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Nightmares Within Dreams

by Moon Shiner

A young woman wondered down the dark hallway, of an apartment building.  A feeling of doom and fear
lingered in her mind.  Her dark brown eyes, shifted left and right, expecting something, but not
knowing what it might be.  Each shadow or shape, suggesting danger.  She heard no sound, except her
own breathing, her mind could not shake the fact, her demise was just a few seconds away.

She stopped in front of an apartment door, the number read, 1313, her apartment number, a chill of
fear streaked through her brain, for no apparent reason.
She reached out to grasp the door knob, her hand seemed to pass through the metal knob.
She pulled back in shock, looking at her hand, wondering how such a thing could occur.
She put her hand out again, to push the door open, her hand disappeared into the door, she looked
with amazement at her arm sticking into the solid wood of her door.
She pulled it back slowly, seeing her hand appear, with fingers still embedded in the door.
She wiggled her fingers trying to feel the door, it was as if she had her fingers in water, nearly no
She accepted the impossible, and stepped through the door into her own apartment.  It was just as she
remembered, her cup of coffee still sitting on the bar, where she had left it that morning.  The
apartment was dark, only the light from the street illuminating the area.  She was a neat freak, every
thing had a place, and every thing in its place.

It was one of the reasons she was seeing a therapists.. She circled around the couch, passing her
kitchen, she looked into the room, again nothing seemed disturbed.  Then her brown eyes focused on
the knife rack, hanging above the counter.  The 13 inch carving knife was missing.  Once again, the
overwhelming feeling of danger spread through her.  She almost screamed with fear, but controlled
her self.
The words of her psychologist, ringing in her ears, “13 is your number, it is lucky for you, its a sign that
you are dreaming”.
Her hand went to her mouth, as a gasp vibe rated the silence of the apartment.

She passed by her bathroom, stopping to look in, everything again in its place, the towel she had used
to shower with, neatly draped over the rack to dry, her hair dryer, hanging beside her vanity mirror, her
makeup in neat rows.
She continued her stroll down the hallway, approaching her bedroom, the door was closed.
“I don't remember doing that”, she thought, again reaching for the brass knob, trying to turn it.  Her
hand passed through the knob again, she shuddered with impending fear.  She gulped, then stepped
through the door.
A feeling of total dread creped over her body, a chill of the unknown, she hesitated before she move.
She whispered the words, “Its only a dream”, 13 times, as instructed by Dr. Jacob. She pushed  the
fear, back in its jail, as she passed into her bedroom.  There was a closet, with mirrored doors to her
right, she looked into it, as she always did.  She stopped again, looking at the mirror, no image
appeared there, she waved her hand, in front of her body, watching for movement in the mirror.  She
saw nothing but the reflection  of her dresser behind her.
She looked at her hand, then back to the mirror she suddenly realized she was not in her body.  She
was an apparition, a ghost, a spirit, not a human being.  Her mouth dropped open in astonishment, what
had happened, she remembered nothing.  She turned back to the room, her eyes scanning the items in
the room.  She gasped again, her eyes stopping at her bed.  She screamed with fright, her hands
covering her mouth, her eyes wide with surprise and horror.
There on her bed, was her body, her favorite pink nightgown ripped open, exposing her naked, her
head dangled over the edge and her long brunette hair, stretched to the floor.  Her wide staring eyes,
with slack mouth stared back at her.  Her legs were spread, her vagina covered with sticky seaman, the
missing butcher knife, buried in her ribs, just below her left breast.
The girl looked at her own death, she screamed again, shaking her head with disbelief, her mind
unable to accept the fact.
“My god”, she shrieked, falling to her knees, sobbing into her hands.

Cindy's eyes flashed open, her own sobs startling her back from a terrible nightmare.  The book she
had been reading fell from her lap, and her hands were still at her face.
She looked around the dark room, her living room, her thoughts coming back to her slowly.
“Oh god, just another terrible  terrible nightmare”, she gasped, her heart pounding with fright.
“Calm down,”, she commanded herself, her control calming her racing heart.
“You're ok, it was just a dream”, she recites the words her annalist had told her to say.
It worked, her mind controlled her fear, and she settled back into reality.
She was still wearing the pink nightgown she had seen in her dream, she felt the spot in her side,
where the knife had been.  She reassured herself, everything was alright.
She drew in a long breath, then exhaled it slowly, doing it again, the deep breathing soothing her
intense emotion.

