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                         Invasion of the Body Snatchers Script
                                              (from a Chris' Corner Script Contest)
                                                                by Moon Shiner


Scene 1:

We see a small comet streaking thru space, headed for earth.

The view switches to the night sky, we see the comet flash across the dark sky, just below a full

The point of view switches again, to the prospective of the meteor, we see it heading for a group
of lights, obviously  a city, in the mountains of the eastern United States.
The view changes to the prospective of the ground.
The meteor  explodes, and small fragments are scattered over the ground below.
A small piece falls into a flower garden in the front of a house in a subdivision.  It buries itself into
the loose soil of the flower patch.

Scene 2:

The next morning as the sun rises we see the thin sprout of a new plant starting to rise out of the
ground. The view changes to a shot from the street toward the front door of the house, we see a
young woman standing with a cup of coffee looking at the sun rising in the east.  She steps out on
the porch, looking over her flowers in the beds on each side of the porch.

Zayda works as a landscaper and she is very concerned about the proper care of her flowers and
bushes.She had just planted a new set of spring flowers, a week ago, and she was checking their
progress.She was dressed in her gown and a robe, just having gotten out of bed.

Zayda was not married, but had recently started dating again, her neighbor Lexxi and her husband
John were close friends of Zayda. Zayda spied the new flower in her bed, a very fragrant and
colorfully bloom she did not recognize. It had not been there the day before, but now stood 6
inches above the ground, with a 3 inch flower at its top, with many leaves, all of which seemed to
have some kind of thick honey or oil on them.  Upon closer examination the petals of the bloom
itself seemed to be covered with the same liquid. She heard a door slam, and looked to her next
door neighbors house, seeing Lexxi leaving her front door, headed to her mail box.

’Good morning, Lexxi’, Zayda called and waved to her neighbor, standing up to greet Lexxi.
’Hello Zayda, what are you doing so early in the morning?’, Lexxi asked her, still moving toward
the mail box.
’Just checking my landscaping, I seem to have a volunteer here, I don’t know where it came from’,
she answers Lexxi’s question, turning back to the strange plant in front of her.
’When you finish there, come over and have a cup of coffee’, Lexxi invites Zayda over to her
’We can talk about girl stuff, and what ever’, Lexxi says.
’Let me get into my shorts  and I will be right over’, Zayda answers, kneeling down in front of the
new flower.
She looks at the strange plant, then bends down to smell the pleasant odor the flower is emitting.
’Wow!  That smells like … Sex!’, she mutters to herself.
She reaches out with her hand to rub her finger through the liquid on the leaves, she smells her
finger, , then tastes the fragrant liquid.
’Mmmmm, that tastes like an orgasm feels’, she reaches down again to touch the plant, then
suddenly jerks her hand back, being pricked by a hidden thorn next to the stem.
’Oh, you have teeth too’, she comments, putting her finger in her mouth, to seal the blood.
She feels a little dizzy, and wipes her forehead with her hand.
’I'll have to be more carefully around this one’, she says, staring at the beautiful bloom on the

For some unknown reason, Zayda feels a strong urge to pick the flower, she never wants to pick
her flowers, they die after that. The urge is so strong she carefully plucks the flower from her
garden, and carries it into her house, placing it in a small vase filled with water. She staggers
again, feeling another dizzy spell.

’What’s wrong with me’, she says, heading for her bedroom, shaking her head to try and get the
woozyness to pass. Zayda gets to her bed, and removes her robe, stopping to regain her balance,
then throwing the robe on the floor. ’Woo’, she says, a sick feeling churning in her stomach.
She removes the gown, again staggering and almost falling, she drops the gown to the floor and
her eyes widen, she gasps and groans, falling on her bed, her body rolling off the bed, to the
floor. She ends up on her back, with nothing but her pantie’s on, her eyes wide with surprise, her
body jerks and she groans again, then dies.

Scene 03:

