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Starring: Samantha

What a bummer, being so young and pretty with so much life a head of you, then you find out
that you are terminally ill. This young lady found this out a couple weeks ago and has come to
grips with death. She checks in to the suicide ranch, “Final Journey”, and gets settled in. After
a nice consultation, spa, final meal, and a smoke, she decides its time. She heads to her “Light
Room Suite”, a small economical room, fitted with clean sheets, flowers, and a nice surgical
steel dagger, to do her final bidding, and die in orgasm, happy and content.

She slowly looks around, seeing the sun peak through the windows, and the flowers in the
vase, after a moment she stands up and unzips her sweater revealing her perfect body in a
lovely red pair of stockings, as well as garters, a bra, long opera gloves, and heels. She
applies some lip-gloss so she looks her best as she goes out! She sits down, picks up the
sharp dagger and runs it over her body several times to get her in the mood for death, her
final fantasy to take her own life with a dagger, while having a great orgasm.

She stands up, positions the knife, and takes the plunge, groaning with sharp pain to the gut,
she doubles over a bit but then stands back up straight to show the trickle of blood leaking
from her new gash. She twists the dagger in her belly, trying to increase the level of pain
while she pinches her nipples, and runs her fingers through her hair, all the while keeping the
dagger in her belly, and twisting her guts inside. After a few minutes of pain and pleasure she
goes deeper, and wrenches harder, which makes her lie back on to the bed and then trickles
of blood come from her mouth, as a result of puncturing organs, she is too far to turn back,
and is turned on.

After a while of twisting the knife in her gut she settles into her orgasm, then dies with a final
twitch and gasp. She looks so lovely laying there with blood spilling from her belly, and mouth,
dead to the world. We then see lots of views and pans of the suicide lover.


Price: 15.00
Run Time: 18:50 minutes
File Size: 378 MB  Format: .WMV
Category: Stabbing/Throat Slice
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