“Call Jake”, she suddenly muttered, grabbing the phone at her side, and dialing his number.
“Hello, Jake, its Cindy, I had another nightmare”, she speaks quickly into the phone.
“I'm sorry, I didn't look at the time”, she apologies, a frown forming on her face.
“Can you come over?”, she asks, a worried look on her face.
“I know it is late, I'm just so scared!”, she whines.

“Thanks, I'll see you in half an hour, I love you”, she makes kissing noises into the receiver, a relieved
smile on her face.
“Bye Jake, in 30 minutes then”, she closes the conversation, hanging up the phone, jumping up to
dash back to her bedroom.
She glances at the kitchen when she passes, staring at the knife rack, her soft eyes focus on the
carving knife in her dream.  She stops, turning her head to the side, then looking back.  The large knife
was there, but in the wrong slot, she never did that.
Another look of worry clouded out her relief, the feeling of pending doom, returning to her mind.
She looked down again, at her body, feeling the spot just below her firm left breast, making sure there
was no wound there.

She walked slowly back to her bedroom, caution in her steps, unsure of her self again.

She stepped into the bedroom, carefully looking around the room, everything in its place, she

She looks at herself in the mirror, her image looking back at her.  The shapely figure of a attractive
brunette woman, fit, trim and beautiful, her image, not an apparition..
She exhales with relief, reaching down to pull the mirrored door open.
The body of a woman swings out from the opened door, her body suspended by a stocking tied around
her neck. The pink night gown, ripped open to expose all her womanly intimacy.  Cindy jumps back with
a scream, her hands covering her mouth, watching the corpse turn slowly, to face her.
A look of intense horror appears on her face, she recognizes her own face and body, right down to the
small mole just below her navel.
Cindy faints, her body crumpling to the floor, the last thing in her memory her body gently swinging
against the mirror of the closet.
She awakens, to the voice of a male, “Wake up Cindy, open those beautiful brown eyes”.
She felt the gentle pats of a concerned friend and soothing words of encouragement.

Her eyes a little blurry at first, finally focus on the face of her analysts and lover, Jake.  She could see a
worried look, along with one of relief, when she responded to him.
Cindy was lying on her bed, a cool wash cloth on her forehead, and at last a trusted friend for her to
lean on.
She rises from the bed, sitting up, grabbing Jake around his neck, hugging him to her, her head turned
to the side, leaning into his broad chest.
“You ok? Cindy”, he asks, returning her hug with his own muscular arms, pulling her tightly against him.
“I'm fine, now that your here”, she says, still holding to him.
“What happened?”, he asks, seeing that Cindy was very upset.


Cindy breaks into a shuddering crying spell, the horrible images of her death, still in her mind.

“Settle down, you're fine, no one will hurt you”, Jake strokes her long silky hair, but still holds her

Cindy had not realized how much the stress of her nightmares had taken out of her.  With the relief of
Jake, coming to her aid, she quickly drifted off to sleep, cuddling her body into his, a satisfied smile on
her face.
Jake gently lowers her sleeping form to the bed, he gently kisses her cheek, then pulls the covers
from the other side, folding them across her body.  She mumbles something, then curls up under the
comforter, a little smile on her face.
Jake goes back to the living room and turns on the TV, watching the old movies on channel 13.

Cindy awakens again, her eyes flashing open, confused a bit, slowly sitting up to look around her
She looks at her alarm clock, the digital clock displays, 1313, she frowns at the display.
“Has someone set this thing on military time?”.
She remembers Jake, coming to help her, wondering where he has gone.

She rises from her bed, and strolls into her living room, the TV is on, but just a test pattern showing,
she looks on the couch, to see if he is there, but finds nothing.

