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by Rudrah

I'm pressing my right hand fingers outspread on your breastbone, between your breasts, and your
face is painted with sweat that runs from your ready sweat darkened tangles of hair over your face
past your butterfly wing eyes and red harlot mouth and over your blush bruised throat and down the
freckled mounds of your strawberry nipple breasts.

You are looking me right in the eyes as I do this, pressing you back against the polished white planks
of the steam room, my water spotted black silk trousers shining in the glistening billows of steam
from the blazing red coals in the brazers on either side of the room. You can feel my cock is like 9
inches of steel rebar trust against your naked belly which is crisscrossed with rivulets of sweat from
both of your breasts as your ribs rise and fall. You are nervously licking your lips and your eyes are
dilating as you look into my eyes seeing me tell you everything that I am doing step-by-step knowing I
am recording it in high definition video and stereo audio so you can watch it later and believe. Really
believe your dreams come true.

I have unbuttoned by white dress shirt to the waist and I am having difficulty breathing too. It is hell
hot in this sauna. The reset box is on the floor between our feet. I have taken my patent leather
shoes off and him standing in my wet socks prepared to tap the red button on the top as soon as the
deed is done. You've painted your fingernails blood red and you curl your long fingers around my
shoulders and squeezed my muscles bracing yourself.

Only minutes before I had explained what was going to happen and you, incredulous, agreed to pee
in a brandy snifter which I filled with my own urine only moments later as you covered your sweet
pouting lips with their right hand and giggled eyes twinkling like a little girl as I poured a magic circle
of our mixed urine in a circle that began at the wall and made a fist big enough for us lay down on the
floor and make love in, with room enough for the reset box of course. I poured a tablespoon of the
elixir over the reset box so it would register our biological fingerprint and extend its bubble when it
popped out to the magic circle I had drawn on the floor that being 6 foot in diameter would also
include a Hemisphere 6 foot tall above us and 6 foot deep into the floor below us.

You are wearing black garters and a lovely set of antique fishnet stockings with the black seems that
ran over the bushes curve of your heels up the back of your calf and thigh to the garter belt. I liked
you to wear this without the panties because there is nothing I quite like as much as eating steaming
hot pussy before sliding my cock head through the gentle folds of swollen labia and deep into the
birth canal of my lady love.

Preparations done, I tap the microphone stem with my chin and turned on the video and audio
recording. Now you are breathing harder knowing what I have told you. But like an old time preacher I
1st tell you what I'm going to do, then I tell you what I am doing as I do it, and then I'd do it, do it, do it. I
drive my knees in between your knees and for sure legs open and you force your own shoulders
back into the burning pine planks until your hips so your luscious pussy opens like someone gasping
in surprise. There is a bubble of luscious fluid that begs me to pop it with my cock and I yanked on my
zipper and you reach down with your long slender arms and with your long slender fingers reach into
my pants and pull out my cock sliding the fingers of your left hand under my balls and make like Capt.
Queeg, rolling my testicles like steel balls in the palm of your hand, while running the edges of your
daggerlike fingernails up and down the length of my cock shaft, tapping them along the swollen veins
that engorged with blood make the end of my cock purple with lust for spewing into you.

“I'm going to kill you.” I say looking you directly in the eyes. They widened in and perfectly round,
dilated again, with a kitten tongue working up enough spit to be able to speak. I'm in a pick up this
steak knife off the floor, looked down at the floor. I told you look down at the floor. Okay. Don't piss
me off or I may mess up and slip. You don't want me to screw up killing you do you? No? I didn't think
so. Did I tell you can stop looking at the knife? I think I'm going to really hit you very hard in the

I punch Kelly as hard as I can in the middle of her wet belly. She folds over my arm gasping, drool
shooting out of her mouth onto the floor by the knife I grabbed her by the wet back of the head and
straighten her up, and then slam her back into the wall so her breasts shake like custard, her pink
strawberry nipples now almost purple, swollen with passion. Kelly places the palms of her hands on
her knees and her breasts dangle down from her ribs making the palms of my hand itch and burn to
crush them and twist them.

“You know Kelly, I think I'm going to have me a little fun before I have me a whole lot of fun.” I
grabbed both of her breasts and thrust her up against the wall, kneading her breasts with my fingers
like bread dough as I rub my cock over her mound of Venus leaving a thread of pre-come as I slide my
cock back and forth in the wet white flesh. Kelly's arms hang dangling as she gasps tone glowing out
of her red lips, she's hung against the wall by the force that I am pressing her shoulders with. As I see
her eyes focus again as she gets her breath back, her gorgeous rib cage rising and falling as I surf
the cleft of her vagina, I put my left hand between her breasts the hold her up and drop my right hand
to the floor and picked up the knife.

“Do you see this knife Kelly?” She's nervously licking her lips again and she looks into my eyes and
nods. “I'll stick this knife through the soft meat of your left breast and force it between your ribs and
then when it's pierced your lung I'll work my way into the short strokes in your pussy and then drive it
to the hilt through your heart. Do want me to do that, Kelly?”

You look at me and nod. You whimper something I can't quite here. I give you a backhand slap the
knocks sweat and spit sideways on the wall. With the hand I've been holding you up I grab you by the
side of the head crushing a handful of your wet hair in your ear together and twisted so you scream in
the back of your throat, like a woman being kept too long on the edge of an orgasm.

