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Tough Luck for the Assistant DA
by Frog

Assistant DA Marcia Donaldson
Russian mafia capo Dimitri Sedenko
Three or four hired assassins


Assistant DA Marcia Donaldson is in charge of the investigation against the operations of the Sedenko
mob.  The case is almost ready to present in court, and she jealously protects the list of witnesses
against Sedenko and his cronies.  Unbeknownst to her, Sedenko has corrupted various members of the
DA’s office who are in charge of protecting her and the evidence she has gathered.  Sedenko will do
anything to get the witness list so as to eliminate all of the mayor witnesses before the evidentiary
hearing that is scheduled to happen in three weeks.  His men will kidnap Marcia and take her to a
hideout, where the will interrogate her and rape her in an effort to have her reveal the names of the
most important witnesses.  After hours of abuse, they finally extract the information and proceed to
garrote her and dump her naked body in the trunk of a car that they leave in a deserted parking lot.

First scene:  The Interview

Marcia is meeting with Sedenko and his lawyer in her office at the Disctrict Attorney’s.  She offers a plea
bargain, but Sedenko just snarls back that she will never be able to prosecute.  (Marcia is dressed in a
sober grey suit (jacket and skirt not too high above her knees), white blouse, black stockings and
professional-looking high heels.)  After the exchange, Sedenko and his attorney leave, and Marcia
settles down to work on the brief she will have to present during the evidentiary hearing.  She will work
until late that night.
She makes a phone call to assure herself that she will be protected when she leaves the office and
retires to the safe apartment she has been using during the investigation and the impending trial.  She
does not realize that Sedenko has placed contacts in the DA’s office that inform his hired men of the
address of the apartment and do not inform her escort that she is about to leave.

Second scene:  The Safe Apartment

Marcia arrives at the “safe apartment”.  (You can repeat, more or less, the shots in Brutal Teacher RS,
that is, focus on her lovely legs, focus on her moving around:  arranging papers, starting her computer,
getting a drink, etc.)  After a few minutes, she receives a phone call.  She heads towards the door and
looks out the eyepiece.  She asks the person on the other side to say the agreed code out loud.  
Satisfied, she opens the door, only to be brutally shoved inside by a man, who is soon followed by two
or three cronies.  A punch in the belly and face stifle her attempts to scream and throw her on the floor
almost unconscious.  The man brutally lifts her up by the hair, gags her, and throws a hood over her
head.  Meanwhile, one of his buddies, handcuffs her hands behind her back while the other handcuffs
her ankles.  They throw her on the floor and put her inside a black body bag.  She is carried out by the
service entrance into their waiting van.

Third scene:  The Ride to Hell

Screeching its tires, the van drives off.  Inside the van, the men take Marcia out of the bag and
commence abusing her.  They rip her blouse open and rip her pantyhose so as to get to her panties.  
They fondle and caress her obscenely and intermittently beat her or shower insults on her.
The van arrives at a derelict warehouse or factory in the middle of nowhere.  It screeches to a halt and
the men drag Marcia out of the van and into the cavernous structure.  In the process one of her shoes
falls off.

Fourth scene:  Interrogated and Violated

The men drag Marcia through the building until they shove her into a medium size room without
windows deep within the structure.  A bright yellow bulb without a shade hangs from the center of the
ceiling, below it is a chair.  At the far end of the room there is a large table made of rough wood.  There
are also pulleys and chains dangling from the ceiling.  Once inside, one of the men slams the heavy
door shut, Marcia gasps, startled at the sound.
Two of the men brutally shove her towards the chair, and her body lands hard on the cold wood.  They
roughly force her to sit-up straight, place her handcuffed arms behind the chair’s back, and tie her
ankles to the front legs.  In her futile struggles she loses her other shoe.

The first interrogation
The men take off their coats and roll up their shirt sleeves and form a circle around her.  After a few
moments (they want to toy with her anguish), one of them rips off the hood and Marcia gasps through
her gag.  Her face and clothes are bathed in sweat.  The man who seems to be in charge, yanks her
head by the hair and starts asking questions about the witness list.  Unable to speak through the gag,
Marcia makes a gesture of defiance.  The beating commences.  After a while the men step back and we
can see her gasping for breath and moaning, her blouse and her suit are shreds now, one of her legs is
bare the reminder of the stoking just barely covering her foot.
The man in charge slaps her gently on the face to prevent her from swooning.  Once he has her
attention, he pulls her hair to lift her face up and repeats the questions.  His face is very close to hers
and she can feel his spit as he shouts.  She mumbles something through the gag, so the man roughly
takes it off.  She gasps and then answers that they will not get anything out of her.  Enraged, the man
beats her until she faints. Fadeout.