She turns slowly toward her kitchen, a form on her bar, catching her focus.  Its her body, she is lying
across the bar, her head hanging off one side, her arms and hair dangle toward the floor.  Her pink
gown is ripped open, and standing between her spread legs, is Jake, his cock thrusting in and out of
her sex.
Cindy covers her mouth with her hands, her deep brown eyes, wide with the unexpected site of her
analyst, violating her.
She runs to him, screaming, trying to pull him back but again her hands pass right through his body.  
She stops, pulling her hands back, staring at it, then back at the awful vision in her kitchen.
“Jake, what are you doing?”, she screams, still horrified by the illusion.
Jake does not react, he just keeps pushing himself into her body.  Jill moves to a place, where she can
see her own face, her eyes staring into nothing, her hair, arms and head, swaying in sync with her
killers strokes.
Cindy can not help herself, a twitch of excitement in her sex.  She closes her eyes, imagining she feels
the violent thrusts, the hand squeezing her breasts.
“What's wrong with me? I'm being raped and I'm starting to be aroused.”, she thinks, her eyes focusing
again on her own body.
“Mmypth, Oooo”, she tries to muffle a yelp of delight, as a orgasm ripples through her.
“Stop, please stop, this can't be happening”, she moans, her sex tightening with another wave of noir
In her mind, she sees Dr. Jacob, his serious face, “Cindy, Its a dream, only a dream, say it, 13 times”.
She nods, closing her eyes, reciting the phrase.
Cindy suddenly awakes, sitting up with a gasp and moan.
She looks around, its her bedroom, she is in her bed, she looks at the clock,, its blinking 13:13.  A form
rushes to her door, its Jake, from the living room, rushing to her side.
“Are you alright?”, he asks, with breathless concern.
“Yes, sorry Jake, it was another nightmare.”, Cindy says, looking at her out of breath friend.
“Another horrible nightmare”, Cindy continues, dropping her head, her hair fluttering around her face,
trying to cover her frightened expression.
Jake, sits on the bed, hugging her to him again, “Would it help, to talk about it?”.
Cindy puts her arms around him, resting her head against his chest, feeling safe there, her fears eased
by his presence.
“No, I don't think so”, she replies, not wanting to tell him, about her last nightmare, she knew it could
not be anything else.
“Sure, it will, get it off your mind, I'm a good listener”, he whispers to her, hugging her tightly.

“No Jake, I can't, its too awful”, she replies, turning her face up to his, the trail of her tears shining in
the light.
She did not want to tell him, he was her killer in the last nightmare.