“Don't make me lose my patience. Do you want me to do what you told me you want me to do? Yes?
No?” I scream in your face “what do you want me to do?”

“Kill me.” Your eyes look away. You know you haven't said it loud enough. You know you've made me
angrier than ever before. I raise my eyebrow. That is enough. You say it louder. “Fuck me and kill me

“You 1st make it worth it to meet you worthless bitch. I won't do shit for you unless you give me a little
sugar 1st.”

“There we go, I'm sliding my cock up into your birth canal and you're rocking your hips in a little circle
so as I rocked my hips from side to side the pump action of my cock reams you out very gently but
firmly so hot bubbling female juices trickle over my balls and now sweat starts to roll down your body
in a way that you know pleases me as your breasts begin to roll from side to side, you place your
hands on my shoulders and we copulate smoothly, your fingernails biting into my shoulders to my
white shirt as our slapping together becomes faster and harder. You can feel that my balls are filled
with come and I am getting near the short strokes. You see I have taken the knife and pressed the tip
of it into the white soft skin that I love below your left nipple. “Do you want me to do it a little?” You
nod vigorously. Biting her lower lip. I pushed the pointed end of the steak knife into the breast
pinning the tip of the knife blade through the soft tissue that parts just the way your labia do for my
erection and the knife slides 3 inches through soft female tissue to lodge against the muscle that
covers the ribs of the left side of your chest.

“Save up a mouthful of saliva for me baby.” Blood is streaming down from the knife that I hold firmly
against you. It is bitten through the depth of your bosom into your chest like an arrow shot. You are
beginning to moan now in mixed pain and anticipation...

Suddenly I feel myself starting to ejaculate, you grab me viciously by the back of the head covering
my mouth with your mouth and driving your tongue all the way into my throat so our tongues wrestle
like eels as I swallow the delicious saliva you've saved up for me. That is my trigger, baby. I pushed
back off of you with my shoulders leaning back thrusting my cock up into squirting as I drive the knife
slowly and surely through the ribs and then with a vicious pump of my arm Drive the steak knife
through your heart! Kelly pisses a hot flash of urine over my belly and thighs as her heart explodes.
The salty flesh of her Pee makes my cock squirt uncontrollably, Long dollops of bubbling white sperm
shooting up from my balls as Kelly's vagina muscles contract in her death spasms.

Your eyes roll up into your eye sockets as your body spasms in a electrocution of orgasm. Your jaw
sags and your shoulders slip wetly against the back of the wall and your buttocks hit the floor as
might cock slides out still squirting seeds over the face of the girl I love and her sweat and blood
covered shuddering breasts.

All you have is whites showing in your eyes. Your knees sprawl out and your arms fall to your sides.
Blood is pumping out of the wound in your breast with slower and slower squirts from the sides of the
blade as blood runs between your thighs and makes a pool under your butt.

I kneel next to you and brushing the wet red hair back over your years on both sides of your ghostly
pale face I kiss you on the lips, as gently as the 1st time I dared to kiss you. I could see you laughing
in your eyes, I die would be so afraid to take his 1st kiss. I place the knee against her breast bone a
yank out the knife. Kelly slumps to the floor. I roll her onto her belly. Her ass is too beautiful to ignore.
I spread her ass cheeks and lick the sweat out of her ass crack tonguing her cute pucker. I peel off
her stockings and put them into my shirt pocket. These luscious souvenirs I will use for masturbating
for a week or 2 before they get employed as ties to tie her to the bed stand, or a ligature to tie her
throat! Sighing, I stand up and look lovingly down. It'd been so hard to do the 1st time.

“Oh yeah baby, were getting better at this.”

I lash out at my toe at the reset button, a flash of light blinds me and I know from the outside it will
seem like a bubble of light has swollen itself to fill half the room.

With a popping of the ears I turned a find myself standing in the still cold sauna waiting for it to heat
up. The lights overhead are turned on full and Kelly comes down the stairs wearing a beautiful night
gown and drinking champagne. She looks at me in surprise and then says “did we already do it?”

I picked the reset button off the floor and say “we've done it 3 times Kelly, and I don't think I can get it
up again.”

You break into that lovely laughter and say “okay bring up the camera and will watch it on the big
screen TV.” I put the reset button in my pocket, unhook my camera gear and palm out the superhigh
definition 3-D many DVD disc.

Knowing how Kelly's going to respond to seeing me kill her 3 times in a row I have a funny feeling
she'll make sure I can get it up again.

Oh, and the reset button? It's actually a remote portable unit, the real equipment is about three
quarters of a mile under a nondescript government building in Langley Virginia. I haven't told my
working group that the test run on the reset button have been finished now for 6 months. I wanted to
enjoy my little toy my own way for a while.

And I knew that I wasn't that share the secret of using body fluids 2 cue the reset button into
identifying the package to go back 45 min. in time. I'll let them work that out for themselves.

My 1st order of business is to make that little girl smile.
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Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: September 21, 2012

Hello Rudrah,
I don't know about Kelly, but your story certainly made me smile.

I'm going to have to get one of those Reset things, I can see they might be very

You have a great imagination, I was confused by the acceptance of Kelly for a
bit, but the explanation of the Reset Button, was excellent.

A little  future fiction thrown in with the erotic noir, made a very nice story.

I hope to see more from you Rudrah.

Thanks for sharing your  thoughts with us.