Lexxi is sitting in her kitchen, wondering what had happened to Zayda.  She looked at the clock,
12:38, ‘What could be keeping her?’, she wonders.
Lexxi gets up from her table and looks out her kitchen window toward Zayda’s house.  She sees
the back door open and watches Zayda leave her house, wearing just a pair of panty’s.  She is
carrying a vase with a flower in it.
Lexxi’s eyes widen with shock,
’What the hell!’, she gasps, seeing the half dressed Zayda, crossing their back yards.
She goes to her back door to meet Zayda, who arrives just as Lexxi gets to her back door.
Zayda looks at Lexxi thru the screen, her face showing no expression, the strange flower held
securely to her bosom with both her hands.
’Zayda, you’re traveling kind risque there aren’t you’, Lexxi comments, shaking her head at Zayda.
Zayda does not acknowledge Lexxi’s comment, she just pushes the flower toward her friend.
’Are you OK?’, Lexxi asks opening the door for Zayda.
Zayda does not answer, but steps thru the door into Lexxi’s kitchen.
’Sit down, I think we need to have a talk’, Lexxi says to the lethargic Zayda.
Zayda sits in the chair indicated by Lexxi, putting the vase on the table in front of her.
’Coffee?’, Lexxi asks, getting a cup from her cabinet, and filling it with hot coffee.
She sits the cup in front of Zayda, who stares straight ahead, not responding to Lexxi in any
’Something bothering you, do you need to talk about it’, Lexxi sits, at the other end of the table,
staring into Lexxi’s eyes.
Zayda finally shakes her head slowly in the positive.
’What is it?’, Lexxi asks, taking a sip of her own coffee.
’I am in love with you’, Zayda speaks in a monotone, like a robot.
’What?’, Lexxi blurts out, spraying coffee over the table.
’Are you playing a game on me’, Lexxi looks at her friends face, cleaning up the coffee with a
’I love you, I want to have sex with you’, Zayda drones out again, in a monotone.
’Sex!’, Lexxi gasps, her eyes wide with surprise.
’Well I must say, you certainly are direct’, Lexxi says shaking her head, still thinking that Zayda is
playing a joke on her.
I know, how about a threesome, me, you and John’, Lexxi responds, bursting out in laughter.
’Yes, a threesome, that’s really what I want’, Zayda replies, nodding her head in agreement.
Lexxi just stares at her, not knowing how to answer.
’Are you serious?’, Lexxi finally says, a serious look on her face.
’Yes, but first let me show you my new flower’, Zayda says, picking up the flower and sitting it in
front of Lexxi.
’Smell it’s aroma, what does it smell like to you?’, Zayda asks, in her monotone voice, slipping
behind Lexxi in her chair.
Lexxi bends forward to smell the flower, then sits back in her chair.
’I don’t know’, she reaches out with her hand to pull the flower closer to her and she jerks back.
’Oh, it has thorns’, she says, looking at her hand.
’Mmmmm, yes it does, just sit back in your chair, let the warmth flow into your body’, Zayda
whispers, her hands rubbing Lexxi’s neck and shoulders.
’I've always wanted to know, if you color your hair’, Lexxi drones out, her hands falling to her side,
and her head crashing to the table.
Zayda smiles and goes back to her chair, calmly sipping her coffee, and looking into Lexxi’s wide
eyes staring to her left, her tongue drooling out on the table top.

Scene 04:

Lexxi’s husband John, pulls into their driveway, he picks up his briefcase and exits the car, sitting
his case by the door, stripping off his tie and closing the door.

Lexxi, I’m home, lets see that wonderful smile’, he shouts.
’In here’, he hears a female voice say, but does not recognize it right away.
He leaves the tie around his neck, and goes into the kitchen.
He sees his wife lying on the kitchen table, completely naked, her eyes staring at him, her body
covered with flower petals.
Some petals have been arranged around her breasts, with one petal sticking to both her nipples.
John stares at Lexxi, then turns to Zayda, noticing for the first time she is clad in only a pair of
sheer panty’s.
’What’s going on here’, he asks, his eyes shifting between Zayda and Lexxi.
’It’s a threesome’, Zayda answers, smiling seductively at John.
’Of course, why didn’t I know that’, he responds, his gaze coming back to Zayda.
’What’s wrong with Lexxi’, he asks, his eyes remaining on Zayda.
’Nothing, she is regenerating’, Zayda answers, her smile widening.
’Yes, regenerating’, John agrees, starting to suspect some sort of joke.

Zayda shakes her head, looking down at Lexxi, then back to John.

Right on queue, Lexxi, speaks from her position on the table.
’Zayda and I have a special gift for you’, she rises from the table, swinging her legs to the floor,
displaying her naked body to him.
’If you want to play, you have to eat both the petals from my breasts’, Lexxi says, pushing out her
breasts, making the petals easier for him to reach.
’Are you two playing a joke on me?’, he says in a questioning tone, his head turning from one
woman to the other.
Zayda steps to the edge of the table beside Lexxi, and removes her panty’s, then both women
smile at him.
Zayda reaches over to Lexxi and takes a flower petal from her body and sticks it to her own nipple.
’It’s your choice, where to start’, Zayda pushes out her own breasts, both women smiling sexually.

’This has to be a dream’, John says as he walks to Zayda, plucking the flower petal from her
breast, swallowing it, then pulling the nipple into his mouth.

He stands, leaving Zayda in a state of high excitement, moves to his wife’s breast.
He plucks the flower petal from her right breast, chewing it briefly then swallowing it, he moves to
her left breast, sucking the petal into his mouth, then he stands his hands go to his neck, his eyes
widen and he drops to the floor.
The two women smile, then fall into each others arms, kissing and fondling each other.
They make passionate love on the table, going on for hours, one lying on the table, being sexed
by the other, then changing places and doing each other again.
Finally after several orgasms Lexxi rises and Zayda sits on the table, expecting her turn, Lexxi
pulls the tie from John’s neck, walks behind Zayda, looping the tie around her neck and savagely
strangles her.
Zayda fights with all her strength, bucking and twisting, her eyes wide and her body going into
Finally Zayda is still, her body spasms a couple of times, Lexxi holds the garrote in place until
Zayda’s body is still.
She is lying on the table on her left shoulder, Lexxi turns her on her back, letting her head and
arms dangle to the floor, and her legs stretched to the floor on the other side.
She smiles then walks around the table to the other side, waiting for her husband to regenerate.