“Oh, come on now, none of that, I won't let anything happen to you”, he says, brushing a tear with his
fingers, kissing her lightly on her  forehead.
“I can't, Jake, its embarrassing”, she says, putting her head back on his chest.
“Alright, then, lie back down, go to sleep but if you are awakened again by a nightmare, you have to
discuss it with me, OK?”, he says to her, patting her back with a gentle hand.
“OK, I will, if you think it will help”, she replies, nodding her head with agreement.
“OK, Cindy, confront your nightmare, tell it, you know its a nightmare and it can not hurt you, then when
you awake, it will be gone”, Jake reassures her, letting her gently back down to the bed.
He kisses her again, on her lips this time, she is again reminded of his attraction, by a moistness in her
She holds to him, hoping he will stay with her, he kisses her forehead again and rises from her bed.
“Sleep, sweet Cindy, sleep and confront your nightmare killer”, he replies and leaves her.
Cindy sighs, “You are a good friend” and doctor, turning over on her side, slipping back into a state of
Cindy slowly rises up, to a sitting position, her eyes focus on the doorway of her room.  The hall light is
on, lighting the entrance to her room.
She turns toward the open door, sounds of lovemaking coming from her living room.  She stands,
listening with interest, she smooths the pink nightgown over her shapely form, adjusting the V neck, to
display the half moons of her breasts, swishing her hair into an acceptable style.
She looks into the mirror, her image stares back at her, her eyes sparkling with recognition of herself.
“Its not a dream”, she whispers, her thoughts turning back to the reason, she left the bed.
Cindy glides through the hallway, to her living room, her TV on an old movie, the sounds of lovemaking
coming from the speakers.  A couple in a bed, on the TV, kissing and engaged in passionate desires.
Jake sits on the couch, his eyes closed, having drifted off to sleep, after tucking her in.
Cindy smiles, easing quietly up behind him, gently whisking her hair on his cheek.
He brushes it away, like a insect, but changes his position.
She smiles, at his response, her soft fingers, tracing his jaw bone, from his ear to his lips, lingering on
the masculine feature.
His hand quickly grasps hers, holding it with his own.
“What, the H”, he suddenly is awake, and ready to defend.
Cindy giggles,, bending over to kiss his ear.  His head turning just as she starts, they kiss on their lips.
“Cindy!  What are you doing?”, he asks, sitting up and turning toward her.
“I was thinking of you, sitting out here all by yourself, I thought you might like some company”, she
responds, her voice dripping with seduction.
“Did you confront your nightmare?”, he asks, a smile indicating that he caught her meaning.
“I didn't have another one, those thoughts were pushed out, by other dreams”, she cooed, bending
down, resting her chin on an elbow on the couch back, her breasts swaying right at his eye level.
“Mm mm, I see your points, uh, point”, he mumbles, his glance scanning her tempting bosom.
“Oooo, I thought you might”, she giggles again, standing and moving around the couch, to sit beside
Jake, turning herself to face him, crossing her legs, erotically.
Jake's eyes scan her delightful image, lingering on her almost bare leg, showing itself through the split
in the nightgown.
“I wanted to thank you, for chasing away my scary killer, and ending the nightmares”, she whispered,
turning a shy, coy look at him, her eyes sparkling with desire.
“Oh Cindy, that's what friends do”, he is cut off, by her lips catching him in mid sentence, her arms
encircling his neck, her body pressed against his.  Her hungry mouth and tongue searching his with
frantic lust.
Jake's eyes open with surprise, but he can only respond, how could any man resist such a beautiful
His arms go around her, pulling her to him, he presses his chest, into her firm bosom.  Jake feels his
manhood, start to fill with his own desire, for the luscious Cindy, the stuff of his own dreams.
The determined Cindy, knows what she wants, to feel the hard desire of this man, his mouth suckling
her nipples into erectness, massaging her clitoris with his manhood.
“Jake, confront your dream, tell her you want her, kiss her with passion, set her desire on fire”, Cindy
gasps, releasing the kiss, pushing her breasts toward him, her head falling back over her shoulders,
waiting for his advance.
Jake, still supporting her weight in his arms, lowers his lips to her supple breasts, nudging the gown to
the side and gently kissing her delightful womanly mounds.
“Yes, Jake, right there, Oooo”, she moans, her eyes closed, a tremble of excitement flashing through
“Confront your dream, you have to show it,  your true desire”, she gasps, her own lust pushed to new
“My true desire?”, he with a very surprised expression, looks up to her face, her eyes still closed, her
mouth slightly opened with pleasure.
“Yes, my love, its the only way it will be satisfied”, the young woman moans, her need for him, clear to
“I'm so pleased to hear you say that, Cindy”, Jake says, pulling her legs up on his, letting her body fall
to the couch.  He runs his hands up her toned legs, to the frilly panties around her hips.
“Yes, there is the goal of your desires, hidden beneath that soft lacy cover, take it Jake, impale it with
your phallic symbol.”, the excited Cindy whispers erotically.
Jake pulls the garment from her body, sliding it off her legs, as the silky panties slip from her feet, she
spreads her legs, inviting him to her feminine pleasures.
Jake quickly gets on his knees, unzipping, unbuckling and un holstering.
Jake can smell the musky scent of lust, his cock ready for pleasure, he guides himself to her, raking
the crown through the moist labia of her sex.
Cindy shudders with anticipation, her body arching to accept him.
“rip my gown open, expose my breasts, just like in the dream”, she coos, her breathing becoming rapid
and in short gasps.
Jake, reaches with both hands, ripping Cindy's gown open, then tearing it violently from her,, leaving
her completely naked.
“Oooo, yes!  Just like the nightmare”, she moans, her body hot with the excitement and her fantasy.
“Now, Jake, take me, now, I want it, give it to me”, Cindy gasps, her hands massaging her breasts, her
eyes closed in lust, the thoughts of the forbidden nightmare coming true, sending her to paradise.
Jake eagerly pushes into her, slowly slipping into her moist sex, the feeling almost too much for him.  
he pulls back a bit, then pushes deeper into her.
A short scream of ecstasy escapes Cindy, her hands still squeezing her breasts, her eyes still closed
with her building pleasure.
“Oh god, Jake, now strangle me, strangle me to death, strangle me and rape my dead body”, she
moans, with a shuddering voice.
Jake caught in the passion and excitement, bends over her body and puts his hands around her neck.
Cindy smiles, extending her neck, for better access, by him.
Jake starts to constrict her throat, at the same time, driving himself deeper and deeper into her.  Cindy
starts to grunt, as his grip tightens, his strokes becoming more and more violent.
Cindy's body jars with his thrusts, her lungs beg for air, her chest trying to pull in a breath.
Jake releases her neck, she gasps in disapointment, grabbing his hands, pulling them back to her
“Strangle me, just like in your nightmare, don't stop until I'm dead, and your lust has filled my pussy
with your rage”, she demands, urging him to tighten his hands.
“Oh Cindy, I want to, so bad”, Jake growls, his hands still hesitating.
“Confront your dream, do it, I want it”, she gasps, her air passage slightly constricted by his hands.
“Yes, confront my dream, its the only way”, he repeats, his strong fingers closing her larynx.
Jake continues to penetrate Cindy, his powerful strokes, equaling his gripping fingers.
Cindy's breasts and chest start to jerk again, her lungs burning for oxygen.
“Just like his dream”, Jake growls his eyes darkening with evil.
Cindy's face begins to take on a bluish hue, her tongue slips out of her mouth, with each violent
spasm, she grows closer to death.
Her brown eyes pop open, the sparkle gone, the pupils wide with relaxation, her body shudders and
spasms with one last arching of her back.
Jake continues to pound into her, everything pushed to the back of his mind, except his satisfaction.
Cindy's arm fall slackly to her side, her leg slip off the couch to the floor.
Jake grunting with a grimace, ejaculates into her, hot spurts of satisfaction, filling her last desires.
“Thirteen!”, Jake growls as his count of victims, is announced at his climax.

