look
at her hips. Those are shooting
irons tattooed there, or I'm Mother
Theresa. Now
that's my kind of girl.
Okay, so let's slide things back to the beginning. The story here is about a mob-connected
model-slash-performance-artist who has a bitch of a female boss that she hates, so what's
a girl to do? She hires a strangler called the Poetry Killer to do away with the bitch. She
loves his M.O. (he leaves a death poem with every victim) so much that SHE wants to be
the one to write the poem. She does just that, and has the attitude to call the guy and
order him around, telling him just how she wants the kill to happen.
I think maybe I gave the impression in my last review that I don't like setup in a death-sex flick. Not so! I
just like it to really give dimension to the character, not just take up space. I liked all the setup in this
one, including Stevie getting herself hot by reading her own poem and playing with herself while she
stares at the writing, and also a hot scene of her modeling for a photographer while she knows very
well her rival is out there getting murdered. Stevie's got a mix of bedroom and killer eyes that is really
something to see. Oh, by the way, she happens to have a big bad gun that she hides in the cushions of
her couch. She plans to pay off her hired strangler (after using him for some killer sex), in hot lead.  Did
I say this is a girl after my own heart?
Chris B. as the Poetry Killer arrives and Stevie wants the murder weapon to fondle. He gives her the
nylons he used to strangle her rival, and she rubs them against her face and under her nose, smiling
and saying "I can smell her fear". Did I say this is REALLY a girl after my own heart?

She wraps the nylons around her own neck and is clearly so turned on she has to have sex RIGHT NOW.
She sucks the P.K. like a pro, and when he's nice and hard, turns around and orders him to fuck her.
(Was there any doubt you would comply, Chris?)

They screw for a while doggie style on the couch, and it's steamy stuff, with lots of hair pulling,
nylon-around-the-neck touching, and good old fashioned badass fucking. When she thinks he's into it
enough to be fully distracted, she goes for the gun in the cushions.

Oops. He was toying with the nylon garrote right at that moment, and he yanks it tight, and hauls her
back and up, lifting her right off her feet (see pic above, lol). Omigod at this point I am over the moon.
I've said it before, Chris, holy shit you give good strangle.
It goes on for a sweet long time, sexy and super tight around the neck, christalmighty that's how it's
done. Stevie puts up a fight worthy of her evil nature, but of course it ends up with her dead as a
Then we get a postmortem screw that I'll be dreaming about for a while. Stevie literally gets her lingerie
torn off her. Fishnets ripped away, and some nice necro foot worship, followed by some great wet explicit
necrosex and necro BJ, that ends up with Chris cumming on her bare tits. Ooh, lordy.
Nice artsy flourish at the end, as he reads her own death poem to her then crumples it up and stuffs it in
her mouth.
Chris honey, did you make this movie just for me?

I'm going to give it five stars, ten stars, or whatever is way above my highest rating. What would you
think of a prequel, where we get to see the Poetry Killer killing and otherwise doing Stevie's bitch boss?
I would have loved to see that. But whatever, I'm just greedy when I get stuff like this.

Don't tell my husband, Chris, but I'm going to be daydreaming for some time about you strangling and
screwing me, JUST LIKE THAT.


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