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Stranglefucked Toy
reviewed by Grace X

Okay, you knew it wasn't going to be all sweetness and light from me.

Still, though I will say up front that this film was a big disappointment, I'm not just going to beat it up. I
know it is an older movie of Chris', and his recent works that I've seen have been on a whole different
level, and I'm gonna take that into consideration. Or maybe it was just a bad day at the office. We all have
those. So Chris, you get a pass from me (kiss) 'cause I love your work. But I'd still like to kinda figure out
what went wrong here, if nothing else as a cautionary tale.

I make it a policy not to review films when I don't like the premise. That wouldn't be fair. I don't like mean
rape, or torture with innocents getting hurt, or begging and pleading, that sort of stuff. Chris doesn't do
much of it, which makes me happy, but I understand some people are into those fantasies. Not me, so no
comment on those.

But I DID like this premise. The idea of an evil couple who prey on hookers for their own murderous
pleasures is pretty hot, and I've seen it done pretty well before, even in mainstream movies (ever watch
"The Crow"?) Yeah, yeah, the hooker is basically an innocent victim and I'm contradicting my previous
statement, but my focus here is the evil couple.

Here is a montage of stills from the movie, and you know? It looks pretty sexy.
Molly (the dark haired girl) and Sammi are very hot, and Zander, though he's got kind of a baby face for
this, also has kind of a sardonic look to him (and he's well hung, lol).

So I was looking forward to this.

What went wrong? Lots of things. The production values are okay, Chris never does work that is
rushed or sloppy from the film direction and editing side, but from the get-go these actors don't seem
like they're into it. The setup comes off as reading lines to me, and I started to disconnect almost
immediately, cause you know, I want to get into the fantasy, and these seemed like folks going through
the motions for a paycheck. But I hung in there. I wanted to see the evil Sammi strangling Molly while
she's being screwed (in the fantasy I would be Sammi). But here too, the whole thing seems
half-hearted. Sammi gives such a limp strangling effort that Zander actually steps in to take over, and
he doesn't do a heck of a lot better. Molly gives it the old school try at a hot strangle, but she isn't
convincing either. Now to clarify, I am looking for FANTASY sexy strangling. It isn't that I want "real
real", which would creep me out and turn me off. I want the victim to go through sexual-type motions
and do it intensely. Chris, you have managed to capture perfect hot strangles over and over in other
films. Here, the killers, and the (admittedly pretty) gal seem like they're mailing it in.

I watched it all the way through hoping for one last thing. I wanted Sammi to get strangled too, either
because Zander loses it in wild murderous passion or she was double-crossing him or something. That
could have led to a steamy scene of him taking their bodies both sexually afterward. But that didn't
happen either. Damn. (That particular disappointment is on me in all fairness. Chris always writes a
clear synopsis for his movies and no such final scene was advertised. But a girl can hope.) Anyway as
the killers sort of wandered off in the end I felt like: "huh?"

So needless to say, this one doesn't get my recommendation, unless you just want to use the "pause"
button on your laptop to look at some nice stills of Molly.

You know I love your movies, Chris honey. I suspect this was a bump in the road, and you learned from

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