Jake jerks up with a gasp, to a sitting position in his bed, the feeling of satisfaction in his loins.
He gasps for air, his mind returning to him, and his environment.
“Damn, that dream again, thankfully it was only a nightmare”, he whispers to himself.
His eyes, turn to the lighted hallway, the cold steel bars, still blocking his view, the sparse room, dark,
his cot uncomfortable, the tiny stainless steel sink and commode, reflecting the light outside his cell.
He looked at the digital clock outside, in death row, 13:13 military time.
He sighed, knowing he was scheduled to be executed at 14:00.
Jake groaned loudly, realizing it was not a dream, it was a nightmare.
Jake settled back into the cot, they would be coming for him soon.
“Why didn't they understand, it was what she wanted, I was helping her with a nightmare”, he thought,
frowning with how things had gone in his trial.
“Didn't they understand role play, it was an accident, a simple jerk that broke her neck”, he laughed.
“It was therapy, doctor prescribed supervised therapy”, he whispered. Looking at his hands, the
feeling of her soft neck, still remembered.  He remembered it all, three of his own patients, guided by
his suggestions, filling their heads with thoughts.  He had seduced each one, then murdered them for
his pleasure.  He had even murdered a fellow doctor, that was treating him for his murderous
thoughts.  All named Cindy.
Dr. Jacob Kenneth was smarter than any judge, policeman or lawyer, he could convince them of his
innocents, simply with his mind.

The words of the judge, rang in his ears, as he read the sentence,
Dr. Jacob Kenneth Edwards, you have been found guilty of 1st degree murder.
Count one,
The vicious, barbaric  stabbing and rape of Cindy Alice Crawford, a patient of your psychological

Count two,
Caroline Cindy Brown, murdered by you by hanging, leaving her in her closet.

Count three,
The cold blooded inhuman murder of your patient, Cindy Anne Davis, strangled, abuse of a corpse, and
violation of doctor patient relationship.

Finally count four,
the brutal strangulation of your own psychoanalyst, Cindy Katherine Anderson, by strangulation, using
her sexually after death, her body discovered by her employee.

I sentence you to death, by electric chair,
May god have mercy on your sole.

The sound of the gaveled pounding down, signaling the end of his trial, the loud booming sounds
echoing in his mind.

“You ready, Dr. Jacob?  Its time!”, a deep solemn voice interrupts Jake's thoughts.
he looks up into the faces of 4 men, the warden, two guards and the priest and smiles.

“You know, this is just a dream!”, he laughs hysterically.  

Dr. Jacob Kenneth Edwards was executed, at 1400 Zulu, his body buried in the family plot.
You might wonder at the significance of the number 13 for him.
It was important to him all his life, everything came in multiples of 13 for him.
He was born on the 13th, he died on the 13th, he was 13th in ranking at his college.
Yes, 13 was important to him, very important.
Did you also notice, there were only four victims, he promised us 13.  Does he know how to return?  To
complete his assignment?  He needs nine more, before his soul can rest.
So if you see that shadow, blearing at you, from your back seat.  If you hear that unexplained bump in
the night.
If you notice a dark man, watching you.  
Remember, it could be Dr. Jacob, looking to fill his quota.

(evil laugh)
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Moon Shiner:

Comment from: Grace X
Date: June 16, 2012

Wow, what a scary, sexy tale KGK! I was really mesmerized, it was like
reading an incredibly sensual dark Twilight Zone story. I loved all of your
clever touches (the many Cindy's, the number 13...) and the climactic
moment of the "confront the dream" strangle was so hot!