A second method is used
We return to the scene.  Marcia is limp on the chair, rivulets of blood stream from her nostrils and the
corner of her lips, one of her eyes is blackened, there are bruises and welts on several parts of her
body.  The men reenter the room and one of them throws a pail of water on the hapless woman.  She
jumps up like a live wire, panting and gagging.  The boss asks her again for the list, but she refuses to
reveal its whereabouts.  The men roughly take her from the chair.  Once she is standing (her arms are
still cuffed behind her back), they form a circle around her;  she is shivering and bathed in perspiration.  
They start shoving her around the circle, each time ripping off some part of her remaining clothes and
pantyhose.  Once naked, they force her to kneel inside the circle as the boss repeats the questions.  
She again refuses.  The men take out their penises and force her to perform and suck their balls,
making her gag.  After a while, she is covered with a mixture of her drool and sweat and falls on the
floor.  One of the men kicks her to get her back on her feet, which is finally accomplished by pulling her
up by the hair.  They drag her to the pulley and chain, take the cuffs off and retie her wrists in front of
her with rope.  One of the men lifts up her arms and attaches the rope to the hook and the chain.  They
hoist her up until her feet do not touch the floor, tie her ankles and attach a couple of cinder blocks to
the rope binding her ankles.  Marcia groans and moans in pain as the men make her twist around and
slap her.  Tiring of this sport, they go the table and each picks up a length of rubber hose.  She looks in
horror as they surround her, slapping the rubber hose on the palms of their hands.  Before she can
protest, the commence whacking away.  They hit her belly, her breasts, the small of her back, her
buttocks, her thighs, arms and calves.  After a while, the boss yanks her head back and repeats the
same questions.  She gasps for breath and again refuses to answer.  The man curses her and spits on
her as he lets go of her hair.  They resume the beating every once in a while shouting out questions or
curses and spitting on her sweat drenched body.  Finally she faints.  The men go to get some drinks and
leave her hanging there.

The third method
The thugs return with bottles and glasses and drink for a while.  Finally Marcia is splashed with water
and revived.  She has endured two hours of relentless agony, and is exhausted and barely able to
speak.  The boss approaches her and slaps her once or twice to make sure she is quite conscious and
interrogates her again.  She manages to mumble a negative response.  Angrily the boss lets go of her
hair and motions to his cronies.  Two of the men fetch cattle prods and approach.  They apply the prods
to her breasts, her flanks, her sex, her thighs, her neck, and armpits.  She screams and writhes.  The
boss commands his men to stop and addresses her again.  She stares blankly at him, her breath coming
in gulps and will not answer.  The men prod her again until she faints.  They bring her down, untie her
arms and ankles and prop her up on the chair, her hands handcuffed behind the chair’s back.

The first garrote
The men splash cold water on Marcia to make her come to.  She wakes with a gasp and begs them to
stop.  The boss slaps her repeatedly and asks her about the list again.  Meanwhile, one of his cronies
has positioned himself behind the chair with a length of rope in his hands.  Marcia refuses to answer
again.  The boss motions to the man who winds the rope around her neck garrote style.  Marcia is
frantic, her body writhes on the chair.  The man starts strangling her until she is about to pass out.  He
releases the cord and the boss repeats the questions.  After another denial on her part, the procedure
is repeated (she is slapped and her hair pulled like in Brutal Teacher RS).  Again she is allowed some
air.  Another denial and the process begins again, as she struggles and writhes, the men abuse her
breasts, stroke her sex and thighs and spit on her every so often.  Finally they tire of this sport.  The
boss orders the men to untie her and she is lifted from the chair by the neck and dragged to the large
table at the end of the room (her arms are still handcuffed behind her back).

Last scene:  Marcia gives up and is snuffed

Agony at the table
The men roughly lift her and slam her on the table.  She is positioned so that her neck is close to the
edge of the table and her head is accessible for felatio.  The boss interrogates her again and Marcia
weakly refuses to answer.  The men then take turns penetrating her or using her mouth.  After a while
the boss makes them stop and he interrogates her again.  She refuses to answer so they bring out the
cattle prods and prod her again, until she finally mumbles out what they want to hear.  The boss makes a
phone call, once satisfied that Marcia has told the truth about the list, he declares the party is over.  
They tie the garrote around her neck, one man holding each end and pulling, as her back arches and
she writhes struggling for air one of the men mounts her again, they prolong her agonies until their
crony ejaculates over her and she pisses.  The man gets off and a few moments later Marcia expires,
her legs wide apart and twitching, her back arching less and less until she is finally dead.

The men dump her on the floor and piss on her sweat drenched body.  They hogtie her and carry her to
the trunk of a waiting unmarked car.  Her body will be found in an abandoned parking lot.

Possible actresses:
Vivian Jade or Lexxi
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Comment from: Moon Shiner
Date: September 21, 2012

Frog, now that was brutal, that DA must be a very strong willed woman.

Are you planning to sponsor this script to a movie?

It was well described, the  action and simple suggestions of the dialog.
That sort of detail, gives the producer room to inject things in his professional eye.

I like the DA angle and the list of Witnesses reason for the act.  Its logical.

I hope to see this one go to film.

Good Luck, Frog.