Scene 05:

John sits up, then stands up, he  survays the scene, his wife holds out her hands to him, and he
walks to her, kissing her passionately.
She drops to her knees in front of him, and removes his cock, taking it into her mouth, giving him
a long oral sex session.
He smiles at her, kissing her again, fondling her body, then lets her down on the table, her legs
hanging just right for sex.
He enters her and pumps her with ever increasing thrusts, bending over her to satisfy his lust.
He ejaculates with a grunt and a slow moan from her.
He gasps for a minute, smiling down at her evilly then tells her to sit up.
She does, and he walks around to the other side of the table, removing his tie from Zayda’s neck,
then with a grin on his face wraps it around Lexxi’s neck strangling her to death.

He comes back to the front side of the table, looking at the two women. He goes to Zayda’s body,
and does her, thrusting into her and jarring the table, her head, legs, arms and breast wave and
wobble with his effort.
He finishes with her then moves to Lexxi, who receives the same treatment.

He looks over his work, then picks up the vase with the flower, goes out the back door, and walks
toward  a neighbors house with a swimming pool in the back yard, and a young woman sunning on
a lounge.

Fade to black, roll the credits!

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Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: February 19, 2012


Just got back tonight, I remember reading this sometime ago, I remember
telling you then that I thought it was the best one of the three or four that
was submitted.

I sure haven't changed my mind.

As I told you in my last email I'm so jealous I could spit.

No really my friend this is just great, I know you know as an author and a
screen writer, I couldn't be prouder or happier for you.

Great work my friend....NH

Comment from: Othello
Date: February 19, 2012

I agree, this was certainly one of the best scripts submitted to Chris'
screenplay contest with the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" theme. I really
look forward to seeing these when they get the remarkable Chris' Brown film

Moon Shiner, you have a fine feel for cinematic action, smart dialogue (and
needless to say, the themes of sex and death are hot!) Well done.

And Nighthawk, it is clear you are a thoughtful person and a good friend as
well as a fine writer. I love the validation you give to others.


Comment from: Grace X
Date: February 19, 2012

I remember these too! From Chris' old forum. I really got into reading the
stories done on this really appealed to me, what with the alien
influence turning ALL women into killer femme fatales who perpetrate no end
of mayhem before coming to sexy bad ends. Mmm...can you imagine what I
would get up to if one of those alien flowers got  into me??

Your screenplay is DEFINITELY one of the best of the bunch, my Kentucky
gentleman killer. I love this. I hope Chris starts up this series soon...I'm itching
to watch, review (and enjoy other activities while watching) these!

XX Grace


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: February 22, 2012

You've always been an encouragement to me, NightHawk, we've both gone
through times of despair when creations lack worthiness.  You have kept me
from giving up more than once.
Thanks again.

Grace X and Othello, there is nothing more important than a comment, its
nectar to a writer.

I too will look forward to Chris B, breathing life into these words.

Its a role made for you, Grace x,
I saw a few errors in the script, I'm thinking of revamping (no pun intended)
and perhaps making you a character.  In a revised script.

Thanks to all for taking the time to comment.

I can't tell you what it means to me.

Comment from: Fleming
Date: February 25, 2012

Hey my friend, wow now that is a script, detailed, well written, clever and most
of all sexy as all hell and great fun as well.

Loved the careful build up, the setting of the mood was excellent and the
body snatchers theme is faultlessly married with the fetish aspects, all while
played in a delightful tongue in cheek humorous way.

The stranglings, sex and earlier regeneration demises are very erotic and
promise amazing scenes, the use of the flower and the behavior of the
"aliens" is fitting and cool, never has mindless drone seemed so

Loved the clever set up to the stranglings by him starting to remove the tie
and then keeping it on and the atmosphere of the whole weird situation is so
delightfully presented.

The ending indicating the endless circle that has just been started is perfect.

I surely hope this will be made into a Chris' Corner video, it has all it needs on
the page already to be a spectacular little film.

Well done my friend, well done indeed. :)

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: February 26, 2012

There's one thing I know that you are an expert in Fleming.  It's movies.
It's a high compliment from you, I'm certainly flattered by your words.

Chris B's adaptations always seem to make it even better, there is nothing
more exciting than to see a story presented in action and dialog.

Here's your chance Fleming, put one of your own on your keyboard and send

Thanks for the wonderful comment, my Iceland friend.

Thanks to all, that took the time to write down their thoughts and