You spin the most intense tales! I loved it! that a dark man I see watching me through the window? No no,
my name's not Cindy! (unless you promise me a strangle like Cindy got,
then my name IS Cindy...)

XX from your GXK


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: June 18, 2012

Oh Grace, you dark eyed, temptress.

You know just how to stir my dark side.
Whats that sign up ahead, The Twilight Zone.

Loved that show.  Rod Serling. They always had the plot twist I love so

Maybe the easiest thing to do, is another name change.

Grace Cindy, Ha ha,

Thanks for reading and commenting Grace.

The next time, you slip into the drivers seat of your car, check the rear
view, Jake is short 9. I hear his favorite trick, is to gently blow the long silky
hair of a victim  so she will look up into the mirror, exposing that swan
neck to his garrote. If you feel that gentle whisk of breath, its too late.

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true..  Your strangle will be
much more erotic. Trust me!

Comment from: egeek
Date: June 18, 2012

Wow! I have to agree with Grace X on this one for sure. It was like a
twilight zone type scene set up but with erotic horror mixed in of course. A
nightmare that was in the dream world and in reality. The number 13 is
what made it more creepy and interesting. Like that twilight zone episode
titled room 22 I think it was called. I guess a number can mean many things.
Your number is up.


Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: June 20, 2012

I remember that one, Egeek, yes, you are correct, that little twilight zone
flick, was just as this story.

If you know The Twilight Zone, you must be a bit  closer to my age than I

That was a long time ago.

I catch a channel on the dish sometimes, with all the old shows, Twilight
Zone is one of them.

I'm pleased you enjoyed the story, drop in anytime.

Comment from: Nighthawk
Date: June 20, 2012


How come you don't tell of these stories....Damn it Moon I wish I had seen
this sooner, I loved it my friend.

I have a recurring nightmare myself, and wake up screaming when that

So I can relate to Cindy, and I see your Jake really gets around, maybe you
should get him and David together at last.

I think that would be a fantastic story, and put Grace in the lead.

Any way my friend please let me know that this is here the next time, we
have to stick together you and I, and I never want to miss one of your

As always your friend Vern

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: June 22, 2012

Sorry NH,
it just slipped my mind.
I will let you know.

I'm glad you stopped by.

Over at the other site, in the Valkyries story page,  role play is brewing,
would you be interested?

Let me know.

Egeek, your scenario is quite correct, you stated it much better than I could.

I read your script, is it a movie yet?  I like your view of a story.

I've got a collection of the old Twilight Zone Shows, I'll check for that
particular one.

One of my favorites,  was the one about the  astronauts heading off to
another planet, the guidance system gets damaged on take off, they crash
back on earth, thinking they had crashed on the planet they had been sent

They start to fight each other over the  water, and the last one, discovers
they were just a few miles from a busy highway.

I can't remember the name, but I thought it a clever twist.

Have fun, my friend.


Comment from: Eyes
Date: June 22, 2012

haha - yes very nice!  reminds of 'Room for One More Honey' a classic
Twilight Zone episode.  I so luv the twisting plot themes - especially when
the bad girl gets hers :)

I think its safe to say that we r all probably pretty close in age on this
particular site.  Hmmm, interesting, any theorists here to take a stab (no
pun intended) at why.  One thought, there were not as many noir type
films/shows 40, 50, 60 years ago but apparently they caught our attention.  
20 and 30 years ago they became more mainstream but toned down,
turning off many but fueling us.  10 years to present - a bit moar graphic
violence but mainstream still not ready 4 true horror porn.  thats why we r
hear and thats why good ole Chris provides that segment.

Comment from: egeek
Date: June 24, 2012

Hey moon shiner.
I'm actually only 27 but I am into some of the old back and white stuff as
well. Such as the twilight zone. I love retro. Irony is a fun element to play
with in creating a scene.

Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: June 25, 2012

Hello Eyes.

I would have to agree with your analysis.  There is much more available
now, more explicit as well.

As I was saying to Egeek, I do love the twists in the old Twilight Zone,
Hitchcock too.

Egeek, I'm surprised, when that series was popular, I was in my teens, I'm a
bit older than you.  I'm  glad to hear you enjoy the series.

Thanks to both you gentlemen for stopping by.

Visit anytime.

Do either of you have any more stories in the works?