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The Hitwoman
by Templedog

I knew they'd send a professional to eliminate me, I just knew too much about
the organisation. But I didn't expect her. She managed to outwit me, met me
`by chance' in a public place in order to gain my trust. She enthralled me with
her feminine charms, which she abundantly possessed.

A few days later she tricked my loyal bodyguard into letting her in - she probably
used her good looks and wit to convince him that I'm expecting her for the obvious
reason... Later I would find him shot dead at the entrance of my estate.

So I was practically done for, but I suppose I just got lucky, otherwise I wouldn't be
writing this story, now would I? She quietly went up the stairs towards my bedroom,
just around the time I was going to slip into bed. What she couldn't have known
beforehand, was that my tomcat Billy Bob just loves greeting people with loud meows.
Tough luck... So I immediately realised something wasn't right, and quietly slipped
out of bed. Of course I knew that whoever is outside my bedroom is not here to say
hello. And then I suppose I got lucky again, as I managed to surprise the intruder in
the hallway, just in front of my bedroom, and realised to my utter and complete surprise
that it is the charming lady I had met a few days before. The fact that she was
holding a silenced gun in her hand helped me overcome my surprise. While keeping her
gunhand up, I dragged her into the bedroom, where the light was better than in the
hallway. I swung my right arm back and rammed my fist deep into her stomach, as hard
as I could at such close range. I thought that would be enough to break her, but the
tough bitch wouldn't let go of the gun! I had to bury a few more punches into her gut
until she finally released the weapon and collapsed to the floor trying to catch her

When she recovered a bit she realised how much trouble she was in. I had gotten hold
of her gun and was pointing it at her. She tried to use her sex appeal and good looks
to get me in a merciful mood. I played along with the game for a while and, believe it
or not, actually told her to undress, of course, without letting go of the gun and
keeping my distance from her. After all, she was a dangerous professional hitwoman...
She most likely knew that it wouldn't work, but probably couldn't think of any other
better plan to escape the tricky situation she was in. So she started to undress in
a rather appealing way. She took off her clothes, down to her sexy silk lingerie.
She was not a teenager anymore, but a splendid woman in full bloom, just ripe to be
taken or abused.

"Take your bra off," I told her in a hoarse voice. Obviously I was getting excited...
She obeyed and started slowly approaching me with both her hands on her hips and her
sexy belly sticking out. I had a very short moment of indecision whether to fuck her
first, or finish her off immediately. Luckily for myself, I remembered -
again - that she was a hitwoman, and decided not to take any chances. She
was going to get it badly tonight, and this thought also turned me on...

That's when I casually pointed the gun at her abdomen, while she was still slowly making
her way towards me, and squeezed the trigger putting a bullet from her own silenced gun
right into her protruding lower belly, on her left below the bellybutton. Since the gun
was silenced and low caliber, I could hear the bullet popping her belly open, followed immediately by
a short deep grunt of shock and pain uttered in her husky voice...
I could clearly see the shockwaves the bullet sent through her entire abdomen
on its way through her innards. The look of shock and surprise in her eyes was
priceless. After the ripple in her belly stopped and a little blood started coming
out of the fresh hole in her gut, her wide open eyes let off me and she looked first at
her gun in my hand and then down at her aching midsection. She muttered in her husky
voice, made a bit hoarse by the pain invading her lower abdomen:

"My.. belly... pig... shot me.. in the gut..."

She made a few shaky steps back clutching her aching belly and moaning:

"Ourgh.. my belly..."

And I just couldn't help describing in detail what I had just done:

"Yes, I put one in your belly. The bullet ripped through your intestines. Now
you've got a hole in your beautiful belly. But you chose a small caliber weapon
for yourself, so I'll have to empty the magazine into
you, to finish you off..."

She reached back with her left hand, leaning against the naked wall in my bedroom and
sticking her belly out as if trying to push out the pain deep inside her lower abdomen.

"You want some more belly pain?" I asked in a harsher tone than before.

"Bastard..." she uttered still looking down at her wounded gut. By now she must have
realised that she was going to get a bellyfull of hot lead... She moved her gaze from her
pain filled belly, looked me in the eye and then again at the gun in my hand, just in time
to see the little nozzle spray and feel the next bullet penetrate her belly.

This time I put one in her upper belly on the right side, above her navel, probably through her
liver. The bullet pierced her again with a loud popping sound, followed immediately by another
one of her deep groans, and produced a massive ripple throughout her entire abdomen which
oscillated in and out a few times. The impact also made her entire body jerk backwards.
She hit the wall behind her and started sliding down, clutching her pierced belly and leaving a
trail of blood on the white surface from the two exit wounds in her back. When she stopped
moving, she ended up sitting, leaning against the wall with her legs spread eagle and holding
her lower gut with her left hand - her right arm she had instinctively lifted just before my second
shot, in a vain attempt to protect herself, and now she didn't have the strength to lift it up to the
centre of her pain. But she was too proud to just fall over...

"Who sent you?"I remembered to ask her.

"Not.. telling.. you.. pig.."

"Want me to pump some more hot lead into your gut?" I threatened. But she now knew
that this was going to be the end of her, so my threats didn't work anymore. She also
must have hoped that I was going to finish her off quickly. She didn't know that she
was going to get it in the belly some more...

"Bastard... won't hear... anything.. from me.."

I sort of knew who sent her anyway, but now I was enjoying her moans and groans of
belly pain, so I decided to actually pump some more bullets into her stomach, just
for the pleasure of watching her taking them in. I approached her while she was watching
me with a bit of resignation in her eyes, thinking that I was going to finish her off quickly,
and riddled her midsection with more holes. I fired three shots in a diagonal pattern
into her gut: the first went into her lower belly, the second entered her gut near
her splendid navel, and the last went through her stomach. Her belly was oscillating
like a big lump of jelly hit repeatedly, and her entire body was jerking back and forth
from the violent impact of the bullets going through her innards.
Once more, each bullet made a popping sound upon entering her abdomen
and she produced three more incredibly sexy groans from her wide open mouth.

The second bullet must have found her main belly artery and the third shredded her
stomach, as the blood coming from the exit wounds in her back started to puddle
underneath her, and eventually a little blood trickle also came out the corner of her mouth.

I approached her and poked her badly hurt gut a few times with the gun silencer,
causing more pain deep inside her. She acknowledged that with a few more of her guttural
moans which were now sounding a bit gargly because of the blood in her mouth.

"Bastard..."was all she could murmur after which her tongue started to push out her
open mouth. Eventually she drew her last breath and expired with her mouth wide open
and her tongue sticking out.

I lifted her limp body from where she was leaning against the wall and lay it down on
the floor. It was a splendid sight, the way she was lying down with her legs and arms
spread and her sexy belly riddled with bullet holes. I started to work my huge cock
which had been hard ever since I had put the first bullet into her abdomen. After a while
I exploded and sprayed my cum all over her naked motionless body...


I knew that finishing off the first killer they sent did not mean I'm getting away. They
wouldn't stop until I'd be silenced for good. Ever since, I've been waiting for the next one...
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Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: September 21, 2012

Hello Templedog.
I just finished reading your story, it was very erotic,.
An evil babe, taken out with a silenced pistol, two of my favorite scenarios.
Thanks for an entertaining read.


Comment from: Templedog
Date: October 7, 2012

Hi Moon Shiner - sorry for the late answer! Glad you liked the story, and yes, it has
to be a silenced gun, in order to be able to hear the reactions... ;-) Greetings,